Hymenoptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Hymenoptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Holotachysphex mochii A Crabronid Wasp Species 1475692
Holopyga austrialis A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1475691
Holcopasites pulchellus A Bee Species 1475689
Holcopasites arizonicus A Bee Species 1475687
Hylaeus annulatus A Yellow-masked Bee Species 1475683
Dolichurus clypealis A Cockroach Wasp Species 1475670
Dolerus anticus A Sawfly Species 1475668
Dolerus aericeps A Sawfly Species 1475667
Diplazon laetatorius A Scorpion Wasp Species 1475660
Dioxys pomonae A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475658
Dioxys aurifusca A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475655
Dimeris mira A Parasitoid Wasp Species 1475652
Dianthidium ulkei A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475645
Dianthidium subparvum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475642
Dianthidium pudicum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475640
Dianthidium parvum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475639
Dianthidium implicatum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475637
Dianthidium heterulkei A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475635
Dulophanes morio A Sawfly Species 1475627
Dufourea trochantera A Sweat Bee Species 1475626
Dufourea subdavidsoni A Sweat Bee Species 1475625
Dufourea orovada A Sweat Bee Species 1475624
Dufourea maura A Sweat Bee Species 1475623
Dufourea marginata A Sweat Bee Species 1475622
Dufourea holocyanea A Sweat Bee Species 1475621
Dufourea dentipes A Sweat Bee Species 1475620
Nomada hemphilli A Bee Species 1475619
Nomada fontis A Bee Species 1475618
Nomada elegantula A Bee Species 1475617
Nomada edwardsii A Bee Species 1475616
Nomada cressonii A Bee Species 1475615
Nomada crawfordi A Bee Species 1475614
Nomada corvallisensis A Bee Species 1475613
Nomada collinsiana A Bee Species 1475612
Nomada citrina A Bee Species 1475611
Nomada articulata A Bee Species 1475610
Nomada argentea A Bee Species 1475609
Dianthidium dubium A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475608
Dianthidium curvatum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475607
Dianthidium cressonii A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475606
Coelioxys apacheorum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475605
Cimbex americana Elm Sawfly Species 1475591
Chrysis nitidula A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1475589
Chelostoma phaceliae A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475586
Chelostoma minutum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475585
Ceratina pacifica A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475583
Ceratina neomexicana A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475582
Ceratina nanula A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475581
Ceratina arizonensis A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475580
Ceratina apacheorum A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475579