Species Conservation Status

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System tracks species that are identified as having special conservation status in the following lists. Displaying 9901 - 9916 of 9916
Scientific Name Common Name Taxa Category USESA BLM USFS1 USFS4 GRank SRank SGCN ID
Barbula eustegia Species Plant G3? SNR 34799
Geum x pulchrum Species Plant GNA SNA 78549
Umbilicaria polyrhiza Species Fungi G3G4 SNR 33489
Polygonum douglasii ssp. douglasii Subspecies Plant G5T5 SNR 83988
Acer glabrum var. glabrum Variety Plant G5T5 SNR 84535
Arabis cobrensis var. cobrensis Variety Plant G5TNR SNR 87334
Sorbus scopulina var. scopulina Variety Plant G5T5 SNR 91411
Crataegus castlegarensis Species Plant G5 SNR 77457
Physcia magnussonii Species Fungi G3G4 SNR 35967
Atrichum selwynii Species Plant G5 SNR 38069
Wyethia x cusickii Species Plant GNA SNA 78614
Stellaria borealis ssp. borealis Subspecies Plant G5T5 SNR 90152
Heuchera parvifolia var. utahensis Variety Plant G5TNR SNR 83435
Aster x bracteolatus Species Plant GNA SNA 79380
Lupinus polyphyllus ssp. polyphyllus Subspecies Plant SNR 92507
Bacidina contecta Species Fungi SNR 93769