Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
69346 Discoderus parallelus A Ground Beetle Species SNR GNR
20244 Discus marmorensis Marbled Disc Species 2 Tier 1 S2 G1G2
28247 Discus rotundatus Rotund Disc Species SNA G5
26026 Discus shimekii Striate Disc Species S3 G5
32029 Discus whitneyi Forest Disc Species S4 G5
69349 Disonycha latifrons A Leaf Beetle Species SNR GNR
25222 Dissosteira carolina Carolina Grasshopper Species S5 G5
28745 Dissosteira spurcata A Grasshopper Species S5 G5
31224 Diura knowltoni Nearctic Springfly Species SNR G5
31551 Doddsia occidentalis Western Willowfly Species SNR G5
17303 Dolichonyx oryzivorus Bobolink Species Tier 2 S2B G5
70372 Dolichovespula maculata Baldfasted Hornet Species SNR G5
74288 Dolophilodes aequalis A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
74201 Dolophilodes dorcus A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
74202 Dolophilodes novusamericanus A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
74203 Dolophilodes pallidipes A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
33259 Doroneuria theodora Montana Stone Species SNR G4
25373 Drassyllus lamprus A Stealthy Ground Spider Species SNR GNR
30375 Drasteria adumbrata Shadowy Arches Moth Species S3 G4
29361 Drepana arcuata Arched Hooktip Moth Species S3 G5
70715 Drepana bilineata Two-Lined Hooktop Moth Species S3 GNR
23240 Driloleirus americanus Giant Palouse Earthworm Species Tier 2 SNR
21344 Drunella coloradensis A Mayfly Species SNR G5
20117 Drunella doddsii A Mayfly Species S4 G5
20119 Drunella flavilinea A Mayfly Species SNR G5
30937 Drunella grandis A Mayfly Species S5 G5
31888 Drunella spinifera A Mayfly Species S4 G5
16863 Dryocopus pileatus Pileated Woodpecker Species S4 G5
28423 Dubiraphia giulianii A Riffle Beetle Species SNR G1G3
18849 Dumetella carolinensis Gray Catbird Species S5B G5
23913 Dysdera crocata A Dysderid Spider Species SNR GNR
24975 Dysstroma citrata Dark Marbled Carpet Moth Species S5 G5
24680 Ecclisocosmoecus scylla A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
74126 Ecclisomyia conspersa A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
74127 Ecclisomyia maculosa A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
26139 Ecdyonurus criddlei A Mayfly Species SNR G5
21692 Ecdyonurus simplicioides A Mayfly Species SNR G5
26049 Echinargus isola Reakirt's Blue Species SNA G5
70731 Egira dolosa Lined Black Aspen Species S3 GNR
19700 Egretta caerulea Little Blue Heron Species SNA G5
15646 Egretta thula Snowy Egret Species S1B G5
17080 Egretta tricolor Tricolored Heron Species SNA G5
19513 Elanus leucurus White-tailed Kite Species SNA G5
72299 Elaphrus clairvillei A Ground Beetle Species SNR GNR
26921 Eleodes extricatus A Darkling Beetle Species SNR G5
24751 Eleodes hispilabris A Darkling Beetle Species SNR GNR
32209 Eleodes nigrinus A Darkling Beetle Species SNR G5
19008 Elgaria coerulea Northern Alligator Lizard Species S4 G5
77888 Emblyna borealis A Meshweaver Species SNR GNR
15966 Empidonax hammondii Hammond's Flycatcher Species S5B G5
19368 Empidonax minimus Least Flycatcher Species S2B G5
15770 Empidonax oberholseri Dusky Flycatcher Species S4B G5
15360 Empidonax occidentalis Cordilleran Flycatcher Species S5B G5
17694 Empidonax traillii Willow Flycatcher Species 2 Endangered S4B G5
15772 Empidonax wrightii Gray Flycatcher Species S4B G5
73770 Empoasca alboneura A Leafhopper Species SNR GNR
70085 Empoasca coccinea A Leafhopper Species SNR GNR
70095 Empoasca fabae Potato Leaf Hopper Species SNR GNR
70096 Empoasca filamenta A Leafhopper Species SNR GNR
23516 Enallagma anna River Bluet Species S5 G5
76846 Enallagma annexum Northern Bluet Species SNR G5
28262 Enallagma boreale Boreal Bluet Species SNR G5
21790 Enallagma carunculatum Tule Bluet Species S5 G5
22134 Enallagma clausum Alkali Bluet Species SNR G5
28134 Enallagma ebrium Marsh Bluet Species S5 G5
32469 Enargia decolor Pale Enargia Moth Species S3 G5
70743 Enargia infumata Smoked Sallow Moth Species S3 GNR
17473 Entosphenus tridentatus Pacific Lamprey Species 2 Sensitive Tier 1 S1 G4
23443 Eocosmoecus schmidi A Caddisfly Species Tier 3 S2 G4
26506 Eosphoropteryx thyatyroides Pink-patched Looper Moth Species S1 G4G5
30515 Epargyreus clarus Silver-spotted Skipper Species S5 G5
27695 Epeorus albertae A Mayfly Species SNR G5
32626 Epeorus deceptivus A Mayfly Species S4 G5
20895 Epeorus grandis A Mayfly Species S4 G5
31056 Epeorus longimanus A Mayfly Species S4 G5
26814 Ephemerella alleni A Mayfly Species Tier 2 S2 G4
31047 Ephemerella aurivillii A Mayfly Species SNR G5
77547 Ephemerella dorothea A Mayfly Species SNR G5
78097 Ephemerella excrucians A Mayfly Species SNR G5
78102 Ephemerella tibialis A Mayfly Species S5 G5
28961 Ephoron album A Mayfly Species SNR G5
25841 Epitheca spinigera Spiny Baskettail Species SNR G5
19549 Eptesicus fuscus Big Brown Bat Species 2 S3 G5
72357 Epuraea flavomaculata A Sap Beetle Species SNR GNR
17913 Equus caballus Feral Horse Species SNA GNA
23450 Erebia epipsodea Common Alpine Species S5 G5
68697 Eremobina claudens Dark-winged Quaker Moth Species S3 GNR
19323 Eremophila alpestris Horned Lark Species S5 G5
16181 Erethizon dorsatum North American Porcupine Species S5 G5
25722 Eris militaris Bronze Jumper Species SNR GNR
22426 Erpetogomphus compositus White-belted Ringtail Species SNR G5
20384 Erpobdella punctata A Leach Species SNR
25898 Erynnis afranius Afranius Dusky Wing Species S5 G5
24384 Erynnis icelus Dreamy Duskywing Species S5 G5
29068 Erynnis pacuvius Pacuvius Duskywing Species S4 G5
30516 Erynnis persius Persius Duskywing Species S3 G5
24187 Erythemis collocata Western Pondhawk Species SNR G5
17438 Esox lucius Northern Pike Species SNA G5
78495 Esox lucius x E. masquinongy Tiger Muskellunge Species SNA GNA
23303 Estigmene acrea Salt Marsh Moth Species S5 G5