Fabales Order

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Lens culinaris Lentil Species 39290
Astragalus obscurus Arcane Milkvetch Species 39495
Astragalus microcystis Least Bladdery Milkvetch Species 39496
Astragalus gilviflorus Plains Milkvetch Species 39497
Astragalus kentrophyta Spiny Milkvetch Species 39498
Astragalus inflexus Bent Milkvetch Species 39543
Astragalus eremiticus Hermit Milkvetch Species 39544
Lathyrus polyphyllus Many-leaf Peavine Species 39562
Astragalus eucosmus Elegant Milk-vetch Species 40089
Astragalus iodanthus Violet Milkvetch Species 40178
Astragalus nudisiliquus Cobblestone Milkvetch Species 40179
Lathyrus ochroleucus Pale Vetchling Peavine Species 40202
Astragalus tetrapterus Four-wing Milkvetch Species 40207
Sphaerophysa salsula Bladder-vetch Species 40262
Astragalus conjunctus Stiff Milkvetch Species 40444
Astragalus alpinus Alpine Milkvetch Species 40606
Astragalus utahensis Utah Milkvetch Species 40629
Astragalus salmonis Trout Creek Milkvetch Species 40631
Astragalus lentiginosus Mottled Milkvetch Species 40918
Trifolium microdon Valparaiso Clover Species 41037
Lupinus prunophilus Hairy Big-leaf Lupine Species 41038
Lupinus lepidus Prairie Lupine Species 41039
Trifolium variegatum White-tip Clover Species 41041
Trifolium douglasii Douglas' Clover Species 41044
Rupertia physodes California Scurf-pea Species 41051
Astragalus oniciformis Picabo Milkvetch Species 41063
Astragalus terminalis Railhead Milkvetch Species 41070
Astragalus whitneyi Whitney's Milkvetch Species 41072
Lathyrus nevadensis Sierra Nevada Peavine Species 41074
Astragalus paysonii Payson's Milkvetch Species 41087
Astragalus newberryi Newberry's Milkvetch Species 41091
Lathyrus pauciflorus Few-flower Peavine Species 41128
Astragalus miser Timber Milkvetch Species 41323
Astragalus caricinus Buckwheat Milkvetch Species 41376
Medicago polymorpha Toothed Medic Species 41386
Lupinus sulphureus Sulphur-flower Lupine Species 41446
Astragalus amnis-amissi Lost River Milkvetch Species 41636
Astragalus collinus Rattle Milkvetch Species 41637
Astragalus chinensis Chinese Milkvetch Species 41897
Astragalus malacus Shaggy Milkvetch Species 42041
Astragalus bisulcatus Two-groove Milk-vetch Species 42215
Astragalus aquilonius Lemhi Milkvetch Species 42258
Astragalus filipes Basalt Milkvetch Species 42344
Lathyrus latifolius Perennial Pea Species 42451
Glycyrrhiza lepidota Wild Licorice Species 42643
Astragalus purshii Pursh's Milkvetch Species 42828
Lupinus monticola Mountain Lupine Species 42950
Astragalus sinuatus Whited's Milkvetch Species 43091
Lathyrus lanszwertii Nevada Peavine Species 43113
Lupinus arbustus Long-spur Lupine Species 43534
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