Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Namesort descending Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
55032 Agropyron cristatum Crested Wheatgrass Species No SNA G5
88656 Agropyron cristatum ssp. pectinatum Wheatgrass Subspecies No G5TNR
43462 Agrostemma githago Common Corncockle Species No GNR
46627 Agrostis capillaris Colonial Bentgrass Species No GNR
53343 Agrostis diegoensis Leafy Bentgrass Species No G5
47477 Agrostis exarata Spike Bentgrass Species No G5
61707 Agrostis gigantea Giant Bentgrass Species No G4G5
48268 Agrostis humilis Mountain Bentgrass Species No G4Q
52198 Agrostis idahoensis Idaho Bentgrass Species No G5
46971 Agrostis oregonensis Oregon Bentgrass Species No G5
46628 Agrostis rossiae Ross' Bentgrass Species No G1
42106 Agrostis scabra Rough Bentgrass Species No G5
52093 Agrostis stolonifera Creeping Bentgrass Species No G5
61026 Agrostis thurberiana Thurber's Bentgrass Species No G5
58409 Agrostis variabilis Variable Bentgrass Species No G5
31769 Agrotis ipsilon Ipsilon Dart Moth Species No S4 G5
24224 Agrotis obliqua A Moth Species No S4 G4
1474155 Agrotis orthogonia A Moth Species No S4 GNR
1474156 Agrotis vancouverensis A Moth Species No S4 GNR
32271 Agrotis venerabilis Venerable Dart Moth Species No S4 G5
24503 Agrotis vetusta Old Man Dart Moth Species No SNA G5
74206 Agrypnia glacialis A Caddisfly Species No SNR G5
53251 Ailanthus altissima Tree-of-Heaven Species No GNR
57096 Aira caryophyllea Silvery Hairgrass Species No GNR
18420 Aix sponsa Wood Duck Species No S4B,S4N G5
1473079 Alaudes singularis A Darkling Beetle Species No SNR GNR
70490 Albuna pyramidalis Fireweed Clearwing Moth Species No SNR GNR
55072 Alcea rosea Hollyhock Species No GU
77108 Alces americanus Moose Species No S3 G5
15628 Alectoris chukar Chukar Species No SNA G5
60507 Alhagi maurorum Camelthorn Species No GNR
53433 Aliciella leptomeria Great Basin Gilia Species No SNR G5
46566 Alisma gramineum Narrow-leaf Water-plantain Species No G5
52076 Alisma triviale Northern Water-plantain Species No G5
57620 Allenrolfea occidentalis Iodine Bush Species No S1 G4
40250 Allium aaseae Aase's Onion Species 2 No S2S3 G3
44131 Allium acuminatum Taper-tip Onion Species No SNR G5
61257 Allium anceps Two-headed Onion Species 4 No S2 G4
43844 Allium bisceptrum Patis Onion Species No G4G5
52532 Allium brandegeei Brandegee's Onion Species No G4
48177 Allium brevistylum Short-stem Onion Species No G4
59105 Allium cernuum Nodding Onion Species No G5
86659 Allium cernuum var. cernuum Nodding Onion Subspecies No
53756 Allium columbianum Columbia Onion Species No G3
58477 Allium douglasii Dougla's Onion Species No G4G5
41337 Allium drummondii Drummond's Onion Species No G5
53923 Allium fibrillum Blue Mountain Onion Species No G4
45152 Allium geyeri Geyer's Onion Species No G4G5
61488 Allium lemmonii Claybank Onion Species No G4G5
49159 Allium madidum Swamp Onion Species Sensitive No S3 G3
61394 Allium nevadense Nevada Onion Species No
49755 Allium nevii Nevius' Garlic Species No G3G4
59914 Allium parvum Dwarf Onion Species No G5
53089 Allium pleianthum Many-flowered Onion Species No G3Q
61151 Allium schoenoprasum Chives Species No G5
39258 Allium simillimum Simil Onion Species No G4
58479 Allium textile White Wild Onion Species No G5?
41336 Allium tolmiei Tolmie's Onion Species No S4 G4G5
86958 Allium tolmiei var. persimile Tolmie's Onion Subspecies 4 Sensitive No S3 G4G5T3
92320 Allium tolmiei var. tolmiei Tolmiei's Onion Subspecies No
43529 Allium tribracteatum Three-bract Onion Species No G2
55293 Allium validum Tall Swamp Onion Species No S3 G4
74108 Allocosmoecus partitus A Caddisfly Species No SNR G4G5
30695 Allogona lombardii Selway Forestsnail Species Yes S3 G1
32094 Allogona ptychophora Idaho Forestsnail Species No S4 G5
81433 Allogona ptychophora solida Dry Land Forestsnail Subspecies Yes S2 G5T2T3
1474065 Allonychiurus flavescens A Springtail Species No SNR GNR
32569 Alloperla severa Western Sallfly Species No SNR
1474039 Alloperla thalia Rocky Mountain Sallfly Species No SNR G5
45693 Allotropa virgata Candystick Species 4 Sensitive No S3 G4
61682 Alnus incana Speckled Alder Species No SNR G5
83522 Alnus incana ssp. rugosa Speckled Alder Subspecies No G5T5
83645 Alnus incana ssp. tenuifolia Speckled Alder Subspecies No G5T5
56291 Alnus rhombifolia White Alder Species No SNR G5
44885 Alnus rubra Red Alder Species No G5
53358 Alnus viridis Green Alder Species No G5
84003 Alnus viridis ssp. sinuata Sitka Alder Subspecies No SNR G5T5
55758 Alopecurus aequalis Short-awn Foxtail Species No G5
58121 Alopecurus alpinus Mountain Foxtail Species No G5
55079 Alopecurus carolinianus Tufted Foxtail Species No G5
41262 Alopecurus geniculatus Meadow Foxtail Species No GU
58718 Alopecurus pratensis Meadow Foxtail Species No GNR
42393 Alopecurus saccatus Pacific Foxtail Species No G4
16293 Alosa sapidissima American Shad Species No SNA G5
1473080 Altica plicipennis A Leaf Beetle Species No SNR GNR
1476282 Alucita adriendenisi A Many-plumed Moth Species No S5 GNR
1476726 Alucita montana Montana Six-plume Moth Species No S5 GNR
23459 Alypia langtoni Langton's Forester Moth Species No S3 G5
1474157 Alypia ridingsii Ridings' Forester Moth Species No S3 GNR
50605 Alyssum alyssoides Pale Alyssum Species No SNA GNR
57712 Alyssum desertorum Desert Alyssum Species No SNA GNR
1475063 Amara apachensis A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR
71650 Amara apricaria A Sun Beetle Species No SNR
1475056 Amara aurata A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR
1475059 Amara californica A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR
71652 Amara carinata A Sun Beetle Species No SNR
1475062 Amara confusa A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR
71653 Amara convexa A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR
20304 Amara discors A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR
1476853 Amara farcata A Sun Beetle Species No SNR GNR