Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists.
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TaxonId Scientific Name Common Namesort ascending Taxa USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 SGCN SRank GRank
61127 Heterotheca zionensis Zion Goldenaster Species No G2G3Q
25194 Furcula scolopendrina Zigzag Furcula Moth Species No S4 G5
23432 Aeshna sitchensis Zigzag Darner Species No SNR G5
24523 Speyeria zerene Zerene Fritillary Species No S4 G5
16074 Myotis yumanensis Yuma Myotis Species 2 No S3 G5
55242 Carex bonanzensis Yukon Sedge Species No G4G5
61666 Saxifraga subapetala Yellowstone Saxifrage Species No
47668 Draba incerta Yellowstone Draba Species No S2 G5
80060 Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Subspecies 2 Sensitive Sensitive Yes S4 G4T4
59519 Lindernia dubia Yellowseed False Pimpernel Species No G5
51190 Rorippa alpina Yellowcress Species No G4?
19404 Setophaga dominica Yellow-throated Warbler Species No SNA G5
17662 Vireo flavifrons Yellow-throated Vireo Species No SNA G5
50758 Collomia tinctoria Yellow-staining Collomia Species No G5
83696 Saxifraga bronchialis ssp. austromontana Yellow-spot Saxifrage Subspecies No G5T5
16356 Setophaga coronata Yellow-rumped Warbler Species No S5 G5
18127 Tamias amoenus Yellow-pine Chipmunk Species No S5 G5
25483 Datana ministra Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth Species No S4 G5
25414 Crambidia cephalica Yellow-headed Lichen Moth Species No S3 GUQ
21666 Apamea amputatrix Yellow-headed Cutworm Moth Species No S5 G5
20030 Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus Yellow-headed Blackbird Species No S4B G5
21877 Acronicta impleta Yellow-haired Dagger Moth Species No S3 G5
48449 Oxytropis monticola Yellow-flower Locoweed Species No G5?
23665 Cisseps fulvicollis Yellow-collared Scape Moth Species No S5 G5
18706 Icteria virens Yellow-breasted Chat Species No S4B G5
15363 Gavia adamsii Yellow-billed Loon Species No SNA G4
19476 Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed Cuckoo Species Threatened 1 Sensitive Yes S1B G5
17256 Sphyrapicus varius Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Species No SNA G5
18242 Marmota flaviventris Yellow-bellied Marmot Species No S4 G5
20813 Proserpinus flavofasciata Yellow-banded Day Sphinx Moth Species No S2 G4G5
56168 Myosotis discolor Yellow-and-blue Forget-me-not Species No G5
47133 Salix lutea Yellow Willow Species No SNR G4G5
52693 Eriogonum flavum Yellow Wild Buckwheat Species No G5
58899 Ranunculus flabellaris Yellow Water-crowfoot Species No G5
19972 Setophaga petechia Yellow Warbler Species No S5B G5
44290 Hedysarum sulphurescens Yellow Sweet-vetch Species No G5
44739 Centaurea solstitialis Yellow Starthistle Species No GNR
77355 Claytonia multiscapa Yellow Spring Beauty Species 4 No S1 G4?
58820 Cleome lutea Yellow Spiderflower Species No G5
60648 Lysichiton americanus Yellow Skunk-cabbage Species No G5
49533 Carex flava Yellow Sedge Species Sensitive No S3 G5
59547 Barbarea vulgaris Yellow Rocket Species No GNR
43760 Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle-box Species No S3 G5
15452 Coturnicops noveboracensis Yellow Rail Species No SNA G4
53605 Nuphar lutea Yellow Pond-lily Species No G5
90910 Nuphar lutea ssp. polysepala Yellow Pond-lily Subspecies No SNR G5T5
17482 Perca flavescens Yellow Perch Species No SNA G5
53910 Castilleja flava Yellow Paintbrush Species No G4G5
41315 Orthocarpus luteus Yellow Owl's-clover Species No G5
51865 Navarretia breweri Yellow Navarretia Species No G4G5
48506 Phyllodoce glanduliflora Yellow Mountain-heath Species No G4G5
46479 Dryas drummondii Yellow Mountain-avens Species No G5
40121 Fritillaria pudica Yellow Mission-bells Species No G5
40569 Saxifraga hirculus Yellow Marsh Saxifrage Species No G5
53951 Iris pseudacorus Yellow Iris Species No GNR
39759 Setaria glauca Yellow Foxtail Species No GNR
86037 Nuphar lutea ssp. variegata Yellow Cow-lily Subspecies No G5T5
53283 Aquilegia flavescens Yellow Columbine Species No G5
86869 Aquilegia flavescens var. miniata Yellow Columbine Subspecies No
57202 Trifolium aureum Yellow Clover Species No GNR
20233 Bombus fervidus Yellow Bumble Bee Species No S5 G4?
17695 Ameiurus natalis Yellow Bullhead Species No SNA G5
42049 Setaria pumila Yellow Bristle Grass Species No GNR
35660 Haematomma ochroleucum Yellow Bloodstain Lichen Species No S1 G5
49712 Penstemon confertus Yellow Beardtongue Species No G4
56068 Geum aleppicum Yellow Avens Species No G5
60109 Cordylanthus capitatus Yakima Bird's-beak Species No G4
35794 Xylographa trunciseda Xylographa Lichen Species No
58506 Townsendia alpigena Wyoming Townsend-daisy Species No G4
59833 Cirsium pulcherrimum Wyoming Thistle Species No G5
48033 Oxytropis nana Wyoming Point-vetch Species No G3
61601 Castilleja linariifolia Wyoming Indian-paintbrush Species No G5
16823 Urocitellus elegans Wyoming Ground Squirrel Species Yes S3 G5
45270 Besseya wyomingensis Wyoming Coral-drops Species No G5
85918 Artemisia tridentata ssp. wyomingensis Wyoming Big Sagebrush Subspecies No G5T5
52291 Lupinus wyethii Wyeth's Lupine Species No G5
22687 Stagnicola caperata Wrinkled Marshsnail Species No S5 G5
49985 Cryptantha rugulosa Wrinkled Cat's-eye Species No G3G4
55078 Pseudognaphalium canescens Wright's Cudweed Species No G5
38928 Texosporium sancti-jacobi Wovenspore Lichen Species 2 No S2 G3
56221 Trifolium wormskioldii Wormskjold's Clover Species No G5
49335 Erysimum cheiranthoides Wormseed Wallflower Species No G5
51884 Lupinus leucophyllus Woolly-leaf Lupine Species No G5
87873 Lupinus leucophyllus ssp. leucophyllus Woolly-leaf Lupine Subspecies No G5T3T5
83661 Lupinus leucophyllus ssp. erectus Woolly-leaf Lupine Subspecies No G5T1T3
91742 Trifolium eriocephalum ssp. arcuatum Woolly-head Clover Subspecies No G5T3?
59354 Trifolium eriocephalum Woolly-head Clover Species No G5
52048 Carex pellita Woolly Sedge Species No SNR G5
52695 Plantago patagonica Woolly Plantain Species No G5
43930 Stenotus lanuginosus Woolly Golden-weed Species No G5
87698 Trifolium eriocephalum ssp. villiferum Woolly Clover Subspecies No G5T2?
48254 Scirpus atrovirens Woolgrass Bulrush Species No G5?
50104 Scirpus cyperinus Wool-grass Species No S3 G5
58806 Taraxacum eriophorum Wool-bearing Dandelion Species No G4
59596 Arabis suffrutescens Woody Rockcress Species No G5
46230 Rosa woodsii Woods' Rose Species No SNR G5
54413 Poa nemoralis Woods Bluegrass Species No
50132 Fragaria vesca Woodland Strawberry Species No G5
83201 Fragaria vesca ssp. bracteata Woodland Strawberry Subspecies No G5T5
25830 Ochlodes sylvanoides Woodland Skipper Species No S5 G5