Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Namesort ascending Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
79584 x Elyhordeum montanense Species No GNA
79583 x Elyhordeum macounii Species No GNA
79574 x Amelasorbus jackii Species No GNA
78614 Wyethia x cusickii Species No GNA
48018 Wyethia invenusta Coville's Mule's-ears Species No G3G4
50273 Wyethia helianthoides White-head Mule's-ears Species No G4G5
52323 Wyethia helenioides Gray Muleears Species No G5
50745 Wyethia angustifolia Narrowleaf Mule's-ears Species No G4
52386 Wyethia amplexicaulis Northern Mule's-ears Species No G4G5
74204 Wormaldia gabriella A Caddisfly Species No SNR G5
86133 Woodsia scopulina ssp. scopulina Rocky Mountain Woodsia Subspecies No G5TNR
88193 Woodsia scopulina ssp. laurentiana Rocky Mountain Woodsia Subspecies No G5T3T5
48611 Woodsia scopulina Rocky Mountain Woodsia Species No G5
88265 Woodsia oregana ssp. oregana Oregon Woodsia (Diploid) Subspecies No G5T4?
91171 Woodsia oregana ssp. cathcartiana Oregon Woodsia (Tetraploid) Subspecies No G5T5
45195 Woodsia oregana Western Cliff Fern Species No G5
41081 Wolffia borealis Dotted Watermeal Species No G5
1474098 Wespus arkansasensis A Harvestman Species No SNR GNR
1473227 Wesmaelius coloradensis A Brown Lacewing Species No SNR GNR
34178 Warnstorfia fluitans Warnstorfia Moss Species No G5
39273 Waldsteinia idahoensis Idaho Strawberry Species 3 Sensitive No S3 G3
55892 Vulpia octoflora Slender 8-flowered Fescue Species No G5
48601 Vulpia myuros Rattail Six-weeks Grass Species No G5
47132 Vulpia microstachys Small Six-weeks Grass Species No G5
44114 Vulpia bromoides Brome Six-weeks Grass Species No GNR
19641 Vulpes vulpes Red Fox Species No S4 G5
17479 Vulpes macrotis Kit Fox Species 2 Yes S2 G4
22854 Vorticifex effusa Artemesian Rams-horn Species No S4 G3
1473817 Voria ruralis A Tachinid Fly Species No SNR GNR
30502 Vitrina pellucida Western Glass-snail Species No S4 G5
44373 Vitis vinifera European Grape Species No G4
77103 Vison vison American Mink Species No S3 G5
20526 Visoka cataractae Cataract Forestfly Species No S4 G4
18953 Vireo solitarius Blue-headed Vireo Species No SNA G5
15754 Vireo plumbeus Plumbeous Vireo Species No S2B G5
15740 Vireo philadelphicus Philadelphia Vireo Species No SNA G5
18345 Vireo olivaceus Red-eyed Vireo Species No S4B G5
16201 Vireo gilvus Warbling Vireo Species No S5B G5
17662 Vireo flavifrons Yellow-throated Vireo Species No SNA G5
15392 Vireo cassinii Cassin's Vireo Species No S5B G5
616719 Vireo bellii Bell's Vireo Species No SNA G5
28216 Virbia fragilis A Moth Species No S5 G5
59162 Viola vallicola Valley Violet Species No G5?
56538 Viola utahensis Utah Violet Species No G4?Q
49736 Viola sheltonii Shelton's Violet Species No G4
54235 Viola septentrionalis Northern Woodland Violet Species No SNR G5
55908 Viola sempervirens Redwoods Violet Species No S3 G5
40639 Viola selkirkii Great-spurred Violet Species No S1 G5?
56841 Viola renifolia Kidneyleaf White Violet Species No G5
85738 Viola purpurea ssp. venosa Subspecies No G5T4T5
44690 Viola purpurea Pine Violet Species No G5
89230 Viola praemorsa ssp. praemorsa Upland Yellow Violet Subspecies No G5T3T5
86131 Viola praemorsa ssp. linguifolia Upland Yellow Violet Subspecies No G5T5
83258 Viola praemorsa ssp. flavovirens Upland Yellow Violet Subspecies No G5T2T4
44258 Viola praemorsa Upland Yellow Violet Species No G5
92153 Viola palustris var. brevipes Alpine Marsh Violet Subspecies No
59064 Viola palustris Alpine Marsh Violet Species No G5
41696 Viola orbiculata Western Rough-leaved Violet Species No G5
40638 Viola nuttallii Nuttall's Violet Species No G5
57298 Viola nephrophylla Northern Bog Violet Species No G5
88737 Viola macloskeyi ssp. pallens Smooth White Violet Subspecies No G5T5
42401 Viola macloskeyi Smooth White Violet Species No G5
52863 Viola lithion Rock Violet Species No
59063 Viola glabella Smooth Yellow Woodland Violet Species No G5
56402 Viola canadensis Canada Violet Species No G5
50336 Viola bicolor Field Pansy Species No G5
86461 Viola beckwithii ssp. beckwithii Subspecies No G4T4
41832 Viola beckwithii Beckwith's Violet Species No G4
57837 Viola arvensis Small Wild Pansy Species No GNR
55912 Viola adunca Sand Violet Species No G5
1473816 Villa molitor A Bee Fly Species No SNR GNR
89280 Vicia villosa ssp. villosa Shaggy Vetch Subspecies No G5TNR
58647 Vicia villosa Winter Vetch Species No G5
55588 Vicia tetrasperma Lentil Vetch Species No GNR
83033 Vicia sativa ssp. sativa Spring Vetch Subspecies No GNRTNR
89691 Vicia sativa ssp. nigra Narrow-leaved Vetch Subspecies No GNRTNR
49355 Vicia sativa Spring Vetch Species No GNR
89128 Vicia cracca ssp. cracca Tufted Vetch Subspecies No GNRTNR
49450 Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch Species No GNR
85029 Vicia americana ssp. minor American Purple Vetch Subspecies No G5T5
86394 Vicia americana ssp. americana American Purple Vetch Subspecies No G5T5
58499 Vicia americana American Purple Vetch Species No G5
61114 Viburnum opulus Guelder-rose Viburnum Species No SH G5
59340 Viburnum edule Squashberry Species No G5
1476684 Vespula pensylvanica Western Yellowjacket Species No SNR GNR
1472987 Vespula atropilosa Prairie Yelowjacket Species No SNR GNR
33203 Vespericola columbianus Northwest Hesperian Species No SNA G5
29287 Vertigo ovata Ovate Vertigo Species No S4 G5
26676 Vertigo modesta Cross Vertigo Species No S4 G5
29127 Vertigo idahoensis Idaho Vertigo Species Yes S1? G1G2
28123 Vertigo cristata Crested Vertigo Species No SNR
29088 Vertigo concinnula Mitered Vertigo Species No SNR G4
30898 Vertigo columbiana Columbia Vertigo Species No SNR G5
48780 Veronica wormskjoldii Alpine Speedwell Species No G4G5
90388 Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. humifusa Thymeleaf Speedwell Subspecies No G5T5?
41603 Veronica serpyllifolia Thyme-leaf Speedwell Species No G5
57386 Veronica scutellata Marsh-speedwell Species No G5
43839 Veronica persica Bird-eye Speedwell Species No GNR
89636 Veronica peregrina ssp. xalapensis Neckweed Subspecies No G5T5
44001 Veronica peregrina Purslane Speedwell Species No G5