Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists. Displaying 1101 - 1200 of 9873
Scientific Name Common Name Taxa Category USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 GRank SRank SGCN ID
Astragalus leptaleus Park Milkvetch Species Plant 4 G3G4 S3 52654
Astragalus lyallii Lyall's Milkvetch Species Plant G3? 58904
Astragalus malacus Shaggy Milkvetch Species Plant G5 42041
Astragalus microcystis Least Bladdery Milkvetch Species Plant 4 Sensitive G5 SH 39496
Astragalus miser Timber Milkvetch Species Plant G5 41323
Astragalus miser var. crispatus Timber Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 89366
Astragalus miser var. decumbens Timber Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4? 83426
Astragalus miser var. hylophilus Timber Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5? 90038
Astragalus miser var. miser Timber Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4? 87013
Astragalus miser var. oblongifolius Timber Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 89331
Astragalus miser var. praeteritus Timber Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4? 90350
Astragalus miser var. serotinus Timber Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 91463
Astragalus miser var. tenuifolius Timber Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T3 92063
Astragalus mulfordiae Mulford's Milkvetch Species Plant 2 G2 S2 48911
Astragalus newberryi Newberry's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S2 41091
Astragalus newberryi var. castoreus Newberry's Milkvetch Variety Plant 4 G5T5 S2 90936
Astragalus newberryi var. newberryi Newberry's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5? 89232
Astragalus nudisiliquus Cobblestone Milkvetch Species Plant G4 40179
Astragalus obscurus Arcane Milkvetch Species Plant G5 39495
Astragalus oniciformis Picabo Milkvetch Species Plant 3 G3 S3 41063
Astragalus paysonii Payson's Milkvetch Species Plant 3 Sensitive Sensitive G3 S3 41087
Astragalus platytropis Broad-keeled Milk-vetch Species Plant G5 S3 51733
Astragalus purshii Pursh's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S5 42828
Astragalus purshii var. concinnus Pursh's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T3T4 88587
Astragalus purshii var. glareosus Pursh's Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 92172
Astragalus purshii var. ophiogenes Snake River Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 4 G5T3 S3 89535
Astragalus purshii var. purshii Pursh's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 90061
Astragalus reventus Revenant Milkvetch Species Plant G5 55154
Astragalus riparius Piper's Milkvetch Species Plant 4 G1G2 SX 56297
Astragalus robbinsii Robbins' Milkvetch Species Plant G5 52538
Astragalus robbinsii var. minor Robbins' Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 90787
Astragalus robbinsii var. occidentalis Lamoille Canyon Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T2T3 90294
Astragalus salmonis Trout Creek Milkvetch Species Plant G3G4 S3 40631
Astragalus scaphoides Bitterroot Milk-vetch Species Plant G3 S3 53233
Astragalus sheldonii Sheldon's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 59884
Astragalus shultziorum Shultz's Milkvetch Species Plant G3Q S1 56931
Astragalus sinuatus Whited's Milkvetch Species Plant G1 43091
Astragalus spaldingii Spalding's Milkvetch Species Plant G3G4 56298
Astragalus spatulatus Draba Milk-vetch Species Plant G5 S3 51734
Astragalus tenellus Loose-flower Milkvetch Species Plant G5 56794
Astragalus terminalis Railhead Milkvetch Species Plant G3 41070
Astragalus tetrapterus Four-wing Milkvetch Species Plant 4 G4G5 S1 40207
Astragalus toanus Toano Milkvetch Species Plant G4G5 49348
Astragalus toanus var. toanus Toano Milkvetch Variety Plant G4G5T3T5 89809
Astragalus utahensis Utah Milkvetch Species Plant G4 40629
Astragalus vallaris Snake Canyon Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S3 53234
Astragalus vexilliflexus Bent-flower Milkvetch Species Plant G4 S2 49828
Astragalus vexilliflexus var. nubilus White Clouds Milkvetch Variety Plant Sensitive G4T2 S2 88363
Astragalus vexilliflexus var. vexilliflexus Bent-flowered Milkvetch Variety Plant G4T4 S1 84105
Astragalus whitneyi Whitney's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 41072
Astragalus whitneyi var. confusus Whitney's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4 91968
Astragalus whitneyi var. sonneanus Northern Whitney's Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 90239
Astragalus yoder-williamsii Mud Flat Milkvetch Species Plant 3 G3 S3 58511
Asynarchus pacificus A Caddisfly Species Arthropod G5 SNR 28434
Atalopedes campestris Sachem Species Arthropod G5 S5 20444
Athene cunicularia Burrowing Owl Species Bird 2 G4T4 S2B Tier 2 80477
Atherix variegata A Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473873
Athyrium americanum American Alpine Ladyfern Species Plant G4G5 40004
Athyrium filix-femina Subarctic Ladyfern Species Plant G5 55434
Athyrium filix-femina ssp. cyclosorum Western Ladyfern Subspecies Plant G5T5 85137
Athysanella nielsoni A Leafhopper Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475280
Athysanus pusillus Common Sandweed Species Plant G4 41977
Atomoscelis modestus A Leaf Bug Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473110
Atoposmia abjecta A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475282
Atoposmia anthodyta A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475283
Atoposmia copelandica A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475285
Atoposmia elongata A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475287
Atoposmia oregona A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475289
Atoposmia triodonta A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475292
Atractelmis wawona A Riffle Beetle Species Arthropod G1G3 SNR 24856
Atrichum selwynii Species Plant G5 38069
Atriplex argentea Silvery Saltbush Species Plant G5 53662
Atriplex argentea var. argentea Silvery Saltbush Variety Plant G5T5 92384
Atriplex canescens Four-wing Saltbush Species Plant G5 59748
Atriplex canescens var. canescens Fourwing Saltbush Variety Plant G5T5? 85614
Atriplex confertifolia Shadscale Species Plant G5 SNR 60532
Atriplex falcata Sickle Saltbush Species Plant G4Q 40532
Atriplex gardneri Gardner's Saltbush Species Plant G5 53401
Atriplex hortensis Garden Orach Species Plant GNR 55793
Atriplex nuttallii Nuttall's Saltbush Species Plant G5 53222
Atriplex patula Halberd-leaf Saltbush Species Plant 56540
Atriplex patula ssp. patula Halberd-leaf Orache Species Plant G5 47454
Atriplex prostrata Creeping Saltbush Species Plant G5 59487
Atriplex pusilla Purple Balduina Species Plant G5 53220
Atriplex rosea Tumbling Orache Species Plant GNR 50477
Atriplex subspicata Orache Species Plant G5 54296
Atriplex tridentata Basin Saltbush Species Plant G5 42592
Atriplex truncata Wedge-leaved Saltbush Species Plant G5 43583
Attalus glabrellus A Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473041
Attalus morulus smithi A Beetle Subspecies Arthropod GNR SNR 1473042
Attalus oregonensis A Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473111
Attenella attenuata A Mayfly Species Arthropod G5 SNR 31065
Attenella delantala A Mayfly Species Arthropod G4 SNR 26331
Attenella margarita A Mayfly Species Arthropod G5 SNR 24518
Aulacorthum solani Foxglove Aphid Species Arthropod GNR SNA 1475294
Aulocara elliotti Bigheaded Grasshopper Species Arthropod G5 S5 31548
Aulodrilus americanus A Worm Species Worm GNR SNR 1473967
Aulodrilus limnobius A Worm Species Worm GNR SNR 1473969
Aulodrilus pigueti A Worm Species Worm GNR SNR 1473900
Aulodrilus pluriseta A Worm Species Worm GNR SNR 1473902