Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists. Displaying 5301 - 5400 of 9868
Scientific Name Common Name Taxa Category USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 GRank SRank SGCN ID
Lipocarpha aristulata Drummond's Hemicarpha Species Plant G5? 56131
Lipocarpha micrantha Dwarf Bulrush Species Plant G5 50420
Listera borealis Northern Twayblade Species Plant G4 46266
Listera caurina Western Twayblade Species Plant G4? 39485
Listera convallarioides Broad-leaved Twayblade Species Plant G5 40115
Listera cordata Heartleaf Twayblade Species Plant G5 54218
Listera cordata var. nephrophylla Heartleaf Twayblade Variety Plant G5T4T5 86553
Listronotus punctiger A Snout Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1476776
Lithobates catesbeianus American Bullfrog Species Amphibian G5 SNA 19636
Lithobates pipiens Northern Leopard Frog Species Amphibian 2 G5 S2 Tier 2 16367
Lithobates sylvaticus Wood frog Species Amphibian G5 S? 15529
Litholomia napaea A Moth Species Arthropod GNR S4 70949
Lithomoia germana American Brindle Moth Species Arthropod G5 S3 81214
Lithophane amanda Amanda's Pinion Moth Species Arthropod GNR S3 70950
Lithophane georgii A Moth Species Arthropod G5 S4 21577
Lithophane innominata Nameless Pinion Moth Species Arthropod G5 S4 27262
Lithophane itata A Moth Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1474701
Lithophane pertorrida A Moth Species Arthropod GNR S4 1474703
Lithophane petulca Wanton Pinion Moth Species Arthropod G5 S4 29507
Lithophane pexata Plush-naped Pinion Moth Species Arthropod G5 S3 23201
Lithophane ponderosa A Moth Species Arthropod GNR S3 1474705
Lithophragma glabrum Bulbous Woodland-star Species Plant G4G5 43336
Lithophragma parviflorum Small-flower Woodland-star Species Plant G5 51657
Lithophragma parviflorum var. parviflorum Small-flower Woodland-star Subspecies Plant 84125
Lithophragma tenellum Slender Woodland-star Species Plant G5 48511
Lithospermum ruderale Western Gromwell Species Plant G5 46900
Lithurgus apicalis A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1476083
Litomeris debilis A Leaf Bug Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473052
Litomiris curtus A Leaf Bug Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1476778
Lixus concavus Rhubarb Curculio Species Arthropod GNR SNR 69157
Lloydia serotina Common Alpine-lily Species Plant G5 61084
Lloydia serotina ssp. serotina Common Alpine-lily Subspecies Plant G5T5 86329
Lobaria hallii Hall's Lungwort Species Fungi G4? S3 37192
Lobaria linita Smeared Lungwort Species Fungi G4G5 S1 38200
Lobaria scrobiculata Pored Lungwort Species Fungi G4 S1 34937
Lobelia kalmii Kalm's Lobelia Species Plant G5 SU 49244
Loeflingia squarrosa Spreading Loeflingia Species Plant G5 54284
Loeflingia squarrosa ssp. squarrosa spreading pygmyleaf Subspecies Plant G5T4? SH 83298
Logfia arvensis Field Fluffweed Species Plant GNR 54356
Lolium perenne Perennial Ryegrass Species Plant GNR 60872
Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum Italian Ryegrass Subspecies Plant GNRTNR 90584
Lolium perenne ssp. perenne Perennial Ryegrass Subspecies Plant GNRTNR 89550
Lolium temulentum Darnel Ryegrass Species Plant GNR 49286
Lomatium ambiguum Streambank Desert-parsley Species Plant G4G5 57165
Lomatium bentonitum Succor Creek lomatium Species Plant G1G2 S1 628549
Lomatium bicolor Wasatch Biscuitroot Species Plant G4 47015
Lomatium bicolor var. bicolor Bicolor Biscuitroot Variety Plant G4T3T4 88963
Lomatium bicolor var. leptocarpum Wasatch Biscuitroot Variety Plant G4T3T4 90961
Lomatium brunsfeldianum Brunsfeld's lomatium Species Plant G1 S1 605773
Lomatium canbyi Canby's Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 53768
Lomatium cous Cous-root Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 49380
Lomatium cusickii Cusick's Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 47412
Lomatium dissectum Fern-leaf Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 S4 43274
Lomatium dissectum var. dissectum Fern-leaved Desert-parsley Variety Plant G4T4 S3 92681
Lomatium dissectum var. multifidum Fern-leaf Desert-parsley Variety Plant G4T4 91083
Lomatium donnellii Donnell's Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 53591
Lomatium farinosum Coeur d'Alene Desert-parsley Species Plant G4G5 44537
Lomatium farinosum var. farinosum Coeur d'Alene Desert-parsley Variety Plant G4G5T3T5 85875
Lomatium foeniculaceum Carrotleaf Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 60413
Lomatium foeniculaceum ssp. inyoense Inyo Lomatium Subspecies Plant G5T3 83015
Lomatium foeniculaceum ssp. macdougalii Desert-parsley Subspecies Plant G5T4T5 86523
Lomatium geyeri Geyer's Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 60881
Lomatium gormanii Gorman's Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 48575
Lomatium graveolens King Desert-parsley Species Plant G5? 56944
Lomatium graveolens var. graveolens Stinking Lomatium Variety Plant G5?T4 91299
Lomatium grayi Mountain Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 40416
Lomatium hendersonii Henderson's Desert-parsley Species Plant G5? 61811
Lomatium idahoense Idaho Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 SNR 49742
Lomatium juniperinum Juniper Desert-parsley Species Plant G3G5 43219
Lomatium macrocarpum Large-fruit Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 44465
Lomatium nudicaule Naked-stem Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 48797
Lomatium nuttallii Nuttall's Desert-parsley Species Plant G3 40936
Lomatium orientale Oriental Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 60412
Lomatium packardiae Packard's Desert-parsley Species Plant 2 G2 S2 43815
Lomatium piperi Piper's Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 40415
Lomatium ravenii Raven's Lomatium Species Plant G4 58577
Lomatium rollinsii Rollins's Desert-parsley Species Plant G3 S3 43217
Lomatium roseanum Rose-flower Desert-parsley Species Plant G2G3 43218
Lomatium salmoniflorum Salmon-flower Desert-parsley Species Plant 2 Sensitive G3 S2 53603
Lomatium sandbergii Sandberg's Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 48480
Lomatium serpentinum Snake Canyon Desert-parsley Species Plant G4 57657
Lomatium simplex Umbrella Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 43551
Lomatium simplex var. leptophyllum Umbrella Desert-parsley Variety Plant G5TNR 90184
Lomatium simplex var. simplex Umbrella Desert-parsley Variety Plant G5T3T5 89654
Lomatium suksdorfii Suksdorf's Desert-parsley Species Plant G3 53431
Lomatium swingerae Swinger’s biscuitroot Species Plant GNR SNR 1354827
Lomatium triternatum Ternate Desert-parsley Species Plant G5 55783
Lomatium triternatum var. anomalum Ternate Desert-parsley Variety Plant G5T4T5 86861
Lomatium triternatum var. macrocarpum Ternate Desert-parsley Variety Plant G5T4T5 85643
Lomatium triternatum var. triternatum Ternate Desert-parsley Variety Plant G5T5 87428
Lomatogonium rotatum Marsh Felwort Species Plant 3 G5 S1 39309
Longistarsis oregonensis A Leaf Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473244
Lonicera caerulea Western Honeysuckle Species Plant G5 50234
Lonicera caerulea var. cauriana Western Honeysuckle Variety Plant G5T5 83824
Lonicera ciliosa Orange Honeysuckle Species Plant G5 59559
Lonicera conjugialis Double Honeysuckle Species Plant G5 44553
Lonicera involucrata Four-line Honeysuckle Species Plant G5 67857
Lonicera involucrata var. involucrata Fly Honeysuckle Variety Plant G5T4T5 87050
Lonicera utahensis Utah Honeysuckle Species Plant G5 43735
Lontra canadensis Northern River Otter Species Mammal G5 S4 16940