Hymenoptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Hymenoptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Anthophora occidentalis A Digger Bee Species 1475175
Anthophora pacifica A Digger Bee Species 1475177
Anthophora peritomae A Digger Bee Species 1475179
Anthophora petrophila A Digger Bee Species 1475180
Anthophora porterae A Digger Bee Species 1475183
Anthophora terminalis A Digger Bee Species 1475186
Anthophora urbana A Digger Bee Species 1475188
Anthophora ursina A Digger Bee Species 1475191
Anthophora affabilis A Digger Bee Species 1475088
Tetrastichus coerulescens A Eulophid Wasp Species 1473789
Pediobius utahensis A Eulophid Wasp Species 1473289
Zagrammosoma nigrolineatum A Eulophid Wasp Species 1473821
Paracrias arizonensis A Eulophid Wasp Species 1476549
Necremnus duplicatus A Eulophid Wasp Species 1473345
Pterostichus vandykei A Eumenid Wasp Species 1476929
Pterostichus castaneus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1473953
Pterostichus ecarinatus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1473955
Pterostichus herculaneus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1474029
Pterostichus laetulus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1474030
Pterostichus neobrunneus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1474031
Pterostichus oregonus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1474032
Euodynerus annulatus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1476889
Pterostichus pumilus A Eumenid Wasp Species 1474033
Pterostichus melanarius A Eumenid Wasp Species 73207
Pterostichus sphodrinus A Eumenid Wasp Species 366342
Pterostichus lama A Eumenid Wasp Species 1473010
Zaraea inflata A Hairy Sawfly Species 1476744
Pogonomyrmex salinus A Harvester Ant Species 1476532
Pogonomyrmex imberbiculus A Harvester Ant Species 1476924
Urocerus albicornis A Horntail Species 1476679
Urocerus californicus A Horntail Species 1476681
Xeris spectrum A Horntail Species 1476688
Sirex areolatus A Horntail Species 1476609
Xeris morrisoni A Horntail Species 1472989
Sirex varipes A Horntail Species 1476941
Megachile snowi A Leafcutter Bee Species 1942635
Megachile angelarum A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476091
Megachile onobrychidis A Leafcutter Bee Species 1473307
Megachile brevis A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476092
Megachile bruneri A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476093
Megachile coquilletti A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476094
Megachile frigida A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476095
Megachile gemula A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476096
Megachile hilata A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476097
Megachile inermis A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476098
Megachile laurita A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476099
Megachile melanophaea A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476100
Megachile montivaga A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476101
Megachile nevadensis A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476102
Megachile parallela A Leafcutter Bee Species 1476103