Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Namesort descending Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
29410 Hesperia colorado Western Branded Skipper Species S5 G5
25580 Hesperia comma Common Branded Skipper Species S5 G5
26300 Hesperia juba Juba Skipper Species S5 G5
23734 Hesperia nevada Nevada Skipper Species S4 G5
29736 Hesperia uncas Uncas Skipper Species S4 G5
26648 Hesperia viridis Green Skipper Species S3 G5
77401 Hesperocorixa laevigata A Water Boatmen Species SNR GNR
28366 Hesperoperla pacifica Golden Stone Species S5 G5
74136 Hesperophylax consimilis A Caddisfly Species S5 G4G5
67700 Hesperophylax designatus A Caddisfly Species S5 G5
68221 Hesperophylax magnus A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
68222 Hesperophylax occidentalis A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
23925 Hesperopsis libya Mohave Sootywing Species S4 G5
25659 Hesperotettix viridis A Grasshopper Species S4 G5
22667 Hesperumia sulphuraria Sulphur Moth Species S5 G5
26932 Heterocampa lunata A Moth Species S3 G5
25243 Heterosilpha ramosa A Carrion Beetle Species SNR GNR
70892 Hillia iris Iris Rover Moth Species S3 GNR
19107 Himantopus mexicanus Black-necked Stilt Species S4B G5
22895 Hippodamia apicalis A Ladybird Beetle Species SNR GNR
31155 Hippodamia caseyi A Ladybird Beetle Species SNR GNR
31872 Hippodamia convergens Convergent Lady Beetle Species SNR G5
29147 Hippodamia expurgata A Ladybird Beetle Species SNR GNR
20182 Hippodamia parenthesis Parenthesis Lady Beetle Species GNR
23399 Hippodamia quinquesignata A Ladybird Beetle Species SNR GNR
29152 Hippodamia sinuata A Ladybird Beetle Species SNR GNR
18406 Hirundo rustica Barn Swallow Species S5B G5
18872 Histrionicus histrionicus Harlequin Duck Species 2 Sensitive Sensitive Tier 2 S1B G4
28418 Holarctia obliterata A Moth Species S5 G5
30564 Homophylax acutus A Caddisfly Species Tier 3 SNR G3G5
20378 Homophylax auricularis A Caddisfly Species Tier 3 SNR G1G3
22376 Homorthodes furfurata Northern Scurfy Quaker Moth Species S4 G5
21128 Hyalella azteca An Amphipod Species SNR
22946 Hyalophora columbia Columbia silkmoth Species SNR G5
30089 Hyalophora euryalus Ceanothus Silkmoth Species S4 G5
71483 Hydraena pensylvanica A Minute Moss Beetle Species SNR GNR
18677 Hydrocoloeus minutus Little Gull Species SNA G5
18702 Hydroprogne caspia Caspian Tern Species Tier 2 Breeding population only S1B G5
74022 Hydropsyche californica A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
74013 Hydropsyche cockerelli A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
21687 Hydropsyche morosa A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
68212 Hydropsyche occidentalis A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
68211 Hydropsyche oslari A Caddisfly Species S5 G5
22597 Hydropsyche tana A Caddisfly Species SNR G4G5
74037 Hydroptila argosa A Micro-caddisfly Species S4 G5
70344 Hylaeus basalis A Yellow-masked Bee Species SNR GNR
70337 Hylaeus mesillae A Yellow-masked Bee Species SNR GNR
70338 Hylaeus modestus A Yellow-masked Bee Species SNR GNR
70340 Hylaeus rudbeckiae A Yellow-masked Bee Species SNR GNR
70343 Hylaeus verticalis A Yellow-masked Bee Species SNR GNR
22638 Hyles gallii Galium Sphinx Moth Species S2 G5
27322 Hyles lineata White-lined Sphinx Moth Species S3 G5
20053 Hylocichla mustelina Wood Thrush Species SNA G5
26359 Hypena humuli Hop Vine Moth Species S4 G5
69705 Hypera punctata Clover Leaf Weevil Species SNR GNR
28066 Hyperaspidius hercules A Ladybird Beetle Species SNR GNR
30701 Hyperaspis postica A Ladybird Beetle Species SNR GNR
24321 Hypercompe permaculata Many-spotted Tiger Moth Species S4 G5
32471 Hyphantria cunea Fall Webworm Moth Species S5 G5
28362 Hypnoidus bicolor A Click Beetle Species S5 GNR
70918 Hypocoena inquinata Tufted Sedge Moth Species S3
28975 Hypoprepia inculta A Tiger Moth Species S4 G5
22151 Hypoprepia miniata Scarlet-winged Lichen Moth Species S2 G5
26360 Hyppa contrasta A Moth Species S4 G3G4
19741 Hypsiglena chlorophaea Desert Nightsnake Species S3 G5
18956 Ictalurus furcatus Blue Catfish Species SNA G5
19986 Ictalurus punctatus Channel Catfish Species SNA G5
18706 Icteria virens Yellow-breasted Chat Species S4B G5
16847 Icterus bullockii Bullock's Oriole Species S4B G5
617262 Icterus cucullatus Hooded Oriole Species SNA G5
15617 Icterus galbula Baltimore Oriole Species SNA G5
15616 Icterus parisorum Scott's Oriole Species S1B G5
74307 Idagona westcotti Idaho Lava Tube Millipede Species Tier 2 S1 G1G2
28295 Idia aemula Common Idia Moth Species S4 G5
22092 Idia americalis American Idia Moth Species S4 G5
26036 Idia lubricalis Glossy Black India Moth Species S5 G5
71391 Ilybiosoma seriatum A Diving Beetle Species SNR GNR
31321 Iridopsis larvaria Bent-Lined Gray Species SNR G5
27386 Ironodes nitidus Slate Maroon Drake Species S3 G4
22069 Ischnura cervula Pacific Forktail Species SNR G5
32717 Ischnura denticollis Black-fronted Forktail Species SNR G5
25904 Ischnura perparva Western Forktail Species SNR G5
26557 Isocapnia crinita Hooked Snowfly Species S4 G5
27497 Isocapnia grandis Giant Snowfly Species S4 G5
31904 Isocapnia hyalita Hyalite Snowfly Species S4 G4
21031 Isocapnia integra Headwaters Snowfly Species S3
29422 Isocapnia vedderensis Vedder Snowfly Species S4 G4
25458 Isogenoides colubrinus Blackfoot Springfly Species SNR G5
24016 Isogenoides elongatus Elongate Springfly Species SNR G5
28155 Isogenoides frontalis Hudsonian Springfly Species SNA G5
29896 Isoperla bifurcata Forked Stripetail Species S1 G3
21588 Isoperla fulva Western Stripetail Species SNR G5
26678 Isoperla fusca Waterton Stripetail Species SNR G5
21957 Isoperla longiseta Plains Stripetail Species SNR G5
28225 Isoperla mormona Mormon Stripetail Species SNR G5
24748 Isoperla petersoni Springs Stripetail Species SNR G5
28427 Isoperla phalerata Rockies Stripetail Species SNR G4
27981 Isoperla pinta Checkered Stripetail Species SNR G4
32544 Isoperla quinquepunctata Fivespot Stripetail Species SNR G5
22484 Isoperla sordida Notched Stripetail Species SNR G3G4