Diptera Order

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Diptera

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Apiocera barri A Flower-loving Fly Species 21740
Calliphora latifrons A Blow Fly Species 1473133
Leucopis americana An Aphid Fly Species 1473239
Peleteria malleola A Tachinid Fly Species 1473290
Neoneura polita A Grass Fly Species 1473355
Hilarella hilarella A Flesh Fly Species 1473401
Helina evecta A Fly Species 1473713
Simulium venator A Black Fly Species 1473750
Thereva pseudoculata A Stiletto Fly Species 1473794
Rhopalomyia ampullaria A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473856
Orthocladius coffmani A Midge Species 1473890
Aciurina semilucida A Fruit Fly Species 1473987
Dioxyna sororcula A Fruit Fly Species 1475654
Pherocera flavipes A Stiletto Fly Species 1476521
Spiriverpa cinerascens A Stiletto Fly Species 1476614
Thereva leucosoma A Stiletto Fly Species 1476631
Musca domestica Common Housefly Species 22880
Calythea micropteryx A Fly Species 1473136
Leucopis flavicornis An Aphid Fly Species 1473240
Periscepsia helymus A Tachinid Fly Species 1473293
Neophyllomyza quadricornis A Freeloader Fly Species 1473356
Hippelates particeps A Grass Fly Species 1473402
Saltella sphondylii A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473722
Simulium venustum Whitestockinged Black Fly Species 1473751
Thereva semitaria A Stiletto Fly Species 1473795
Rhopalomyia brevibulla A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473857
Orthocladius lignicola A Midge Species 1473891
Acrosathe otiosa A Stiletto Fly Species 1475024
Drymeia aldrichi A Fly Species 1475678
Psilocephala nigrimana A Stiletto Fly Species 1476537
Tephritis webbii A Fruit Fly Species 1476616
Thereva utahensis A Stiletto Fly Species 1476633
Cnephia minus A Black Fly Species 1472928
Camptoprosopella borealis An Acalyptrate Fly Species 1473138
Leucostoma simplex A Tachinid Fly Species 1473241
Periscepsia cinerosa A Tachinid Fly Species 1473294
Tachina latifacies A Tachinid Fly Species 1473362
Hippelates pusio A Grass Fly Species 1473403
Scaeva pyrastri A Syrphid Fly Species 1473728
Simulium vittatum Striped Black Fly Species 1473752
Thyridanthrax andrewsi A Bee Fly Species 1473800
Rhopalomyia conica A Gall-forming Fly Species 1473858
Paralauterborniella nigrohalterale A Paralauterborniellan Chironomid Species 1473892
Acrosathe vialis A Stiletto Fly Species 1475026
Hybomitra sequax A Deer Fly Species 1475680
Thereva notata A Stiletto Fly Species 1476538
Terellia occidentalis A Fruit Fly Species 1476617
Trupanea bisetosa A Fruit Fly Species 1476673
Acemya tibialis A Tachinid Fly Species 1473061
Catagoniops facialis A Tachinid Fly Species 1473141