Hymenoptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Hymenoptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Hesperapis kayella A Miner Bee Species 1475435
Colletes louisae A Cellophane Bee Species 1475479
Diadasia enavata Sunflower Chimney Bee Species 1475533
Calliopsis scitula A Miner Bee Species 1475559
Cimbex americana Elm Sawfly Species 1475591
Dufourea dentipes A Sweat Bee Species 1475620
Dioxys pomonae A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475658
Hoplitis sambuci A Mason Bee Species 1475709
Exetastes fascipennis A Scorpion Wasp Species 1475772
Formica planipilis An Ant Species 1475904
Heriades carinatus A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475949
Osmia bruneri A Mason Bee Species 1476032
Lasioglossum egregium A Sweat Bee Species 1476057
Lasioglossum titusi A Sweat Bee Species 1476073
Megachile melanophaea A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476100
Melissodes bimatris A Bee Species 1476116
Melissodes robustior A Bee Species 1476142
Neolarra pruinosa A Bee Species 1476204
Nomada taraxacella A Bee Species 1476238
Osmia gaudiosa A Mason Bee Species 1476381
Osmia montana A Mason Bee Species 1476416
Osmia sculleni A Mason Bee Species 1476446
Perdita luteola A Miner Bee Species 1476490
Polyergus breviceps An Ant Species 1476536
Stelis monticola A Leafcutting Bee Species 1476562
Pristiphora rufipes A Sawfly Species 1476587
Monomorium minimum Little Black Ant Species 1476654
Conocalama occidentalis A Scorpion Wasp Species 1476680
Coelioxys occidentalis A Leafcutting Bee Species 1476706
Agapostemon obliquus A Sweat Bee Species 1476774
Campsomeris pilipes A Scoliid Wasp Species 1476812
Pristiphora bivittata A Sawfly Species 1476850
Lasioglossum foxii A Sweat Bee Species 1476898
Rhadinoceraea aldrichi A Sawfly Species 1476933
Bombus flavidus Fernald's Cuckoo Bumble Bee Species 1539900
Bombus mixtus Fuzzy-horned Bumble Bee Species 24543
Colletes consors A Cellophane Bee Species 70329
Andrena nivalis A Miner Bee Species 70357
Camponotus novaeboracensis A Carpenter Ant Species 70411
Pachynematus sporax A Sawfly Species 1472889
Xyela cheloma A Primitive Sawfly Species 1472990
Pterostichus lama A Eumenid Wasp Species 1473010
Tachysphex linsleyi A Crabronid Wasp Species 1473027
Aporinellus completus A Spider Wasp Species 1473102
Chrysis dorsalis A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1473166
Perilampus chrysopae A Perilampid Wasp Species 1473291
Pseudamblyteles superbus A Scorpion Wasp Species 1473667
Torymus coloradensis A Torymid Wasp Species 1473803
Pterostichus ecarinatus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1473955
Andrena cressonii A Miner Bee Species 1474658