Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Namesort descending Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
56241 Pedicularis groenlandica Bull Elephant's-head Species No G5
88008 Pedicularis groenlandica ssp. surrecta Bull Elephant's-head Subspecies No
53664 Pedicularis parryi Parry's Lousewort Species No G5
88842 Pedicularis parryi ssp. purpurea Parry's Lousewort Subspecies No
56061 Pedicularis racemosa Leafy Lousewort Species No G5
86618 Pedicularis racemosa ssp. alba Parrot's-beak Subspecies No G5T4T5
1473289 Pediobius utahensis A Eulophid Wasp Species No SNR GNR
77575 Pediocactus nigrispinus Snowball cactus Species 4 No SNR G4
42025 Pediocactus simpsonii Simpson's Hedgehog Cactus Species 4 No S3 G5?
86863 Pediocactus simpsonii var. robustior Simpson's Hedgehog Cactus Subspecies No S3 G5?
73984 Pedomoecus sierra A Caddisfly Species No SNR G4G5
18029 Pekania pennanti Fisher Species 2 Yes S2 G5
17345 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White Pelican Species Yes S3B G4
1474079 Pelegrina aeneola A Jumping Spider Species No SNR GNR
71362 Pelegrina insignis A Jumping Spider Species No SNR GNR
1473290 Peleteria malleola A Tachinid Fly Species No SNR GNR
56001 Pellaea breweri Brewer's Cliffbrake Species No G5
44412 Pellaea bridgesii Bridge's Cliffbrake Species No G4
45054 Pellaea glabella Smooth Cliffbrake Species No G5
84602 Pellaea glabella ssp. simplex Smooth Cliffbrake Subspecies No G5T4?
1473945 Peloscolex ferox A Worm Species No SNR GNR
37841 Peltigera pacifica Pacific Felt Lichen Species No SNR G3G4
44755 Penstemon acuminatus Sanddune Beardtongue Species No G5
49169 Penstemon albertinus Alberta Beardtongue Species No G4G5
53748 Penstemon aridus Stiff-leaf Beardtongue Species No G5?
55256 Penstemon attenuatus Taper-leaf Beardtongue Species No G4
44988 Penstemon compactus Cache Penstemon Species Sensitive No S2 G2
49712 Penstemon confertus Yellow Beardtongue Species No G4
59903 Penstemon cusickii Cusick's Beardtongue Species No SNR G4
50275 Penstemon cyananthus Wasatch Beardtongue Species No G4
50470 Penstemon cyaneus Dark-blue Beardtongue Species No G5
60722 Penstemon davidsonii Creeping Beardtongue Species No G4G5
44174 Penstemon deustus Hot-rock Beardtongue Species No G5
50804 Penstemon diphyllus Two-leaf Beardtongue Species No G4
48280 Penstemon elegantulus Lovely Penstemon Species No S3 G4
55257 Penstemon ellipticus Egg-leaf Beardtongue Species No G4G5
42649 Penstemon eriantherus Crested-tongue Beardtongue Species No G4
49711 Penstemon flavescens Pennell Beardtongue Species No G3
50276 Penstemon fruticosus Shrubby Beardtongue Species No G5
50471 Penstemon gairdneri Gairdner's Beardtongue Species No G4
44530 Penstemon glaber Smooth Beardtongue Species No G5
60723 Penstemon glandulosus Glandular Beardtongue Species No G4
47148 Penstemon globosus Globe Beardtongue Species No G4
60033 Penstemon humilis Lowly Beardtongue Species No G5
91534 Penstemon humilis ssp. brevifolius Lowly Beardtongue Subspecies No G5T4
83524 Penstemon humilis ssp. humilis Gray Beardtongue Subspecies No G5T5
50500 Penstemon idahoensis Idaho Penstemon Species 3 Sensitive No S2 G2
44088 Penstemon janishiae Janish's Penstemon Species 3 No S2 G4
56183 Penstemon laxus Idaho Beardtongue Species No SNR G2G3
53948 Penstemon lemhiensis Lemhi Penstemon Species 3 Sensitive No S3 G3
41828 Penstemon leonardii Leonard's Beardtongue Species No S3 G4G5
52904 Penstemon lyallii Lyall's Beardtongue Species No G4
58775 Penstemon miser Golden-tongue Beardtongue Species No G3?
39878 Penstemon montanus Cordroot Beardtongue Species No SNR G4G5
44531 Penstemon nitidus Wax-leaf Beardtongue Species No G5
53340 Penstemon palmeri Scented Beardtongue Species No G4G5
40864 Penstemon payettensis Payette's Beardtongue Species No G4
61128 Penstemon perpulcher Minidoka Beardtongue Species No G2G3
55317 Penstemon pratensis White-flower Beardtongue Species No G4?
47146 Penstemon procerus Small-flower Beardtongue Species No G5
54988 Penstemon pumilus Northern Beardtongue Species No S4 G4G5
59823 Penstemon radicosus Mat-root Beardtongue Species No
58776 Penstemon rydbergii Rydberg's Beardtongue Species No G4G5
85219 Penstemon rydbergii var. aggregatus Rydberg's Beardtongue Subspecies No
44325 Penstemon seorsus Short-lobe Beardtongue Species 4 No S2 G4?
54170 Penstemon speciosus Royal Beardtongue Species No G5
52933 Penstemon subglaber Smooth Beardtongue Species No G3G4
42264 Penstemon triphyllus Whorled Beardtongue Species No G4
56378 Penstemon venustus Lovely Beardtongue Species No G4
56608 Penstemon watsonii Watson Beardtongue Species No G5
43759 Penstemon whippleanus Whipple's Beardtongue Species No G5
52934 Penstemon wilcoxii Wilcox's Beardtongue Species No G4
1476552 Penstemonia clarkei A Clearwing Moth Species No SNR GNR
60065 Pentagramma triangularis Western Gold Fern Species No S1 G5
92353 Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularis Gold-back Fern Subspecies 3 Sensitive No S1 G5T5
1476553 Peponapis pruinosa A Bee Species No SNR GNR
49451 Peraphyllum ramosissimum Wild Crab Apple Species 3 No S2 G4
17482 Perca flavescens Yellow Perch Species No SNA G5
18285 Percopsis transmontana Sand Roller Species Yes S2 G4
1476554 Perdita adjuncta A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476471 Perdita albipennis A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476474 Perdita albonotata A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1474130 Perdita barri A Miner Bee Species No S1 GNR
1476476 Perdita ciliata A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476478 Perdita dubia A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476481 Perdita fallax A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476483 Perdita ignota A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476267 Perdita labrata zebrata A Miner Bee Subspecies No SNR GNR
1476485 Perdita lepidosparti A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476487 Perdita lingualis A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476490 Perdita luteola A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476268 Perdita munda A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476492 Perdita nuda A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476494 Perdita oregonensis A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476269 Perdita parilis A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476497 Perdita phymatae A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1476499 Perdita rectangulata A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR
1474131 Perdita salicis euxantha A Miner Bee Subspecies No S3 G5TNR
1476270 Perdita salicis imperialis A Miner Bee Subspecies No SNR GNR
1476502 Perdita similis A Miner Bee Species No SNR GNR