Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
1476853 Amara farcata A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
71659 Amara impuncticollis A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
20357 Amara laevipennis A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
1476854 Amara laticollis A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
33142 Amara latior A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
33143 Amara littoralis A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
71661 Amara musculis A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
33223 Amara obesa A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
71665 Amara quenseli A Sun Beetle Species SNR GNR
45959 Amaranthus albus White Pigweed Species GNR
46877 Amaranthus blitoides Prostrate Amaranth Species GNR
50834 Amaranthus californicus California Amaranth Species G4
46042 Amaranthus hybridus Smooth Amaranth Species G5?
39600 Amaranthus powellii Green Amaranth Species G5
46143 Amaranthus retroflexus Red-root Amaranth Species G5
39354 Amaranthus rudis Tall Amaranth Species G5?
18064 Amatitlania nigrofasciata Convict Cichlid Species SNA G5
1475064 Amauromyza auriceps A Leafminer Fly Species SNR GNR
1473915 Ambesa laetella A Snout Moth Species SNR GNR
1473988 Amblyderus owyhee An Ant–like Flower Beetle Species Tier 2 S2 GNR
21142 Amblyscirtes vialis Common Roadside-skipper Species S4 G4
61883 Ambrosia acanthicarpa Flat-spine Bursage Species G5
42246 Ambrosia artemisiifolia Annual Ragweed Species G5
52618 Ambrosia coronopifolia Western Ragweed Species G5
42077 Ambrosia psilostachya Naked-spike Ambrosia Species G5
49028 Ambrosia tomentosa Skeleton-leaf Bursage Species G4
40104 Ambrosia trifida Great Ragweed Species G5
83905 Ambrosia trifida var. trifida Subspecies
19985 Ambystoma macrodactylum Long-toed Salamander Species S5 G5
16361 Ambystoma mavortium Western Tiger Salamander Species S4 G5
18721 Ameiurus melas Black Bullhead Species SNA G5
17695 Ameiurus natalis Yellow Bullhead Species SNA G5
17549 Ameiurus nebulosus Brown Bullhead Species SNA G5
39332 Amelanchier alnifolia Saskatoon Serviceberry Species G5
51276 Amelanchier pallida Pale Serviceberry Species G5
50703 Amelanchier pumila Dwarf Serviceberry Species G5
61372 Amelanchier utahensis Utah Serviceberry Species G5
20925 Ameletus celer A Mayfly Species S3 G4
26959 Ameletus cooki A Mayfly Species S3 G4
29317 Ameletus oregonensis A Mayfly Species S3 G4
25319 Ameletus similior A Mayfly Species S3 G4
24879 Ameletus sparsatus A Mayfly Species S3 G4
29940 Ameletus suffusus A Mayfly Species S2 G4
32607 Ameletus tolae A Mayfly Species Tier 3 S2 G1G2
26774 Ameletus validus A Mayfly Species S3 G4
26263 Ameletus velox A Mayfly Species S3 G4
39251 Amerorchis rotundifolia Round-leaved Orchis Species G5
1475065 Ametastegia equiseti A Sawfly Species SNR GNR
23489 Ametropus ammophilus A Mayfly Species S2 G4
73986 Amiocentrus aspilus A Caddisfly Species S5 G5
44228 Ammannia coccinea Scarlet Ammannia Species G5
56863 Ammannia robusta Grand Redstem Species G5
15530 Ammodramus leconteii Le Conte's Sparrow Species SNA G4
15540 Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper Sparrow Species 2 Tier 3 S3B G5
1475066 Ammonaios confusus A Stiletto Fly Species SNR GNR
17612 Ammospermophilus leucurus White-tailed Antelope Squirrel Species S4 G5
49075 Amorpha fruticosa False Indigobush Species G5
1476855 Ampedus ursinus A Click Beetle Species SNR GNR
21390 Amphiagrion abbreviatum Western Red Damsel Species SNR G5
74109 Amphicosmoecus canax A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
35830 Amphidium californicum A Moss Species SNR G4
27152 Amphinemura banksi Rockies Forestfly Species SNR G5
1474158 Amphipoea keiferi A Moth Species S3 GNR
1476856 Amphipsylla siberica A Flea Species SNR GNR
29496 Amphipyra pyramidoides Copper Underwing Moth Species S4 G5
32312 Amphipyra tragopoginis Mouse Moth Species S4 G5
16298 Amphispiza bilineata Black-throated Sparrow Species 2 S2B G5
23284 Amphitornus coloradus A Grasshopper Species S4 G5
1475067 Amphizoa insolens A Trout-stream Beetle Species S3 GNR
1475068 Amphizoa lecontei A Trout-stream Beetle Species S3 GNR
1475069 Amphorophora rubi An Aphid Species SNR GNR
1473877 Ampumixis dispar A Riffle Beetle Species SNR GNR
57756 Amsinckia intermedia Rancher's Fiddleneck Species G5?
54355 Amsinckia lycopsoides Bugloss Fiddle-neck Species G4?
53838 Amsinckia menziesii Small-flower Fiddle-neck Species G5
39327 Amsinckia retrorsa Rough Fiddle-neck Species G5
60069 Amsinckia tessellata Tessellate Fiddle-neck Species G5
1476780 Anabrus simplex Mormon Cricket Species S4 GNR
82831 Anacolia menziesii var. baueri Bauer's anacolia moss Subspecies
46128 Anagallis arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel Species GNR
87141 Anagallis arvensis ssp. arvensis Subspecies GNRTNR
41413 Anagallis minima Chaffweed Species G5
73993 Anagapetus debilis A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
20411 Anagrapha falcifera Celery Looper Moth Species S4 G5
60257 Anaphalis margaritacea Pearly Everlasting Species G5
28764 Anaplectoides prasina Green Arches Moth Species S4 G5
31312 Anaplectoides pressus Dappled Dart Moth Species S4 G5
1474159 Anarta crotchii A Moth Species S5 GNR
1474160 Anarta decepta A Moth Species S4 GNR
1474161 Anarta farnhami A Moth Species S3 GNR
1474162 Anarta fusculenta A Moth Species S5 GNR
1474163 Anarta hamata A Moth Species S4 GNR
1474164 Anarta mutata Mutant Moth Species S4 GNR
1474165 Anarta oregonica A Moth Species S4 GNR
26908 Anarta trifolii Nutmeg Moth Species S5 G5
93740 Anas - Teal spp. Unclassified Teal Species
18111 Anas acuta Northern Pintail Species S4B,S4N G5
18845 Anas americana American Wigeon Species S4B,S4N G5
16757 Anas clypeata Northern Shoveler Species S4B,S4N G5
18419 Anas crecca Green-winged Teal Species S4B,S3N G5