Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists. Displaying 1001 - 1100 of 9868
Scientific Name Common Name Taxa Category USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 GRank SRank SGCN ID
Ashmeadiella californica A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475269
Ashmeadiella difugita A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475270
Ashmeadiella foxiella A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475271
Ashmeadiella gillettei A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475273
Ashmeadiella opuntiae A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475275
Ashmeadiella pronitens A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1475276
Ashmeadiella sculleni A Leafcutting Bee Species Arthropod GNR S2 Tier 3 1475278
Asilus mesae A Robber Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473106
Asilus occidentalis A Robber Fly Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473107
Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl Species Bird 2 G5 S3 Tier 3 15544
Asio otus Long-eared Owl Species Bird G5 S5 16122
Asioplax edmundsi A Mayfly Species Arthropod G4 S4 77557
Asparagus officinalis Garden Asparagus Species Plant G5? 53207
Asperugo procumbens German Madwort Species Plant GNR 49562
Aspicilia rogeri Rim Lichen Species Fungi 3 G2G3 S3 35826
Aspidoscelis tigris Tiger Whiptail Species Reptile G5 S4 16838
Aspidotis densa Indian's-dream Species Plant G5 54224
Asplenium septentrionale Northern Spleenwort Species Plant G4G5 S1 60443
Asplenium trichomanes Maidenhair Spleenwort Species Plant Sensitive G5 S1 40600
Asplenium trichomanes ssp. trichomanes Maidenhair Spleenwort Subspecies Plant G5T5 88767
Asplenium trichomanes-ramosum Green Spleenwort Species Plant G4 S1 43014
Astata bakeri A Thread-waisted Wasp Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473108
Astenus longiusculus A Rove Beetle Species Arthropod GNR SNR 1473109
Aster x bracteolatus Species Plant GNA 79380
Astragalus adanus Boise Milkvetch Species Plant G3G4 SNR 50822
Astragalus adsurgens Rattle Milkvetch Species Plant G5 49778
Astragalus adsurgens var. robustior Rattle Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 89198
Astragalus agrestis Don Meadow Milkvetch Species Plant G5 57644
Astragalus alpinus Alpine Milkvetch Species Plant G5 40606
Astragalus alpinus var. alpinus Alpine Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 84869
Astragalus amblytropis Challis Milkvetch Species Plant 3 G3 S3 51071
Astragalus amnis-amissi Lost River Milkvetch Species Plant 3 Sensitive G3 S3 41636
Astragalus anserinus Goose Creek Milkvetch Species Plant 2 Sensitive G2 S1 51746
Astragalus aquilonius Lemhi Milkvetch Species Plant 2 Sensitive G3 S3 42258
Astragalus argophyllus Silverleaf Milkvetch Species Plant G5 51409
Astragalus argophyllus var. argophyllus Silverleaf Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4 86116
Astragalus argophyllus var. martinii Silverleaf Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4 85778
Astragalus arrectus Palouse Milkvetch Species Plant G2G4 S2 55264
Astragalus arthurii Arthur's Milkvetch Species Plant G4 54822
Astragalus asotinensis Asotin Milkvetch Species Plant 2 G2 S1 93763
Astragalus atratus Mourning Milkvetch Species Plant G4G5 S4 49177
Astragalus atratus var. inseptus Mourning Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 4 G4G5T3 S3 89835
Astragalus atratus var. owyheensis Owyhee Mourning Milkvetch Variety Plant G4G5T3 S3 92599
Astragalus atropubescens Kelsey's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 57642
Astragalus australis Indian Milkvetch Species Plant G5 60700
Astragalus beckwithii Beckwith's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S3 60139
Astragalus beckwithii var. beckwithii Beckwith's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T3T5 83345
Astragalus beckwithii var. sulcatus Beckwith's Milkvetch Subspecies Plant G5T3 S3 89665
Astragalus beckwithii var. weiserensis Beckwith's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 83714
Astragalus bisulcatus Two-groove Milk-vetch Species Plant G5 S1 42215
Astragalus bisulcatus var. bisulcatus Two-grooved Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 4 G5T5 S2 84365
Astragalus bourgovii Bourgeau's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S1 50456
Astragalus calycosus King's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 54824
Astragalus calycosus var. calycosus King's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4? 87259
Astragalus camptopus Murphy Milkvetch Species Plant G3 S3 60046
Astragalus canadensis Canadian Milkvetch Species Plant G5 49174
Astragalus canadensis var. brevidens Canadian Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 91706
Astragalus canadensis var. canadensis Canadian Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 89832
Astragalus canadensis var. mortonii Canadian Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 86669
Astragalus caricinus Buckwheat Milkvetch Species Plant G3G4 41376
Astragalus ceramicus Pottery Milkvetch Species Plant G4 S3 60189
Astragalus ceramicus var. apus Painted Milkvetch Variety Plant G4T3 S3 92198
Astragalus chinensis Chinese Milkvetch Species Plant GNR 41897
Astragalus cibarius Browse Milkvetch Species Plant G4 45825
Astragalus collinus Rattle Milkvetch Species Plant G5 41637
Astragalus collinus var. collinus Rattle Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 86982
Astragalus conjunctus Stiff Milkvetch Species Plant 4 G4 S2 40444
Astragalus conjunctus var. conjunctus Stiff Milkvetch Variety Plant G4TNR 84240
Astragalus convallarius Timber Milkvetch Species Plant G5 55266
Astragalus convallarius var. convallarius Lesser Rushy Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 86808
Astragalus curvicarpus American Sickle Species Plant G5 60192
Astragalus curvicarpus var. curvicarpus American Sickle Variety Plant G5T3T4 92117
Astragalus cusickii Cusick's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S4 49851
Astragalus cusickii var. cusickii Cusick's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4 89555
Astragalus cusickii var. flexilipes Cusick's Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4 S3 90830
Astragalus cusickii var. packardiae Packard's Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 2 G5T1 S1 91221
Astragalus cusickii var. sterilis Barren Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 3 G5T2 S1 88331
Astragalus diversifolius Meadow Milkvetch Species Plant 3 Sensitive G2 S2 50095
Astragalus drummondii Drummond's Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S2 51695
Astragalus eremiticus Hermit Milkvetch Species Plant G5 39544
Astragalus eucosmus Elegant Milk-vetch Species Plant G5 S3 40089
Astragalus filipes Basalt Milkvetch Species Plant G5 42344
Astragalus geyeri Geyer's Milkvetch Species Plant G4 58173
Astragalus geyeri var. geyeri Geyer's Milkvetch Variety Plant G4T4 86572
Astragalus gilviflorus Plains Milkvetch Species Plant 4 G5 S2 39497
Astragalus gilviflorus var. gilviflorus Threeleaf Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5? 92637
Astragalus inflexus Bent Milkvetch Species Plant G4 39543
Astragalus iodanthus Violet Milkvetch Species Plant G4 40178
Astragalus iodanthus var. diaphanoides Violet Milkvetch Variety Plant G4T4 90993
Astragalus iodanthus var. iodanthus Violet Milkvetch Variety Plant G4T4 86360
Astragalus jejunus Starveling Milkvetch Species Plant G3 S2 51064
Astragalus jejunus var. jejunus Starveling Milkvetch Subspecies Plant 2 G3T3 S2 85673
Astragalus kentrophyta Spiny Milkvetch Species Plant G5 S5 39498
Astragalus kentrophyta var. jessiae Thistle Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4 S3 85619
Astragalus kentrophyta var. tegetarius Spiny Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5? 87239
Astragalus lentiginosus Mottled Milkvetch Species Plant G5 40918
Astragalus lentiginosus var. chartaceus San Pitch Valley Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T3T4Q 88260
Astragalus lentiginosus var. latus Broad-pod Freckled Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T2 91845
Astragalus lentiginosus var. lentiginosus Mottled Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T4 85208
Astragalus lentiginosus var. salinus Sodaville Milkvetch Variety Plant G5T5 86914