Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Namesort descending Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
56283 Asclepias fascicularis Narrowleaf Milkweed Species No G5
49122 Stenotus stenophyllus Narrowleaf Mock Goldenweed Species No G5
50745 Wyethia angustifolia Narrowleaf Mule's-ears Species No G4
49974 Antennaria stenophylla Narrowleaf Pussytoes Species No G4
51571 Stephanomeria minor Narrowleaf Skeletonplant Species No G5
83720 Scutellaria angustifolia ssp. angustifolia Narrowleaf Skullcap Subspecies No G5TNR
53982 Scutellaria angustifolia Narrowleaf Skullcap Species No G5
87473 Scutellaria angustifolia ssp. micrantha Narrowleaf Skullcap Subspecies No G5T3T5
55306 Salix exigua Narrowleaf Willow Species No G5
19054 Oreothlypis ruficapilla Nashville Warbler Species No S4B G5
50627 Erigeron concinnus Navajo Fleabane Species No G4G5
31224 Diura knowltoni Nearctic Springfly Species No SNR G5
57081 Carex nebrascensis Nebraska Sedge Species No SNR G5
36721 Thamnobryum neckeroides Necker's Thamnobryum Moss Species No G4
89636 Veronica peregrina ssp. xalapensis Neckweed Subspecies No G5T5
86641 Stipa comata var. intermedia Needle-and-Thread Subspecies No G5T5
83269 Stipa comata var. comata Needle-and-Thread Subspecies No G5T5
43084 Hesperostipa comata Needle-and-Thread Species No SNR G5
43144 Navarretia intertexta Needle-leaf Navarretia Species No SNR G5
86922 Navarretia intertexta ssp. intertexta Needle-leaf Navarretia Subspecies No G5TNR
61458 Camissonia minor Nelson's Evening-primrose Species No G4
32913 Callophrys nelsoni Nelson's Hairstreak Species No S4 G5
86039 Stipa nelsonii ssp. nelsonii Nelson's Needlegrass Subspecies No G5T5
54866 Stipa nelsonii Nelson's Needlegrass Species No G5
57393 Carex nelsonii Nelson's Sedge Species No G3
85368 Descurainia pinnata ssp. nelsonii Nelson's Western Tansy-mustard Subspecies No G5T3T5
47131 Salix reticulata Net-veined Willow Species No G5
87907 Salix reticulata ssp. reticulata Net-veined Willow Subspecies No G5T5
46008 Agastache urticifolia Nettle-leaf Giant-hyssop Species No G5
41016 Chenopodium murale Nettle-leaf Goosefoot Species No GNR
55033 Angelica kingii Nevada Angelica Species 3 No S1 G4
68638 Lacanobia nevadae Nevada Arches Moth Species No S4 GNR
59179 Lotus nevadensis Nevada Bird's-foot Trefoil Species No G5
39712 Lewisia nevadensis Nevada Bitterroot Species No G4
31995 Hemileuca nevadensis Nevada Buck Moth Species No S3 G5
55011 Scirpus nevadensis Nevada Bulrush Species No G4
25028 Bombus nevadensis Nevada Bumble Bee Species No S5 G4G5
24556 Thorybes mexicana Nevada Cloudy Wing Skipper Species No S3 G5
56801 Stipa nevadensis Nevada Needlegrass Species No G4
61394 Allium nevadense Nevada Onion Species No
86820 Lathyrus lanszwertii var. lanszwertii Nevada Peavine Subspecies No
43113 Lathyrus lanszwertii Nevada Peavine Species No G4G5
37467 Tortula nevadensis Nevada pottia moss Species No G4
23734 Hesperia nevada Nevada Skipper Species No S4 G5
25510 Grammia nevadensis Nevada Tiger Moth Species No S5 G5
49755 Allium nevii Nevius' Garlic Species No G3G4
83737 Calamagrostis stricta ssp. inexpansa New England Northern Reedgrass Subspecies No G5T5
44230 Linum neomexicanum New Mexican Yellow Flax Species No G4?
87810 Eragrostis mexicana ssp. mexicana New Mexico Lovegrass Subspecies No G5T5
56861 Cirsium neomexicanum New Mexico Thistle Species No G5
49666 Carex nova New Sedge Species No SNR G5
28657 Potamopyrgus antipodarum New Zealand Mudsnail Species No SNA G5
41091 Astragalus newberryi Newberry's Milkvetch Species No S2 G5
1473046 Eriococcus insignis Newstead's Felt Scale Species No SNR GNR
605793 Fluminicola gustafsoni Nez Perce Pebblesnail Species No SNR G2G3
58381 Silene noctiflora Night-flowering Catchfly Species No GNR
26056 Anguispira nimapuna Nimapuna Disc Species Yes S3 G1
26652 Coccinella novemnotata Nine-spotted Lady Beetle Species No SNR G2
26757 Oxyloma haydeni Niobrara Ambersnail Species No SNR G3
47725 Coryphantha missouriensis Nipple Cactus Species No S4 G5
51416 Plantago major Nipple-seed Plantain Species No G5
42358 Arnica parryi Nodding Arnica Species No G5
40632 Bidens cernua Nodding Beggarticks Species No G5
57343 Poa reflexa Nodding Bluegrass Species No G5
44743 Bromus anomalus Nodding Brome Species No G5
57776 Cerastium nutans Nodding Chickweed Species No G5
52960 Festuca subulata Nodding Fescue Species No G5
57992 Melica stricta Nodding Melicgrass Species 4 No SNR G4
86659 Allium cernuum var. cernuum Nodding Onion Subspecies No
59105 Allium cernuum Nodding Onion Species No G5
39373 Helianthella quinquenervis Nodding Rockrose Species No G5
51285 Saxifraga cernua Nodding Saxifrage Species No S2 G5
56285 Microseris nutans Nodding Silverpuffs Species No G5
86894 Microseris nutans ssp. nutans Nodding Silverpuffs Subspecies No G5T5
40725 Cirsium undulatum Nodding Thistle Species No G5
48239 Trisetum canescens Nodding Trisetum Species No G5
48625 Eriogonum cernuum Nodding Wild Buckwheat Species No G5
46013 Elymus canadensis Nodding Wild Rye Species No G5
54713 Elymus canadensis Nodding Wild Rye Species No G5
56136 Rosa nutkana Nootka Rose Species No G5
16337 Peromyscus maniculatus North American Deermouse Species No S5 G5
16181 Erethizon dorsatum North American Porcupine Species No S5 G5
17736 Coluber constrictor North American Racer Species No S5 G5
17238 Microtus richardsoni North American Vole or Water Vole Species No S4 G5
50742 Ranunculus trichophyllus Northeastern White Water Crowfoot Species No G5
19008 Elgaria coerulea Northern Alligator Lizard Species Yes S4 G5
23854 Bombus borealis Northern Amber Bumble Bee Species No S4 G4G5
1474417 Drasteria hudsonica Northern Arches Moth Species No S3 GNR
62040 Celastrina lucia Northern Azure Species No SNR G5
54988 Penstemon pumilus Northern Beardtongue Species No S4 G4G5
50527 Galium boreale Northern Bedstraw Species No G5
50669 Phegopteris connectilis Northern Beechfern Species Sensitive No S2 G5
60593 Ribes hudsonianum Northern Black Currant Species No G5
1473663 Protophormia terrenovae Northern Blow Fly Species No SNR GNR
29169 Plebejus idas Northern Blue Species No S4 G5
55378 Sisyrinchium septentrionale Northern Blue-eyed-grass Species No G3G4
53706 Poa abbreviata Northern Bluegrass Species No S1 G5
76846 Enallagma annexum Northern Bluet Species No SNR G5
19895 Colinus virginianus Northern Bobwhite Species No SNA G5
45135 Lycopodiella inundata Northern Bog Clubmoss Species Sensitive No S2 G5