Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists. Displaying 5401 - 5500 of 9868
Scientific Name Common Name Taxa Category USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 GRank SRank SGCN ID
Lophocampa maculata Spotted Tussock Moth Species Arthropod G5 S5 27353
Lophodytes cucullatus Hooded Merganser Species Bird G5 S2B,S2N 18752
Lophozia guttulata Species Plant G4G5 36572
Lordotus apicalis A Bee Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473245
Loricera decempunctata A Ground Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1476760
Lota lota Burbot Species Fish 2 Sensitive G5 S1 Tier 1 16458
Lotus corniculatus Garden Bird's-foot-trefoil Species Plant GNR 61316
Lotus denticulatus Meadow Trefoil Species Plant G5 43676
Lotus nevadensis Nevada Bird's-foot Trefoil Species Plant G5 59179
Lotus nevadensis var. douglasii Nevada Bird's-foot Trefoil Variety Plant G5T3T5 89065
Lotus pedunculatus Large Bird's-foot Trefoil Species Plant GNR 50362
Lotus pinnatus Bog Bird's-foot-trefoil Species Plant G4G5 46346
Lotus tenuis Slender Trefoil Species Plant GNR 45569
Lotus unifoliolatus American Bird's-foot Trefoil Species Plant G5 46083
Lotus unifoliolatus var. unifoliolatus American Bird's-foot-trefoil Variety Plant G5T5 83636
Loxia curvirostra Red Crossbill Species Bird G5 S4 17578
Loxia curvirostra pop. South Hills Red Crossbill South Hills population Population Bird S1 Tier 2 1344926
Loxia leucoptera White-winged Crossbill Species Bird G5 S4 19302
Loxostege commixtalis A Moth Species Arthropod GNR SNR 70965
Ludwigia palustris Marsh Seedbox Species Plant G5 61132
Ludwigia polycarpa Many-fruit False-loosestrife Species Plant G4 S1 53399
Luetkea pectinata Segmented Luetkea Species Plant G5 61631
Lupinus arbustus Long-spur Lupine Species Plant G5 43534
Lupinus arbustus ssp. arbustus Long-spur Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T2T4 86750
Lupinus arbustus ssp. calcaratus Subspecies Plant G5T2T4 92322
Lupinus arbustus ssp. neolaxiflorus Long-spur Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T1T3 83951
Lupinus arbustus ssp. pseudoparviflorus Long-spur Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T2T3 85059
Lupinus arbustus var. montanus Long-spur Lupine Variety Plant G5TNR 91186
Lupinus argenteus Silvery Lupine Species Plant G5 58456
Lupinus argenteus ssp. argenteus Silvery Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T5 88829
Lupinus argenteus ssp. rubricaulis Silvery Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T5? 90872
Lupinus argenteus ssp. spathulatus Silvery Lupine Subspecies Plant 86170
Lupinus argenteus var. argenteus Silvery Lupine Variety Plant G5T5 89772
Lupinus argenteus var. laxiflorus Spur Lupine Variety Plant G5T5? 90216
Lupinus aridus Arid-soil Lupine Species Plant G5 52841
Lupinus aridus ssp. aridus Arid-soil Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T5 85241
Lupinus aridus ssp. lenorensis Arid-soil Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T1T3Q 90873
Lupinus aridus ssp. loloensis Arid-soil Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T1T3Q 86171
Lupinus burkei Burke's Lupine Species Plant G4G5 51886
Lupinus burkei ssp. burkei Largeleaf Lupine Subspecies Plant G4G5T4T5 88202
Lupinus caespitosus Stemless-dwarf Lupine Species Plant G5 59350
Lupinus caespitosus var. utahensis Stemless-dwarf Lupine Variety Plant G5T5? 84934
Lupinus caudatus Kellogg's Spurred Lupine Species Plant G5 56219
Lupinus caudatus ssp. caudatus Kellogg's Spurred Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T3T5 87612
Lupinus cusickii Cusick's Lupine Species Plant G1 57200
Lupinus cusickii ssp. cusickii Cusick's Lupine Subspecies Plant G1T1 90666
Lupinus depressus Depressed Lupine Species Plant G4?Q 43956
Lupinus evermannii Evermann's Lupine Species Plant GUQ 47805
Lupinus holosericeus Nuttall's Silky Lupine Species Plant G5 47875
Lupinus lepidus Prairie Lupine Species Plant G5 S5 41039
Lupinus lepidus var. sellulus Stool Lupine Variety Plant G4T2 S2 83128
Lupinus leucophyllus Woolly-leaf Lupine Species Plant G5 51884
Lupinus leucophyllus ssp. erectus Woolly-leaf Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T1T3 83661
Lupinus leucophyllus ssp. leucophyllus Woolly-leaf Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T3T5 87873
Lupinus leucophyllus var. belliae Woolly-leaf Lupine Variety Plant G5TNR 88199
Lupinus leucophyllus var. leucophyllus Woolly-leaf Lupine Variety Plant G5TNR 90879
Lupinus lyallii Lyall's Lupine Species Plant G5 51576
Lupinus lyallii ssp. alcis-temporis Lyall's Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T1? 84625
Lupinus lyallii ssp. subpandens Lyall's Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T2 84983
Lupinus minimus Kettle Falls Lupine Species Plant G3G4 57637
Lupinus monticola Mountain Lupine Species Plant G2G4Q 42950
Lupinus ornatus Ornate Lupine Species Plant G3?Q 45544
Lupinus parviflorus Lodgepole Lupine Species Plant G5 45200
Lupinus parviflorus ssp. parviflorus Lodgepole Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T3T5 91977
Lupinus polyphyllus Large-leaf Lupine Species Plant G5 43709
Lupinus polyphyllus ssp. polyphyllus Subspecies Plant 92507
Lupinus polyphyllus var. polyphyllus Large-leaf Lupine Variety Plant G5T4T5 84916
Lupinus prunophilus Hairy Big-leaf Lupine Species Plant G5 41038
Lupinus pusillus Small Lupine Species Plant G5 55096
Lupinus pusillus ssp. intermontanus Small Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T5? 88012
Lupinus pusillus ssp. pusillus Small Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T5 85973
Lupinus saxosus Stony-ground Lupine Species Plant G5 52865
Lupinus saxosus var. saxosus Stony-ground Lupine Variety Plant G5T5 85212
Lupinus sellulus Donner Lake Lupine Species Plant G4 SNR 47874
Lupinus sellulus ssp. sellulus Donner Lake Lupine Subspecies Plant G4T3T4 87981
Lupinus sellulus var. lobbii Donner Lake Lupine Variety Plant G4TNR 89223
Lupinus sellulus var. medius Donner Lake Lupine Variety Plant G4TNR 83061
Lupinus sericeus Pursh's Silky Lupine Species Plant G5 56009
Lupinus sericeus ssp. sericeus Pursh's Silky Lupine Subspecies Plant G5T5 84316
Lupinus sericeus var. egglestonianus Silky Lupine Variety Plant G5T2T4Q 84631
Lupinus sericeus var. maximus Pursh's Silky Lupine Variety Plant G5TNR 89237
Lupinus sericeus var. sericeus Pursh's Silky Lupine Variety Plant G5TNR 84769
Lupinus sulphureus Sulphur-flower Lupine Species Plant G5 41446
Lupinus uncialis Inch-high Lupine Species Plant 4 G4 S2 51883
Lupinus wyethii Wyeth's Lupine Species Plant G5 52291
Lupinus wyethii ssp. wyethii Subspecies Plant G5T4 87127
Lupinus x alpestris Species Plant GNA 79324
Luzula campestris Common Wood-rush Species Plant G5 47358
Luzula comosa Pacific Woodrush Species Plant G4G5 48592
Luzula congesta Heath Woodrush Species Plant G4Q 40561
Luzula divaricata Forked Woodrush Species Plant G5 45411
Luzula glabrata Smooth Woodrush Species Plant G5 56177
Luzula multiflora Common Woodrush Species Plant G5 51422
Luzula multiflora ssp. frigida Subspecies Plant G5T5 91749
Luzula multiflora ssp. multiflora Common Woodrush Subspecies Plant 86457
Luzula multiflora var. multiflora Common Woodrush Variety Plant G5T5 91995
Luzula parviflora Small-flower Woodrush Species Plant G5 47307
Luzula parviflora ssp. parviflora Small-flower Woodrush Subspecies Plant G5T5 88246
Luzula piperi Piper's Woodrush Species Plant G4 40386
Luzula spicata Spiked Woodrush Species Plant G5 52886