Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCNsort ascending SRank GRank
74029 Parapsyche almota A Caddisfly Species No SNR G5
27029 Carpophilus pallipennis A Sap Beetle Species No SNR GNR
74123 Dicosmoecus atripes A Caddisfly Species No S4 G5
27262 Lithophane innominata Nameless Pinion Moth Species No S4 G5
74202 Dolophilodes novusamericanus A Caddisfly Species No SNR G5
27413 Bombus huntii Hunt's Bumble Bee Species No S5 G5
74262 Rhyacophila tucula A Caddisfly Species No SNR G5
27574 Plebejus shasta Shasta Blue Species No S4 G5
74290 Triaenodes frontalis A Caddisfly Species No SNR G5
27792 Physella lordi Twisted Physa Species No S4 G5Q
77108 Alces americanus Moose Species No S3 G5
27960 Pyrgus centaureae Grizzled Skipper Species No S4 G5
77852 Hentziectypus globosus A Spider Species No SNR GNR
28142 Margaritifera margaritifera Eastern Pearlshell Species No SNR G4
78498 Salmo trutta x Salvelinus fontinalis Tiger Trout Species No GNA
28280 Schizura concinna Red-humped Caterpillar Moth Species No S4 G4G5
78923 Arnica x diversifolia Rayless Arnica Species No GNA
28423 Dubiraphia giulianii A Riffle Beetle Species No SNR G1G3
79312 Spiraea x pyramidata Pyramidal Spiraea Species No GNA
28524 Scymnus postpictus A Ladybird Beetle Species No SNR GNR
79610 Xestia homogena A Moth Species No S3 G4
28696 Celastrina ladon Spring Azure Species No S5 G4G5
28861 Trimerotropis pallidipennis A Grasshopper Species No S5 G5
81653 Euphydryas editha owyheensis Edith's Checkerspot Subspecies No SNA G5T2T3
82102 Papilio machaon oregonius Oregon Swallowtail Subspecies No SNR G5T4T5
29141 Leucorrhinia proxima Belted Whiteface Species No SNR G5
83033 Vicia sativa ssp. sativa Spring Vetch Subspecies No GNRTNR
29321 Melanchra adjuncta Hitched Arches Moth Species No S4 G5
83269 Stipa comata var. comata Needle-and-Thread Subspecies No G5T5
83617 Panicum miliaceum ssp. miliaceum Proso Millet Subspecies No GNRTNR
29742 Phrurotimpus certus An Antmimic Spider Species No SNR GNR
83766 Trollius laxus ssp. albiflorus Spreading Globeflower Subspecies No G5T5
83988 Polygonum douglasii ssp. douglasii Subspecies No G5T5
84277 Sonchus asper ssp. asper Spiny-leaf Sowthistle Subspecies No GNRTNR
30247 Eurois astricta A Moth Species No S4 G5
84406 Camissonia scapoidea ssp. scapoidea Subspecies No
30502 Vitrina pellucida Western Glass-snail Species No S4 G5
84577 Juncus nodosus var. meridianus Knotted Rush Subspecies No
30616 Kogotus modestus Sickle Springfly Species No SNR G5
84781 Helianthus petiolaris ssp. petiolaris Prairie Sunflower Subspecies No G5T5
30769 Neophilaenus lineatus Lined Spittlebug Species No SNR GNR
85121 Eriogonum ovalifolium var. purpureum Cushion Wild Buckwheat Subspecies No SNR G5T5
31003 Euconulus fulvus Brown Hive Species No S4 G5
85362 Saxifraga bryophora var. tobiasiae Tobias' Saxifrage Subspecies Sensitive No S2 G5T2
31211 Celastrina echo Western Azure Species No S4 G5
85683 Claytonia rubra ssp. rubra Red-stem Springbeauty Subspecies No G5T5
85961 Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia ssp. grossulariifolia Currantleaf Globemallow Subspecies No G5T4T5
31647 Planorbella subcrenata Rough Rams-horn Species No S5 G5
86162 Thelypodium laciniatum var. streptanthoides Purple Thick-leaved Thelypody Subspecies 4 No S2 G5T4Q
31852 Apamea commoda Southern Quaker Moth Species No S4 G4
86457 Luzula multiflora ssp. multiflora Common Woodrush Subspecies No
32088 Utacapnia trava Yellowstone Stonefly Species No SNR G4
86709 Circaea alpina ssp. alpina Small Enchanter's-nightshade Subspecies No G5T5
32274 Vallonia gracilicosta Multirib Vallonia Species No SNR G5Q
86864 Juncus tenuis var. tenuis Slender Rush Subspecies No
32469 Enargia decolor Pale Enargia Moth Species No S3 G5
87084 Salix brachycarpa ssp. brachycarpa Short-fruit Willow Subspecies No G5T5
32638 Syngrapha alias Hooked Silver Y Moth Species No S3 G5
87355 Ipomopsis spicata ssp. orchidacea Spiked Standing-cypress Subspecies No G5TNR
32807 Lepidostoma spicatum A Caddisfly Species No SNA G3G5
87681 Elymus trachycaulus ssp. subsecundus Slender Wild Rye Subspecies No G5T5
32988 Lacinipolia anguina Snaky Arches Moth Species No S3 G5
87907 Salix reticulata ssp. reticulata Net-veined Willow Subspecies No G5T5
33143 Amara littoralis A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR
88165 Navarretia divaricata ssp. divaricata Mountain Navarretia Subspecies No G5T3T5
33437 Fuscopannaria saubinetii A Lichen Species No SNR G4G5
88471 Cerastium arvense ssp. strictum Field Chickweed Subspecies No
34146 Helodium blandowii Blandow's Helodium Species No S2 G5
88737 Viola macloskeyi ssp. pallens Smooth White Violet Subspecies No G5T5
34937 Lobaria scrobiculata Pored Lungwort Species No S1 G4
89033 Chimaphila umbellata ssp. occidentalis Wesern Pipsissewa Subspecies No G5T5
35786 Porella navicularis A Liverwort Species No SNR G5
89212 Phlox austromontana ssp. austromontana Desert Mountain Phlox Subspecies No G5T5
36312 Pseudocyphellaria anomala Pseudocyphellaria Lichen Species No S2 G2G4
89325 Artemisia tridentata ssp. tridentata Basin Big Sagebrush Subspecies No SNR G5T4T5
37192 Lobaria hallii Hall's Lungwort Species No S3 G4?
89535 Astragalus purshii var. ophiogenes Snake River Milkvetch Subspecies 4 No S3 G5T3
38074 Collema furfuraceum Scurffy Jelly Lichen Species No S3 G5
89698 Langloisia setosissima ssp. setosissima Spotted Langloisia Subspecies No G4G5T4T5
38624 Bryoria tortuosa Tortured Horsehair Lichen Species No S2 G5
89850 Papaver lapponicum ssp. occidentale Lapland Poppy Subspecies No
39248 Holodiscus dumosus Glandular Oceanspray Species No G5
90111 Hordeum marinum ssp. gussonianum Knee Barley Subspecies No GNRTNR
39354 Amaranthus rudis Tall Amaranth Species No G5?
90300 Descurainia pinnata ssp. intermedia Pinnate Tansy-mustard Subspecies No G5T5?
39474 Epilobium hornemannii Hornemann's Willowherb Species No G5
90480 Trifolium plumosum ssp. plumosum Plumed Clover Subspecies No G4T4
39544 Astragalus eremiticus Hermit Milkvetch Species No G5
90697 Lesquerella occidentalis ssp. occidentalis Western Bladderpod Subspecies No
39660 Lemna minor Lesser Duckweed Species No G5
90953 Saxifraga cespitosa ssp. cespitosa Tufted Saxifrage Subspecies No G5T5?
39766 Polemonium viscosum Skunk Polemonium Species No G5
91221 Astragalus cusickii var. packardiae Packard's Milkvetch Subspecies 2 No S1 G5T1
39957 Pteryxia terebinthina Turpentine Wavewing Species No G5
91461 Poa abbreviata ssp. marshii Marsh's Bluegrass Subspecies Sensitive No S1 G5T2
40084 Lemna valdiviana Pale Duckweed Species No G5
91754 Potentilla glandulosa ssp. glandulosa Sticky Cinquefoil Subspecies No G5T4T5
40208 Botrychium lanceolatum Triangle Grape-fern Species No SNR G5
92012 Epilobium ciliatum ssp. ciliatum Hairy Willowherb Subspecies No G5T5
40326 Camissonia boothii Booth's Suncup Species No SNR G5