Hymenoptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Hymenoptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Bombus rufocinctus Red-belted Bumble Bee Species 30349
Bombus sitkensis Sitka Bumble Bee Species 27316
Bombus suckleyi Suckley's Cuckoo Bumble Bee Species 1475541
Bombus sylvicola Forest Bumble Bee Species 30350
Bombus ternarius Tri-colored Bumble Bee Species 22617
Bombus vagans Half-black Bumble Bee Species 22596
Bombus vandykei Van Dyke Bumble Bee Species 1475542
Bombus vosnesenskii Vosnesensky Bumble Bee Species 1475543
Brachymeria parvula A Chalcidid Wasp Species 1475548
Brachymyrmex depilis An Ant Species 70416
Bracon hyslopi A Parasitoid Wasp Species 1473126
Bracon nuperus A Parasitoid Wasp Species 1473127
Calameuta clavata A Stem Sawfly Species 1476809
Caliroa cerasi A Sawfly Species 1475552
Calliopsis anthidia A Miner Bee Species 1475554
Calliopsis barri A Miner Bee Species 1475434
Calliopsis chlorops A Miner Bee Species 1475555
Calliopsis coloradensis A Miner Bee Species 1475556
Calliopsis personata A Miner Bee Species 1475557
Calliopsis puellae A Miner Bee Species 1475558
Calliopsis scitula A Miner Bee Species 1475559
Calliopsis scutellaris A Miner Bee Species 1475560
Camponotus herculeanus A Carpenter Ant Species 27412
Camponotus hyatti A Carpenter Ant Species 1475568
Camponotus laevigatus A Carpenter Ant Species 1475569
Camponotus maccooki A Carpenter Ant Species 1475570
Camponotus modoc A Carpenter Ant Species 1475571
Camponotus novaeboracensis A Carpenter Ant Species 70411
Camponotus vicinus A Carpenter Ant Species 1475572
Campsomeris pilipes A Scoliid Wasp Species 1476812
Campsoscolia alcione A Scollid Wasp Species 1473137
Cephus cinctus A Stem Sawfly Species 1473044
Ceratina acantha A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475578
Ceratina apacheorum A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475579
Ceratina arizonensis A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475580
Ceratina nanula A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475581
Ceratina neomexicana A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475582
Ceratina pacifica A Small Carpenter Bee Species 1475583
Ceratochrysis perpulchra A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1473148
Ceratochrysis trachyplenia A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1473149
Cerceris echo A Sand Wasp Species 1476817
Cerceris minax A Thread-waisted Wasp Species 1473150
Cerceris nigrescans A Thread-waisted Wasp Species 1473151
Chelostoma minutum A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475585
Chelostoma phaceliae A Leafcutting Bee Species 1475586
Chrysis canadensis A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1473163
Chrysis coerulans A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1473164
Chrysis coloradica A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1473165
Chrysis dorsalis A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1473166
Chrysis nitidula A Cuckoo Wasp Species 1475589