Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
56673 Cryptantha caespitosa Tufted Cryptantha Species 4 No S1 G4
40522 Cryptantha celosioides Cocks-comb Cat's-eye Species No S3 G5
52312 Cryptantha circumscissa Cushion Cat's-eye Species No G5
47395 Cryptantha echinella Prickly Cat's-eye Species No G4
44140 Cryptantha fendleri Fendler's Cat's-eye Species No G5
52741 Cryptantha flaccida Weak-stem Cat's-eye Species No G5?
42423 Cryptantha flavoculata Rough-seed Cat's-eye Species No G5
57113 Cryptantha gracilis Narrow-stem Cat's-eye Species No G5
41932 Cryptantha humilis Round-spike Cat's-eye Species No G4?
47868 Cryptantha intermedia Large-flower Cat's-eye Species No G5
42747 Cryptantha interrupta Interrupted Cat's-eye Species No G4?
47396 Cryptantha kelseyana Kelsey's Cat's-eye Species No G4
56674 Cryptantha muricata Pointed Cat's-eye Species No G3?
40855 Cryptantha propria Malheur Cryptantha Species 4 No S2 G4
40378 Cryptantha pterocarya Wingnut Cat's-eye Species No G5
88376 Cryptantha pterocarya var. pterocarya Wing-nut Cat's-eye Subspecies No
56527 Cryptantha recurvata Curved-nut Cat's-eye Species No G4
49985 Cryptantha rugulosa Wrinkled Cat's-eye Species No G3G4
57258 Cryptantha salmonensis Salmon Cat's-eye Species No S3 G3
40586 Cryptantha scoparia Desert Cryptantha Species No G4?
51297 Cryptantha sericea Silky Cat's-eye Species 4 No SNR G4
56745 Cryptantha simulans Pine Woods Cryptantha Species No SNA G4
43251 Cryptantha sobolifera Montana Cryptantha Species No G4?
50418 Cryptantha spiculifera Snake River Cat's-eye Species No G4?
47869 Cryptantha thompsonii Thompson's Cat's-eye Species No G3
43088 Cryptantha torreyana Torrey's Cat's-eye Species No G5
44056 Cryptantha watsonii Watson's Cat's-eye Species No G5
24164 Cryptochia pilosa A Caddisfly Species No SNR G4G5
54401 Cryptogramma acrostichoides American Rockbrake Species No G5
48731 Cryptogramma cascadensis Cascade Rockbrake Species No SNR G5
58859 Cryptogramma stelleri Fragile Rockbrake Species No G5
32032 Cryptomastix harfordiana Salmon Oregonian Species Yes S1 G3G4
22608 Cryptomastix magnidentata Mission Creek Oregonian Species Yes S1 G1
25622 Cryptomastix mullani Coeur d'Alene Oregonian Species No S4 G4
82268 Cryptomastix mullani blandi An Oregonian Subspecies Yes S2 G4T1
81756 Cryptomastix mullani clappi River of No Return Oregonian Subspecies Yes SNR G3G4T1
81945 Cryptomastix mullani latilabris Wide-lipped Oregonian Subspecies Yes SNR G4T1
82071 Cryptomastix mullani tuckeri A Land Snail (Lower Clearwater River) Subspecies Yes SNR G4T1
32629 Cryptomastix populi Cottonwood Oregonian Species Yes S1 G2
29908 Cryptomastix sanburni Kingston Oregonian Species Yes S4 G1
17202 Ctenopharyngodon idella Grass Carp Species No SNA G5
33185 Cucujus clavipes A Flat Bark Beetle Species No SNR GNR
79540 Cupido amyntula Western Tailed-blue Species No S4 G5
79545 Cupido comyntas Eastern Tailed-blue Species No S4 G5
49170 Cuscuta approximata Small-seed Alfalfa Dodder Species No GNR
52322 Cuscuta californica California Dodder Species No G5
54953 Cuscuta cephalanthi Button-bush Dodder Species No G5
57061 Cuscuta denticulata Sepal-tooth Dodder Species 3 No S1 G4G5
39595 Cuscuta gronovii Gronovius Dodder Species No G5
57693 Cuscuta indecora Pretty Dodder Species No G5
57692 Cuscuta megalocarpa Big-fruit Dodder Species No G5
40452 Cuscuta occidentalis Western Dodder Species No G4G5
51173 Cuscuta pentagona Field Dodder Species No G5
87297 Cuscuta pentagona var. pentagona Field Dodder Subspecies No
44570 Cusickiella douglasii Alkali False Whitlow-grass Species No G4G5
16060 Cyanocitta cristata Blue Jay Species No S1N G5
15519 Cyanocitta stelleri Steller's Jay Species No S5 G5
59451 Cycloloma atriplicifolium Winged Pigweed Species No G5
19287 Cygnus buccinator Trumpeter Swan Species 2 Sensitive Yes S1B,S4N G4
19507 Cygnus columbianus Tundra Swan Species No S4M,S4N G5
15835 Cygnus olor Mute Swan Species No SNA G5
31333 Cylindera terricola Variable Tiger Beetle Species No SNR G5
40645 Cymopterus acaulis Plains Wavewing Species No S4 G5
83628 Cymopterus acaulis var. greeleyorum Greeley's Wavewing Subspecies 3 No S2 G5T2
46692 Cymopterus corrugatus Corrugated Wavewing Species No S3 G4
51551 Cymopterus davisii Davis' Wavewing Species Sensitive No S3 G3
39564 Cymopterus douglassii Douglass' Wavewing Species Sensitive No S3 G3
57993 Cymopterus glaucus Grayish Spring-parsley Species No G4
47523 Cymopterus hendersonii Henderson's Wavewing Species No G5
44666 Cymopterus ibapensis Ibapah Wavewing Species 4 No S2 G4
61653 Cymopterus longipes Long-stalk Spring-parsley Species No G4?
56270 Cymopterus nivalis Snow Wavewing Species No G5
40133 Cymopterus purpurascens Purple Cymopterus Species No G4
58977 Cynanchum laeve Honeyvine Species No G5
18235 Cynanthus latirostris Broad-billed Hummingbird Species No SNA G5
54309 Cynodon dactylon Bermuda Grass Species No GNR
60457 Cynoglossum officinale Common Hound's-tongue Species No GNR
57074 Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dogtail Grass Species No GNR
51596 Cyperus acuminatus Short-point Flatsedge Species No G5
56954 Cyperus bipartitus Shining Flatsedge Species 4 No S2 G5
59949 Cyperus erythrorhizos Red-root Flatsedge Species No G5
41576 Cyperus esculentus Chufa Flatsedge Species No G5
51944 Cyperus filiculmis Slender Flatsedge Species No G5
41028 Cyperus lupulinus Great Plains Flatsedge Species No G5
90640 Cyperus lupulinus ssp. lupulinus Great Plains Flatsedge Subspecies No G5T5?
50779 Cyperus odoratus Rusty Flatsedge Species No S1 G5
57560 Cyperus schweinitzii Schweinitz's Flatsedge Species No G5
52671 Cyperus squarrosus Awned Cyperus Species No G5
42256 Cyperus strigosus Straw-colored Flatsedge Species No G5
19422 Cyprinus carpio Common Carp Species No SNA G5
46839 Cypripedium calceolus European Yellow Lady's-slipper Species No G4?
60586 Cypripedium fasciculatum Clustered Lady's-slipper Species 3 Sensitive Sensitive No S3 G4
52331 Cypripedium montanum Mountain Lady's-slipper Species No G4
50160 Cypripedium parviflorum Small Yellow Lady's-slipper Species No S1 G5
16351 Cypseloides niger Black Swift Species 2 Sensitive Yes S1B G4
43029 Cystopteris fragilis Fragile Fern Species No G5
46438 Cytisus scoparius Scotch Broom Species No GNR
89311 Cytisus scoparius var. scoparius Scotch Broom Subspecies No
51036 Dactylis glomerata Orchard Grass Species No GNR
91102 Dactylis glomerata ssp. glomerata Orchard Grass Subspecies No GNRTNR