Hymenoptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Hymenoptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Melecta thoracica A Bee Species 1476113
Melissodes agilis A Bee Species 1476114
Melissodes bimaculata A Bee Species 1476115
Melissodes bimatris A Bee Species 1476116
Melissodes composita A Bee Species 1476117
Melissodes dagosa A Bee Species 1476118
Melissodes desponsa A Bee Species 1476119
Melissodes glenwoodensis A Bee Species 1476121
Melissodes grindeliae A Bee Species 1476123
Melissodes lupina A Bee Species 1476125
Melissodes lutulenta A Bee Species 1476126
Melissodes menuachus A Bee Species 1476129
Melissodes metenua A Bee Species 1476130
Melissodes microsticta A Bee Species 1476132
Melissodes minuscula A Bee Species 1476133
Melissodes ochraea A Bee Species 1476135
Melissodes opuntiella A Bee Species 1476137
Melissodes pallidisignata A Bee Species 1476138
Melissodes rivalis A Bee Species 1476140
Melissodes robustior A Bee Species 1476142
Melissodes subagilis A Bee Species 1476144
Melissodes tepida A Bee Species 1476146
Melissodes trinodis A Bee Species 1476149
Melissodes utahensis A Bee Species 1476150
Melissodes wheeleri A Bee Species 1476152
Mesostenus gracilis A Scorpion Wasp Species 1473319
Messor lobognathus An Ant Species 25642
Meteorus leviventris A Parasitoid Wasp Species 1473320
Microctonus pusillae A Parasitoid Wasp Species 1473323
Microplitis plutellae A Parasitoid Wasp Species 1473325
Mimesa unicincta A Crabronid Wasp Species 1473005
Mimumesa nigra A Crabronid Wasp Species 1473006
Mischocyttarus flavitarsis A Yellowjacket Species 1476163
Monardis pulla A Sawfly Species 1476652
Monomorium minimum Little Black Ant Species 1476654
Monophadnus contortus A Sawfly Species 1476655
Myrmecocystus hammettensis An Ant Species 1476165
Myrmecocystus kennedyi An Ant Species 1476167
Myrmecocystus pyramicus An Ant Species 1473870
Myrmecocystus testaceus An Ant Species 1476169
Myrmica americana An Ant Species 70400
Myrmica brevispinosa An Ant Species 70401
Myrmica discontinua An Ant Species 1476172
Myrmica fracticornis An Ant Species 70403
Myrmica incompleta An Ant Species 70402
Myrmica lobifrons An Ant Species 1476174
Myrmica monticola An Ant Species 1476177
Necremnus duplicatus A Eulophid Wasp Species 1473345
Nematus oligospilus A Sawfly Species 1476199
Neodiprion abbotii A Conifer Sawfly Species 1476660