Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists. Displaying 901 - 1000 of 9868
Scientific Name Common Name Taxasort descending Category USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 GRank SRank SGCN ID
Frasera montana Mountain Gentian Species Plant G5 S4 49990
Ceradontha dorsalis A Leafminer Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473146
Scirpus cyperinus Wool-grass Species Plant G5 S3 50104
Chlorops sordidellus A Grass Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473162
Daucus pusillus Southwestern Carrot Species Plant G5 50260
Ctenicera noxia A Click Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473178
Lotus pedunculatus Large Bird's-foot Trefoil Species Plant GNR 50362
Dibolia borealis A Leaf Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473194
Mertensia paniculata Tall Bluebells Species Plant G5 50483
Eleodes granulatus A Darkling Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473210
Trichophorum pumilum Rolland Bulrush Species Plant 2 G5 S1 50584
Judolia gaurotoides A Long–horned Beetle Species Arthropod GNR S3Q Tier 3 1473226
Lygodesmia juncea Rush Skeleton-plant Species Plant G5 50728
Liometopum luctuosum A Velvety Tree Ant Species Arthropod GNR S5 1473242
Carex athrostachya Jointed-spike Sedge Species Plant G5 50831
Glenostictia megacera A Thread-waisted Wasp Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473258
Eriogonum acaule Single-stem Wild Buckwheat Species Plant G3 50995
Orthotylus coagulatus A Leaf Bug Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473274
Agoseris grandiflora Large-flower False-dandelion Species Plant G5 51158
Peleteria malleola A Tachinid Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473290
Amelanchier pallida Pale Serviceberry Species Plant G5 51276
Megacheuma brevipennis A Long-horned Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473306
Phacelia idahoensis Idaho Phacelia Species Plant G4 SNR 51418
Microchaetina valida A Tachinid Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473322
Stephanomeria minor Narrowleaf Skeletonplant Species Plant G5 51571
Myrmex vittatus A Weevil Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473338
Astragalus drummondii Drummond's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S2 51695
Neoneura flavifacies A Grass Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473354
Lilium columbianum Columbian Lily Species Plant G4G5 51779
Odontopsyllus dentatus A Flea Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473370
Delphinium glareosum Rockslide Larkspur Species Plant G3G4 51911
Goniopsita oophaga A Grass Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473386
Polygonum hydropiperoides Mild Water-pepper Species Plant G5 52073
Hippelates particeps A Grass Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473402
Thalictrum dasycarpum Purple Meadow-rue Species Plant 3 G5 S1 52155
Hyperaspidius vittigera A Ladybird Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473418
Zannichellia palustris Horned Pondweed Species Plant G5 52273
Procecidochares minuta A Fruit Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473655
Cardamine bellidifolia Alpine Bittercress Species Plant G5 52406
Pieris protodice Southern Cabbage Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473680
Rotala ramosior Toothcup Species Plant G5 52529
Limonius lanchesteri A Click Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473710
Cyperus squarrosus Awned Cyperus Species Plant G5 52671
Schoenomyza dorsalis A Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473732
Geum triflorum Prairie-smoke Species Plant G5 52756
Serica barri A Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473748
Viola lithion Rock Violet Species Plant 52863
Sphaerophthalma unicolor A Mutillid Wasp Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473764
Trifolium plumosum Feather Clover Species Plant G4 S2 52962
Stenopogon neglectus A Robber Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473780
Petradoria pumila Grassy Rock-goldenrod Species Plant G5 53101
Thrassis bacchi A Flea Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473796
Osmorhiza occidentalis Western Sweet-cicely Species Plant G4G5 53206
Trupanea nigricornis A Fruit Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473812
Bromus japonicus Japanese Brome Species Plant GNR 53291
Anthidium atripes A Wool Carder Bee Species Arthropod GNR S5 1473828
Tetradymia glabrata Littleleaf Horsebrush Species Plant G5 SNR 53414
Platypedia areolata A Cicada Species Arthropod GNR S5 1473844
Nicotiana attenuata Coyote Tobacco Species Plant G4 53583
Rhopalomyia obovata A Gall-forming Fly Species Arthropod GNR S4 1473860
Atriplex argentea Silvery Saltbush Species Plant G5 53662
Simulium argus A Black Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473876
Xanthium spinosum Spiny Cocklebur Species Plant GNR 53754
Paralauterborniella nigrohalteralis A Paralauterborniellan Chironomid Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473892
Juncus saximontanus Rocky Mountain Rush Species Plant G5 53877
Orthocladius rivulorum A Midge Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473908
Sidalcea neomexicana Rocky Mountain Checker-mallow Species Plant G4? 53997
Nais barbata A Worm Species Worm GNR SNR 1473925
Gilia tweedyi Tweedy's Gilia Species Plant G4G5Q 54103
Nais variabilis A Worm Species Worm GNR SNR 1473941
Calamagrostis rubescens Pine Reedgrass Species Plant G5 54177
Macaria notata Peacock Moth Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473957
Atriplex subspicata Orache Species Plant G5 54296
Uncinais uncinata A Worm Species Worm GNR SNR 1473973
Ribes wolfii Wolf's Currant Species Plant G4 S2 54427
Mastoremus idahoensis An Ant-like Flower Beetle Species Arthropod GNR S4 1473989
Callitriche trochlearis Waste-water Winged Starwort Species Plant G3? SNR 54547
Entephria multivagata A Carpet Moth Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1474005
Adiantum aleuticum Aleutian Maidenhair Fern Species Plant G5? 54684
Speranza colata An Angle Moth Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1474021
Sitta pygmaea Pygmy Nuthatch Species Bird Sensitive G5 S4 15329
Pyrrocoma linearis Thinleaf Goldenhead Species Plant 3 G4? S3 54794
Xylotrechus longitarsus A Long-horned Beetle Species Arthropod GNR S5 1474037
Richardsonius balteatus Redside Shiner Species Fish G5 S5 15488
Apocynum androsaemifolium Spreading Dogbane Species Plant G5 54881
Margaritifera laosensis A Mussel Species Mollusc GNR SNA 1474055
Lepus townsendii White-tailed Jackrabbit Species Mammal G5 S4 15559
Scirpus nevadensis Nevada Bulrush Species Plant G4 55011
Hololena nedra A Funnel Weaver Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1474071
Egretta thula Snowy Egret Species Bird G5 S1B 15646
Corispermum orientale Oriental Tick-seed Species Plant GU 55085
Pyemotes scolyti A Pyemotid Mite Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1474087
Acipenser transmontanus White Sturgeon Species Fish 2 G4 S2 15794
Caulanthus pilosus Hairy Wild-cabbage Species Plant G4 55212
Planorbis corneus Great Ramshorn Species Mollusc GNR SNA 1474103
Rhinichthys umatilla Umatilla Dace Species Fish G4 S4 15936
Salix exigua Narrowleaf Willow Species Plant G5 55306
Lacinipolia davena A Moth Species Arthropod GNR S4 1474121
Glaucomys sabrinus Northern Flying Squirrel Species Mammal G5 S4 16055
Athyrium filix-femina Subarctic Ladyfern Species Plant G5 55434