Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Namesort ascending Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
22709 Capnia lineata Straight Snowfly Species Tier 3 S1 G2
69762 Polia nimbosa Stormy Arches Moth Species S3 GNR
21357 Chersotis juncta Stirrup and Spear Dart Moth Species S3 G4
15599 Calidris himantopus Stilt Sandpiper Species SNA G5
15519 Cyanocitta stelleri Steller's Jay Species S5 G5
29315 Anthocharis stella Stella Orangetip Species SNR G5
31221 Gyraulus crista Star Gyro Species SNA G5
22734 Platarctia parthenos St. Lawrence Tiger Moth Species S4 G5
68271 Aplocera plagiata St. John's-Wort Looper Species SNA GNR
31418 Euphilotes battoides Square-dotted Blue Species S4 G5
27654 Microphysula ingersolli Spruce Snail Species S4 G5
18922 Falcipennis canadensis Spruce Grouse Species S3 G5
24619 Syngrapha viridisigma Spruce False Looper Moth Species S4 G4
26084 Argia plana Springwater Dancer Species SNR G5
24748 Isoperla petersoni Springs Stripetail Species SNR G5
32677 Pontia sisymbrii Spring White Species SNR G5
28696 Celastrina ladon Spring Azure Species S5 G4G5
27353 Lophocampa maculata Spotted Tussock Moth Species S5 G5
18532 Pipilo maculatus Spotted Towhee Species S4 G5
71286 Thyris maculata Spotted Thyris Species SNR GNR
26496 Lestes congener Spotted Spreadwing Species SNR G5
19566 Actitis macularius Spotted Sandpiper Species S3B G5
23700 Rivula propinqualis Spotted Grass Moth Species S3 G5
26236 Ceuthophilus maculatus Spotted Camel Cricket Species SNR GNR
18838 Euderma maculatum Spotted Bat Species 2 Sensitive S3 G4
69381 Crioceris duodecimpunctata Spotted Asparagus Beetle Species SNR GNR
19796 Notropis hudsonius Spottail Shiner Species SNA G5
28915 Pantala hymenaea Spot-winged Glider Species SNR G5
78506 Salvelinus fontinalis x S. namaycush Splake Species SNA GNA
25841 Epitheca spinigera Spiny Baskettail Species SNR G5
28029 Orthosia hibisci Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth Species S4 G5
15531 Rhinichthys osculus Speckled Dace Species S5 G5
22742 Lacanobia subjuncta Speckled Cutworm Moth Species S4 G5
28458 Ogaridiscus subrupicola Southern Tightcoil Species Tier 3 S2 G1
19078 Myodes gapperi Southern Red-backed Vole Species S4 G5
31852 Apamea commoda Southern Quaker Moth Species S4 G4
80667 Urocitellus endemicus Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel Species 2 Tier 1 S2 G2T1
68666 Euxoa mimallonis Sordid Dart Moth Species S5 GNR
18239 Porzana carolina Sora Species S1N,S4B G5
31068 Polites sonora Sonora Skipper Species S4 G4
18444 Melospiza melodia Song Sparrow Species S5 G5
19563 Tringa solitaria Solitary Sandpiper Species S1M G5
28497 Pediasia trisecta Sod Webworm Moth Species SNR GNR
69770 Apamea niveivenosa Snowy-veined Apamea Moth Species S5 GNR
16779 Charadrius nivosus Snowy Plover Species SNA G3
18222 Bubo scandiacus Snowy Owl Species SNA G5
15646 Egretta thula Snowy Egret Species S1B G5
18768 Lepus americanus Snowshoe Hare Species S3 G5
22403 Hemaris diffinis Snowberry Clearwing Species SNR
16626 Chen caerulescens Snow Goose Species S5M G5
18588 Plectrophenax nivalis Snow Bunting Species S4N G5
18060 Chelydra serpentina Snapping Turtle Species SNA G5
32988 Lacinipolia anguina Snaky Arches Moth Species S3 G5
33256 Pacifastacus connectens Snake River Pilose Crayfish Species Tier 3 SNR G3G4
20715 Physa natricina Snake River Physa Species Endangered 1 Tier 1 S1 G1
24152 Despaxia augusta Smooth Needlefly Species S4 G4
17584 Opheodrys vernalis Smooth Greensnake Species SNA G5
26788 Prophysaon humile Smoky Taildropper Species S4 G3
70743 Enargia infumata Smoked Sallow Moth Species S3 GNR
71329 Xestia smithii Smith's Dart Moth Species S5
18815 Micropterus dolomieu Smallmouth Bass Species SNA G5
22490 Paonias myops Small-eyed Sphinx Moth Species S4 G5
25629 Cercyonis oetus Small Wood-nymph Species S5 G5
20485 Punctum minutissimum Small Spot Species S4 G5
30093 Bradynotes obesa Slow Mountain Grasshopper Species SNR G4G5
16363 Cottus cognatus Slimy Sculpin Species S3 G5
25782 Capnia gracilaria Slender Snowfly Species SNR G5
33072 Conocephalus fasciatus Slender Meadow Grasshopper Species SNR GNR
68671 Euxoa servitus Slave Dart Moth Species S4 GNR
16035 Larus schistisagus Slaty-backed Gull Species SNA G5
27386 Ironodes nitidus Slate Maroon Drake Species S3 G4
69766 Polix coloradella Skunk Moth Species SNR GNR
23701 Spargaloma sexpunctata Six-spotted Gray Moth Species S3 G5
27316 Bombus sitkensis Sitka Bumble Bee Species S3 G4G5
31143 Ophiogomphus occidentis Sinuous Snaketail Species SNR G5
71201 Scopula junctaria Simple Wave Species SNR G4G5
27218 Glaucopsyche lygdamus Silvery Blue Species S5 G5
30515 Epargyreus clarus Silver-spotted Skipper Species S5 G5
18499 Lasionycteris noctivagans Silver-haired Bat Species 2 Tier 2 S3 G3G4
20636 Boloria selene Silver-bordered Fritillary Species S4 G5
28153 Vallonia cyclophorella Silky Vallonia Species S4 G5
26555 Pacifastacus leniusculus Signal Crayfish Species SNR G5
23376 Clostera albosigma Sigmoid Prominent Moth Species S3 G5
19041 Pseudacris sierra Sierran Treefrog Species S5 G5
27627 Catinella stretchiana Sierra Ambersnail Species SNR G3
30616 Kogotus modestus Sickle Springfly Species SNR G5
18273 Prunella montanella Siberian Accentor Species SNA G5
17754 Cottus greenei Shoshone Sculpin Species 2 S4 G2
25457 Claassenia sabulosa Shortwing Stone Species S5 G5
22348 Eucapnopsis brevicauda Shorttailed Snowfly Species SNR G5
15853 Cottus confusus Shorthead Sculpin Species S5 G5
20037 Poecilia mexicana Shortfin Molly Species SNA G5
32919 Fisherola nuttalli Shortface Lanx Species 2 S3 G2
26764 Pseudopomala brachyptera Short-winged Toothpick Grasshopper Species S5 G5
72191 Danosoma brevicorne Short-horned Click Beetle Species S5 GNR
25123 Pisidium subtruncatum Short-ended Peaclam Species SNR G5
15544 Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl Species 2 Tier 3 S3 G5
16093 Limnodromus griseus Short-billed Dowitcher Species SNA G5
31426 Pristiloma wascoense Shiny Tightcoil Species Tier 3 S2 G3
33018 Pisidium nitidum Shiny Peaclam Species S4 G5