Scrophulariales Order

Life / Plantae / Anthophyta / Dicotyledoneae / Scrophulariales

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Orthocarpus luteus Yellow Owl's-clover Species 41315
Castilleja occidentalis Western Indian paintbrush Species 43686
Penstemon compactus Cache Penstemon Species 44988
Penstemon globosus Globe Beardtongue Species 47148
Penstemon flavescens Pennell Beardtongue Species 49711
Synthyris pinnatifida Cut-leaf Kittentail Species 52479
Castilleja tenuis Hairy Owl's-clover Species 53909
Pedicularis racemosa Leafy Lousewort Species 56061
Penstemon cusickii Cusick's Beardtongue Species 59903
Veronica serpyllifolia Thyme-leaf Speedwell Species 41603
Penstemon whippleanus Whipple's Beardtongue Species 43759
Mimetanthe pilosa False Monkeyflower Species 45047
Mimulus cusickii Cusick's Monkeyflower Species 47482
Penstemon confertus Yellow Beardtongue Species 49712
Penstemon lyallii Lyall's Beardtongue Species 52904
Castilleja flava Yellow Paintbrush Species 53910
Penstemon laxus Idaho Beardtongue Species 56183
Orobanche pinorum Pine Broomrape Species 59912
Limosella aquatica Northern Mudwort Species 39382
Utricularia gibba Humped Bladderwort Species 41665
Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle-box Species 43760
Collinsia parviflora Small-flower Blue-eyed Mary Species 45236
Synthyris platycarpa Evergreen Kittentail Species 47992
Castilleja pilosa Parrot's-head Indian-paintbrush Species 49776
Penstemon subglaber Smooth Beardtongue Species 52933
Penstemon lemhiensis Lemhi Penstemon Species 53948
Pedicularis groenlandica Bull Elephant's-head Species 56241
Penstemon humilis Lowly Beardtongue Species 60033
Mimulus floribundus Floriferous Monkeyflower Species 39383
Penstemon leonardii Leonard's Beardtongue Species 41828
Castilleja gracillima Slender Indian-paintbrush Species 43821
Besseya wyomingensis Wyoming Coral-drops Species 45270
Mimulus primuloides Primrose Monkeyflower Species 48126
Penstemon cyananthus Wasatch Beardtongue Species 50275
Penstemon wilcoxii Wilcox's Beardtongue Species 52934
Castilleja crista-galli Greater Red Indian-paintbrush Species 54090
Veronica biloba Two-lobe Speedwell Species 56278
Cordylanthus capitatus Yakima Bird's-beak Species 60109
Linaria dalmatica Dalmatian Toadflax Species 39664
Mimulus suksdorfii Suksdorf's Monkeyflower Species 41862
Veronica persica Bird-eye Speedwell Species 43839
Limosella acaulis Southern Mudwort Species 45553
Mimulus lewisii Lewi's Monkeyflower Species 48198
Penstemon fruticosus Shrubby Beardtongue Species 50276
Mimulus washingtonensis Washington Monkeyflower Species 52988
Penstemon speciosus Royal Beardtongue Species 54170
Penstemon venustus Lovely Beardtongue Species 56378
Gratiola neglecta Clammy Hedge-hyssop Species 60441
Linaria genistifolia Broom-leaf Toadflax Species 39689
Penstemon triphyllus Whorled Beardtongue Species 42264