Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
30460 Oxychilus cellarius Cellar Glass-snail Species SNA G5
32896 Oxychilus draparnaudi Dark-bodied Glass-snail Species SNA G5
33119 Oxyloma hawkinsi Boundary Ambersnail Species SNA G3G4
26757 Oxyloma haydeni Niobrara Ambersnail Species SNR G3
24449 Oxyloma nuttallianum Oblique Ambersnail Species SNR G2G4
32440 Oxyloma sillimani Humboldt Ambersnail Species SNR G2
22132 Oxyopes salticus Striped Lynx Spider Species SNR GNR
15551 Oxyura jamaicensis Ruddy Duck Species S2 G5
23316 Pachydiplax longipennis Blue Dasher Species SNR G5
31410 Pachysphinx modesta Modest Sphinx Species S5 G5
21100 Pachysphinx occidentalis Western Poplar Sphinx Moth Species S3 G4G5
72978 Pachyta lamed A Long-horned Beetle Species SNR GNR
33256 Pacifastacus connectens Snake River Pilose Crayfish Species Tier 3 SNR G3G4
22576 Pacifastacus gambelii Pilose Crayfish Species SNR G4G5
26555 Pacifastacus leniusculus Signal Crayfish Species SNR G5
82161 Pacifastacus leniusculus trowbridgii A Crayfish Subspecies SNA G5T5
23228 Palthis angulalis Dark-spotted Palthis Moth Species S4 G5
19547 Pandion haliaetus Osprey Species S4B G5
24293 Pantala flavescens Wandering Glider Species S5 G5
28915 Pantala hymenaea Spot-winged Glider Species SNR G5
71079 Panthea virginarius Cascades Panthea Species S3 GNR
22196 Paonias excaecata Blind-eyed Sphinx Moth Species S5 G5
22490 Paonias myops Small-eyed Sphinx Moth Species S4 G5
23224 Papaipema insulidens A Borer Moth Species S3 GU
71080 Papestra cristifera A Moth Species S4 GNR
71081 Papestra quadrata A Moth Species S3 GNR
31438 Papilio canadensis Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Species S5 G5
20941 Papilio eurymedon Pale Swallowtail Species S5 G5
32962 Papilio glaucus Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Species SNR G5
21057 Papilio indra Indra Swallowtail Species S4 G5
21378 Papilio machaon Old World Swallowtail Species S4 G5
82031 Papilio machaon bairdii Baird's Swallowtail Subspecies SNA G5T5
82102 Papilio machaon oregonius Oregon Swallowtail Subspecies SNR G5T4T5
31787 Papilio multicaudata Two-tailed Swallowtail Species SNR G5
31786 Papilio rutulus Western Tiger Swallowtail Species S5 G5
21056 Papilio zelicaon Anise Swallowtail Species S5 G5
23903 Paracloeodes minutus A Small Minnow Mayfly Species SNR G5
22173 Paradiarsia littoralis A Moth Species S4 G5
21266 Paralaoma servilis Pinhead Spot Species S3 G5
28799 Paraleptophlebia bicornuta A Mayfly Species SNR G5
25555 Paraleptophlebia debilis A Mayfly Species SNR G5
23468 Paraleptophlebia falcula A Mayfly Species Tier 3 SNR G1G2
29124 Paraleptophlebia gregalis A Mayfly Species SNR G3G4
32140 Paraleptophlebia heteronea A Mayfly Species S5 G5
23206 Paraleptophlebia jenseni A Mayfly Species Tier 3 S1 G2G4
22074 Paraleptophlebia memorialis A Mayfly Species SNR G4
27579 Paraleptophlebia temporalis A Mayfly Species SNR G4
23060 Paraleptophlebia traverae A Mayfly Species Tier 3 S1 GH
29013 Paraleptophlebia vaciva A Mayfly Species S1 G3G4
23926 Paraleuctra forcipata Bullshorn Needlefly Species SNR G4
28281 Paraleuctra occidentalis Western Needlefly Species SNR G5
26580 Paraleuctra sara Appalachian Needlefly Species SNA G5
22759 Parameletus columbiae A Mayfly Species Tier 3 S1 G2
27459 Paraperla frontalis Hyporheic Sallfly Species SNR G5
74029 Parapsyche almota A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
74030 Parapsyche elsis A Caddisfly Species S4 G5
26394 Parasemia plantaginis Wood Tiger Moth Species S4 G5
17954 Parastrellus hesperus Canyon Bat Species 2 S3 G5
32402 Pardosa lapidicina A Wolf Spider Species SNR GNR
77964 Pardosa lapponica A Wolf Spider Species SNR GNR
17251 Parkesia noveboracensis Northern Waterthrush Species S4B G5
33133 Parnassius clodius Clodius Parnassian Species S4 G5
82336 Parnassius clodius altaurus Altaurus Parnassian Subspecies SNA G5T4
81428 Parnassius clodius shepardi Shepard's Parnassian Subspecies SNA G5TNR
26013 Parnassius phoebus Phoebus Parnassian Species SNR G5
24249 Parnassius smintheus Rocky Mountain Parnassian Species S4 G5
616993 Paruroctonus boreus Northern Scorpion Species S5 GNR
19852 Passer domesticus House Sparrow Species SNA G5
17889 Passerculus sandwichensis Savannah Sparrow Species S5B G5
17043 Passerella iliaca Fox Sparrow Species S4B G5
17534 Passerina amoena Lazuli Bunting Species S4B G5
18138 Passerina caerulea Blue Grosbeak Species S1B G5
17727 Passerina cyanea Indigo Bunting Species SNA G5
18112 Patagioenas fasciata Band-tailed Pigeon Species SNA G4
31621 Patrobus longicornis A Ground Beetle Species SNR GNR
28072 Pectinatella magnifica Magnificent Bryozoan Species SNA GNR
28497 Pediasia trisecta Sod Webworm Moth Species SNR GNR
73984 Pedomoecus sierra A Caddisfly Species SNR G4G5
18029 Pekania pennanti Fisher Species 2 Tier 2 S2 G5
17345 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White Pelican Species Tier 2 S3B G4
71362 Pelegrina insignis A Jumping Spider Species SNR GNR
17482 Perca flavescens Yellow Perch Species SNA G5
18285 Percopsis transmontana Sand Roller Species S2 G4
19899 Perdix perdix Gray Partridge Species SNA G5
27188 Peridroma saucia Varigated Cutworm Moth Species S4 G5
17674 Perisoreus canadensis Gray Jay Species S2 G5
22417 Perlinodes aurea Longgill Springfly Species SNR G4
24317 Perlomyia collaris Black Needlefly Species S1 G3
28437 Perlomyia utahensis Utah Needlefly Species SNR G3
31660 Pero morrisonaria Morrison's Pero Species SNR G5
17457 Perognathus longimembris Little Pocket Mouse Species S1 G5
16913 Perognathus parvus Great Basin Pocket Mouse Species S5 G5
17131 Peromyscus crinitus Canyon Deermouse Species S5 G5
16337 Peromyscus maniculatus North American Deermouse Species S5 G5
15694 Peromyscus truei Piñon Mouse Species S1 G5
16527 Petrochelidon pyrrhonota Cliff Swallow Species S5B G5
17397 Peucaea cassinii Cassin's Sparrow Species SNA G5
69841 Phaeoura mexicanaria Pine Looper Species SNR G5
16577 Phalacrocorax auritus Double-crested Cormorant Species S4B G5
16426 Phalaenoptilus nuttallii Common Poorwill Species S4B G5