Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Namesort ascending Common Name Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
16992 Tyrannus savana Fork-tailed Flycatcher Species SNA G5
15341 Tyrannus forficatus Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Species SNA G5
93745 Tyrannidae - Flycatcher spp. Unclassified Flycatcher Species
18395 Tympanuchus phasianellus Sharp-tailed Grouse Species 2 Sensitive Tier 2 S3 G5
16895 Turdus migratorius American Robin Species S5 G5
668806 Troglodytes pacificus Pacific Wren Species S5 G5
19194 Troglodytes aedon House Wren Species S4B G5
29341 Triznaka signata Striped Sallfly Species SNR G5
22979 Triznaka pintada Rough Sallfly Species SNR G5
19563 Tringa solitaria Solitary Sandpiper Species S1M G5
15736 Tringa semipalmata Willet Species S3B G5
19516 Tringa melanoleuca Greater Yellowlegs Species S3M G5
15296 Tringa flavipes Lesser Yellowlegs Species S2M G5
28861 Trimerotropis pallidipennis A Grasshopper Species S5 G5
28382 Trimerotropis gracilis Thomas' Slender Grasshopper Species S4 G5
23328 Trimerotropis cyaneipennis Blue-winged Grasshopper Species SNR G5
25082 Tricorythodes stygiatus A Mayfly Species SNR G4
28146 Tricorythodes explicatus A Mayfly Species SNR
68636 Trichordestra lilacina Aster Cutworm Moth Species S4 GNR
71302 Trichoplusia ni Cabbage Looper Moth Species S4 GNR
24154 Trichodezia albovittata White-striped Black Species SNR G5
74290 Triaenodes frontalis A Caddisfly Species SNR G5
33096 Tramea lacerata Black Saddlebags Species SNR G5
68233 Trachysida aspera A Long-horned Beetle Species SNR GNR
18324 Trachemys scripta Pond Slider Species SNA G5
18183 Toxostoma rufum Brown Thrasher Species SNA G5
15944 Toxostoma curvirostre Curve-billed Thrasher Species SNA G5
28776 Titanoeca nigrella A Titanoecid Species SNR GNR
74241 Tinodes provo A Caddisfly Species SNR G4
17215 Tinca tinca Tench Species SNA G5
24622 Timpanoga hecuba A Mayfly Species S5 G5
15298 Tilapia zillii Redbelly Tilapia Species SNA G5
71286 Thyris maculata Spotted Thyris Species SNR GNR
31893 Thymelicus lineola European Skipper Species SNA G5
19610 Thymallus arcticus Arctic Grayling Species SNA G5
15745 Thryomanes bewickii Bewick's Wren Species S3 G5
27398 Thorybes pylades Northern Cloudy Wing Skipper Species S4 G5
24556 Thorybes mexicana Nevada Cloudy Wing Skipper Species S3 G5
18853 Thomomys townsendii Townsend's Pocket Gopher Species S4 G4G5
18634 Thomomys talpoides Northern Pocket Gopher Species S5 G5
16213 Thomomys idahoensis Idaho Pocket Gopher Species S4 G4
21983 Thermacarus nevadensis A Spider Species SNR GH
16152 Thamnophis sirtalis Common Gartersnake Species S3 G5
16938 Thamnophis elegans Terrestrial Gartersnake Species S5 G5
22170 Tegenaria domestica Barn Funnel Weaver Species SNR GNR
30063 Taylorconcha serpenticola Bliss Rapids Snail Species Threatened 1 Tier 1 S1 G1
77284 Taylorconcha insperata A Mud Snail Species SNR G1
16549 Taxidea taxus American Badger Species S4 G5
15503 Taricha granulosa Rough-skinned Newt Species SNA G5
27544 Tarebia granifera Quilted Melania Species SNA G5
70414 Tapinoma sessile Odorous House Ant Species S5 GNR
18827 Tamiasciurus hudsonicus Red Squirrel Species S5 G5
18805 Tamias umbrinus Uinta Chipmunk Species S4 G5
19600 Tamias ruficaudus Red-tailed Chipmunk Species S4 G5
18102 Tamias minimus Least Chipmunk Species S5 G5
18230 Tamias dorsalis Cliff Chipmunk Species S3 G5
18127 Tamias amoenus Yellow-pine Chipmunk Species S5 G5
24947 Taeniopteryx nivalis Boreal Willowfly Species SNR G5
25285 Taenionema umatilla Umatilla Willowfly Species Tier 3 S1 G3
26459 Taenionema pallidum Common Willowfly Species S5 G5
31793 Taenionema pacificum Pacific Willowfly Species S5 G5
17154 Tadarida brasiliensis Brazilian Free-tailed Bat Species SNA G5
69969 Tachyporus canadensis A Rove Beetle Species SNR GNR
15632 Tachycineta thalassina Violet-green Swallow Species S5B G5
16161 Tachycineta bicolor Tree Swallow Species S5B G5
69942 Systena blanda A Leaf Beetle Species SNR GNR
18329 Synthliboramphus antiquus Ancient Murrelet Species SNA G4
24619 Syngrapha viridisigma Spruce False Looper Moth Species S4 G4
21221 Syngrapha rectangula Salt-and-Pepper Looper Moth Species S4 G5
32638 Syngrapha alias Hooked Silver Y Moth Species S3 G5
19288 Synaptomys borealis Northern Bog Lemming Species Sensitive Tier 3 S3 G5
27476 Sympistis perscripta Scribbled Sallow Moth Species S3 G4
20145 Sympetrum vicinum Autumn Meadowhawk Species SNR G5
21846 Sympetrum semicinctum Band-winged Meadowhawk Species SNR
30727 Sympetrum pallipes Striped Meadowhawk Species SNR G5
32565 Sympetrum obtrusum White-faced Meadowhawk Species SNR G5
27837 Sympetrum madidum Red-veined Meadowhawk Species SNR G4
26485 Sympetrum internum Cherry-faced Meadowhawk Species SNR G5
25949 Sympetrum illotum Cardinal Meadowhawk Species SNR G5
23290 Sympetrum danae Black Meadowhawk Species SNR G5
30841 Sympetrum costiferum Saffron-winged Meadowhawk Species SNR G5
27779 Sympetrum corruptum Variegated Meadowhawk Species S5 G5
17537 Sylvilagus nuttallii Mountain Cottontail Species S4 G5
77057 Sylvilagus floridanus Eastern Cottontail Species SNA G5
29100 Sweltsa lamba Rheocrene Sallfly Species SNR G5
21107 Sweltsa gaufini Utah Sallfly Species Tier 3 S1 G3
21105 Sweltsa fidelis Mountain Sallfly Species SNR G5
25644 Sweltsa coloradensis Colorado Sallfly Species SNR G5
32777 Sweltsa borealis Boreal Sallfly Species SNR G5
22507 Sweltsa albertensis Alberta Sallfly Species SNR G5
29445 Suwallia pallidula Yellow Sallfly Species SNR G5
22127 Suwallia lineosa Lined Sallfly Species SNR G5
25225 Suwallia forcipata Forceps Sallfly Species SNR G5
32530 Sutyna privata A Moth Species S3
20723 Susperatus prudens A Mayfly Species SNR G4
17596 Surnia ulula Northern Hawk-Owl Species SNA G5
23923 Succinea rusticana Rustic Ambersnail Species SNR G2G3
20267 Succinea oregonensis Oregon ambersnail Species SNR G2G4
22072 Stylurus olivaceus Olive Clubtail Species SNR G4
68090 Stygobromus idahoensis Idaho Amphipod Species Tier 3 S1 G1G2