Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCNsort descending SRank GRank
42264 Penstemon triphyllus Whorled Beardtongue Species No G4
1473074 Agonum balesi A Ground Beetle Species No SNR GNR
42344 Astragalus filipes Basalt Milkvetch Species No G5
1473090 Apanteles yakutatensis A Parasitoid Wasp Species No SNR GNR
42451 Lathyrus latifolius Perennial Pea Species No GNR
1473106 Asilus mesae A Robber Fly Species No SNR GNR
42667 Stipa richardsonii Canada Mountain Ricegrass Species No G5
1473122 Boreocanthon simplex A Beetle Species No SNR GNR
42772 Bromus racemosus Spiked Brome Species No GNR
1473138 Camptoprosopella borealis An Acalyptrate Fly Species No SNR GNR
42855 Eleocharis bolanderi Bolander's Spikerush Species No G4
1473154 Ceutorhynchus bakeri A Weevil Species No SNR GNR
42978 Galium watsonii Watson's Bedstraw Species No G5
1473170 Chrysobothris idahoensis A Metallic Wood–boring Beetle Species No S3 GNR
43099 Boykinia intermedia Sierran Brookfoam Species No G2G4
1473186 Muirodelphax arvensis A Delphacid Planthopper Species No SNR GNR
43212 Holosteum umbellatum Jagged Chickweed Species No GNR
1473202 Dryudella immigrans A Thread-waisted Wasp Species No SNR GNR
43315 Isoetes howellii Howell's Quillwort Species No G4G5
1473218 Epicauta piceiventris A Blister Beetle Species No SNR GNR
43416 Stanleya confertiflora Malheur Prince's Plume Species 2 No S1 G2
1473234 Leptometopa halteralis A Freeloader Fly Species No SNR GNR
43529 Allium tribracteatum Three-bract Onion Species No G2
1473250 Madiza glabra A Freeloader Fly Species No SNR GNR
43676 Lotus denticulatus Meadow Trefoil Species No G5
1473266 Opisocrostis tuberculatus A Flea Species No SNR GNR
43759 Penstemon whippleanus Whipple's Beardtongue Species No G5
1473282 Parabolocratus viridis A Leafhopper Species No SNR GNR
43873 Danthonia californica California Oatgrass Species No SNR G5
1473298 Phalacropsylla paradisea A Flea Species No SNR GNR
43948 Stephanomeria virgata Virgate Wire-lettuce Species No G5
1473314 Melanstrus ater A Darkling Beetle Species No SNR GNR
44086 Salix glauca Gray Willow Species No S2 G5
1473330 Monoxia consputa A Leaf Beetle Species No SNR GNR
44236 Nymphaea leibergii Leiberg's Water-lily Species No SH G5
1473346 Nemognatha lutea A Blister Beetle Species No SNR GNR
44380 Bromus tectorum Cheatgrass Species No SNA GNR
1473362 Norwickia latifacies A Tachinid Fly Species No SNR GNR
44529 Collomia grandiflora Large-flower Collomia Species No G5
1473378 Phyllophaga sociata A Beetle Species No SNR GNR
44638 Triglochin maritima Common Bog Arrow-grass Species No G5
1473394 Helina multisetosa A Fly Species No SNR GNR
44739 Centaurea solstitialis Yellow Starthistle Species No GNR
1473410 Hoplopleura hesperomydis A Sucking Louse Species No SNR GNR
44839 Howellia aquatilis Water Howellia Species Threatened 1 No S1 G3
1473426 Pleotrichophorus pycnorhysus An Aphid Species No SNR GNR
44943 Castilleja viscidula Curly Indian-paintbrush Species No G4G5
1473667 Pseudamblyteles superbus A Scorpion Wasp Species No SNR GNR
45057 Orogenia linearifolia Graet Basin Indian-potato Species No G4
1473693 Pyrrhalta luteola A Leaf Beetle Species No SNR GNR
45200 Lupinus parviflorus Lodgepole Lupine Species No G5
1473722 Saltella scutellaris A Black Scavenger Fly Species No S5 GNR
45313 Ribes montigenum Alpine Prickly Gooseberry Species No G4
1473740 Cardiocladius albiplumus A Midge Species No SNR GNR
45453 Symphyotrichum jessicae Jessica's Aster Species 2 No S2 G2
1473756 Sitona hispidula A Weevil Species No SNR GNR
45616 Poa glauca White Bluegrass Species No G5
1473772 Stenistomera alpina A Flea Species No SNR GNR
45723 Eriogonum umbellatum Sulphur-flower Wild Buckwheat Species No SNR G5
1473788 Tephritis araneosa A Fruit Fly Species No SNR GNR
45807 Dodecatheon meadia Shootingstar Species No G5
1473804 Tostates cinerascens A Snout Beetle Species No SNR GNR
45932 Polygonum polygaloides White-margin Knotweed Species No G4G5
1473820 Xerosaprinus lubricus A Clown Beetle Species No SNR GNR
46009 Mitella stauropetala Side-flower Bishop's-cap Species No G5
1473836 Okanagana napa A Cicada Species No S4 GNR
46089 Juncus tracyi Tracy's Rush Species No G5
1473852 Rhopalomyia medusa A Gall-forming Fly Species No S4 GNR
46204 Phacelia rattanii Rattan's Scorpionweed Species No G4
1473868 Formica vinculans An Ant Species No S4 GNR
46337 Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides Wall-flower Phoenicaulis Species No G4G5
1473884 Nilotanypus fimbriatus A Midge Species No SNR GNR
46469 Descurainia sophia Herb Sophia Species No GNR
1473900 Aulodrilus pigueti A Worm Species No SNR GNR
46568 Myosotis verna Spring Forget-me-not Species No G5
1473917 Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri A Worm Species No SNR GNR
46682 Pyrola elliptica Shinleaf Species No G5
1473933 Nais elinguis A Worm Species No SNR GNR
46864 Toxicodendron pubescens Eastern Poison-oak Species No G5
1473950 Pristina jenkinae A Worm Species No SNR GNR
46941 Rosa canina Dog Rose Species No GNR
1473966 Arcteonais lomondi An Earthworm Species No SNR GNR
47056 Symphyotrichum eatonii Eaton's Aster Species No G5
1473982 Tetracis jubararia A Tetracis Moth Species No S5 GNR
47146 Penstemon procerus Small-flower Beardtongue Species No G5
1473998 Chlorosea margaretaria A Geometer Moth Species No SNA GNR
47338 Platanthera leucostachys Scentbottle Species No G5
1474014 Oidaematophorus grisescens A Moth Species No SNR GNR
47439 Galium hypotrichium Alpine Bedstraw Species No G5
1474030 Pterostichus laetulus A Eumenid Wasp Species No SNR GNR
47555 Achnatherum thurberiana Thurber's Needlegrass Species No G5
1474046 Acuclavella cosmetoides A Harvestmen Species No S3 GNR
47667 Draba argyrea Silvery Draba Species No S3 G3
1474064 Eupalopsellus olandicus A Mite Species No SNR GNR
47776 Downingia bicornuta Double-horn Downingia Species No G3G4
1474080 Petrobia latens Brown Wheat Mite Species No SNR GNR
47875 Lupinus holosericeus Nuttall's Silky Lupine Species No G5
1474096 Titanebo parabolis A Running Crab Spider Species No SNR GNR
47996 Erigeron aphanactis Rayless Shaggy Fleabane Species No SNR G5
1474114 Piscicola salmositica A Leech Species No SNR GNR