Species of Greatest Conservation Need

The Idaho Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy provides a framework for conserving "species of greatest conservation need" and the habitats upon which they depend. It is the state’s guiding document for managing and conserving at-risk species, most of which are not hunted, trapped, or fished. An integrated approach to implementing this strategy across all Fish and Game programs will reduce potential listings under the Endangered Species Act.

Update (9/28/2016): The Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) has been submitted to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for review. This is a list of species included in the 2016 revision.

205 taxa
TaxonId Scientific Namesort ascending Common Name SGCN State Rank Global Rank
24946 Utacapnia nedia Boise Snowfly Tier 3 S1 G3
16900 Ursus arctos Grizzly Bear or Brown Bear Tier 1 S2 G4
80667 Urocitellus endemicus Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel Tier 1 S2 G2T1
16823 Urocitellus elegans Wyoming Ground Squirrel Tier 2 S3 G5
16552 Urocitellus canus Columbia Plateau Ground Squirrel Tier 2 S1 G4
80252 Urocitellus brunneus Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel Tier 1 S2 G2T1
18395 Tympanuchus phasianellus Sharp-tailed Grouse Tier 2 S3 G5
30063 Taylorconcha serpenticola Bliss Rapids Snail Tier 1 S1 G1
25285 Taenionema umatilla Umatilla Willowfly Tier 3 S1 G3
19288 Synaptomys borealis Northern Bog Lemming Tier 3 S3 G5
21107 Sweltsa gaufini Utah Sallfly Tier 3 S1 G3
1474040 Sweltsa durfeei Lolo Sawfly Tier 3 SNR G2
68090 Stygobromus idahoensis Idaho Amphipod Tier 3 S1 G1G2
15848 Strix nebulosa Great Gray Owl Tier 3 S3 G5
11483 Stagnicola Species Group Pondsnail Species Group Tier 3 SNR GNR
21993 Speleomaster pecki A Cave Obligate Harvestman Tier 2 S1 G1G2
23320 Speleomaster lexi A Cave Obligate Harvestman Tier 2 S1 G1G2
20470 Soyedina potteri Idaho Forestfly Tier 3 S1 G2
78185 Soliperla salish Clearwater Roachfly Tier 3 S1 G2
27955 Sericostriata surdickae A Caddisfly Tier 3 S3 G3
1474102 Securicauda hermani Rocky Mountain Axetail Tier 1 S1 GNR
31397 Rhyacophila velora A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G2
23155 Rhyacophila robusta A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G2G3
23054 Rhyacophila oreia A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G3
17769 Rangifer tarandus Caribou Tier 1 S1 G5
80518 Rana luteiventris pop. 3 Columbia Spotted Frog (Great Basin DPS) Tier 1 S2 G4T2T3Q
25015 Pyrgulopsis pilsbryana Bear Lake Springsnail Tier 1 S1 G2
20757 Pyrgulopsis bruneauensis Bruneau Hot Springsnail Tier 1 S1 G1
28249 Psychoglypha smithi A Caddisfly Tier 3 S2 G1G3
16582 Prosopium spilonotus Bonneville Whitefish Tier 2 S3 G3
16255 Prosopium gemmifer Bonneville Cisco Tier 2 S3 G3
17770 Prosopium abyssicola Bear Lake Whitefish Tier 2 S1 G1
32628 Prophysaon dubium Papillose Taildropper Tier 1 S2Q G4
29888 Prophysaon coeruleum Blue-gray Taildropper Tier 1 S1Q G3G4
31778 Pristinicola hemphilli Pristine Pyrg Tier 2 S3 G3
31426 Pristiloma wascoense Shiny Tightcoil Tier 3 S2 G3
1473936 Polyphylla devestiva Lined June Beetle Tier 2 S2 GNR
18080 Plegadis chihi White-faced Ibis Tier 2 S2B G5
26915 Planogyra clappi Western Flat-whorl Tier 3 S1 G4G5
15618 Picoides albolarvatus White-headed Woodpecker Tier 3 S2 G4
30656 Physella columbiana Rotund Physa Tier 3 S1 G3
20715 Physa natricina Snake River Physa Tier 1 S1 G1
33155 Philocasca banksi A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G1G3
29021 Philocasca antennata A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G1G3
1474132 Perdita wyomingensis sculleni A Miner Bee Tier 3 S2 GNR
1474131 Perdita salicis euxantha A Miner Bee Tier 3 S3 G5TNR
1474130 Perdita barri A Miner Bee Tier 3 S1 GNR
17345 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White Pelican Tier 2 S3B G4
18029 Pekania pennanti Fisher Tier 2 S2 G5
22759 Parameletus columbiae A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 G2
23060 Paraleptophlebia traverae A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 GH
23206 Paraleptophlebia jenseni A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 G2G4
23468 Paraleptophlebia falcula A Mayfly Tier 3 SNR G1G2
33256 Pacifastacus connectens Snake River Pilose Crayfish Tier 3 SNR G3G4
17176 Ovis canadensis Bighorn Sheep Tier 2 S3 G4
16738 Oreoscoptes montanus Sage Thrasher Tier 2 S3B G5
18753 Oreortyx pictus Mountain Quail Tier 2 S2 G5
25052 Oreohelix waltoni Lava Rock Mountainsnail Tier 1 S1 G1G2
25048 Oreohelix vortex Whorled Mountainsnail Tier 1 S1 G1G2
29528 Oreohelix tenuistriata Thin–ribbed Mountainsnail Tier 1 SH GH
81538 Oreohelix strigosa goniogyra Striate Mountainsnail Tier 2 S1 G5T1Q
27871 Oreohelix peripherica Deseret Mountainsnail Tier 2 SNR G2
28287 Oreohelix jugalis Boulder Pile Mountainsnail Tier 3 S1 G1G2
25169 Oreohelix intersum Deep Slide Mountainsnail Tier 2 S1 G1
25168 Oreohelix idahoensis Costate Mountainsnail Tier 2 S2 G1G2
29323 Oreohelix haydeni Lyrate Mountainsnail Tier 2 S1 G2G3
27365 Oreohelix hammeri Seven Devils Mountainsnail Tier 1 S1 G1
18271 Oreamnos americanus Mountain Goat Tier 3 S3 G5
79978 Oncorhynchus tshawytscha pop. 8 Chinook Salmon (Snake River spring/summer-run ESU) Tier 1 S1 G5T1Q
80379 Oncorhynchus tshawytscha pop. 2 Chinook Salmon (Snake River fall-run ESU) Tier 1 S1 G5T1Q
79784 Oncorhynchus nerka pop. 1 Sockeye Salmon (Snake River ESU) Tier 1 S1 G5T1Q
79812 Oncorhynchus mykiss pop. 13 Steelhead (Snake River Basin DPS) Tier 1 S2S3 G5T2T3Q
28458 Ogaridiscus subrupicola Southern Tightcoil Tier 3 S2 G1
15609 Numenius americanus Long-billed Curlew Tier 2 S2B G5
16032 Nucifraga columbiana Clark's Nutcracker Tier 3 S2 G5
15639 Myotis lucifugus Little Brown Myotis Tier 3 S3 G3
17751 Myotis ciliolabrum Western Small-footed Myotis Tier 3 S3 G5
18109 Microdipodops megacephalus Dark Kangaroo Mouse Tier 2 S1 G4
1473949 Melanoplus Species Group Spur–throated Grasshopper Species Group Tier 3 S2Q GNR
19990 Melanerpes lewis Lewis's Woodpecker Tier 2 S3B G4
33068 Megaleuctra kincaidi Cascades Needlefly Tier 3 S1 G3
17870 Marmota caligata Hoary Marmot Tier 3 S4 G5
20574 Margaritifera falcata Western Pearlshell Tier 2 S2 G4G5
20360 Manophylax annulatus A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G1G3
28232 Malenka tina Tiny Forestfly Tier 3 S2 G3
30083 Magnipelta mycophaga Magnum Mantleslug Tier 1 S2 G3
82030 Lycaena phlaeas arctodon Beartooth Copper Tier 3 S1 G5T3T5
1344926 Loxia sinesciurus Cassia Crossbill Tier 2 S1
16458 Lota lota Burbot Tier 1 S1 G5
16367 Lithobates pipiens Northern Leopard Frog Tier 2 S2 G5
22297 Limnephilus challisa A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G2
19308 Leucosticte atrata Black Rosy-Finch Tier 3 S2 G4
16522 Leucophaeus pipixcan Franklin's Gull Tier 3 S3B G4G5
74379 Lepidomeda copei Northern Leatherside Chub Tier 2 S2 G3
20017 Lasiurus cinereus Hoary Bat Tier 2 S3 G3G4
18499 Lasionycteris noctivagans Silver-haired Bat Tier 2 S3 G3G4
15595 Larus delawarensis Ring-billed Gull Tier 3 Breeding population only S2B,S2N G5
15895 Larus californicus California Gull Tier 2 Breeding population only S3B, S2N G5
1473226 Judolia gaurotoides A Long–horned Beetle Tier 3 S3Q GNR
1474038 Isocapnia palousa Palouse Snowfly Tier 3 S3 G3
25757 Idaholanx fresti Banbury Springs Limpet Tier 1 S1 G1
74307 Idagona westcotti Idaho Lava Tube Millipede Tier 2 S1 G1G2
1475961 Hylaeus lunicraterius A Yellow–masked Bee Tier 3 S3 GNR
1473935 Hydroscapha redfordi A Skiff Beetle Tier 1 S1 GNR
18702 Hydroprogne caspia Caspian Tern Tier 2 Breeding population only S1B G5
1475705 Hoplitis producta subgracilis A Mason Bee Tier 3 S4 GNR
1475436 Hoplitis orthognathus A Mason Bee Tier 3 S4 GNR
20378 Homophylax auricularis A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G1G3
30564 Homophylax acutus A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G3G5
18872 Histrionicus histrionicus Harlequin Duck Tier 2 S1B G4
1475435 Hesperapis kayella A Miner Bee Tier 3 S2 GNR
1474112 Hemphillia sp. 1 A Roundback Slug Tier 2 SNR GNR
30554 Hemphillia danielsi Marbled Jumping–slug Tier 1 SNR G2G3
26101 Hemphillia camelus Pale Jumping–slug Tier 3 S2 G4
20579 Helicodiscus salmonaceus Salmon Coil Tier 3 S2 G2
16247 Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus Pinyon Jay Tier 2 S3 G5
17557 Gulo gulo Wolverine Tier 1 S1 G4
18640 Grus canadensis Sandhill Crane Tier 3 S3B G5
1476747 Grammia eureka A Moth Tier 3 SNR GNR
22847 Gonidea angulata Western Ridged Mussel Tier 3 S3 G3
23996 Goereilla baumanni A Caddisfly Tier 3 S1 G2
22070 Glossosoma idaho A Caddisfly Tier 3 S2 G2G3
28887 Glacicavicola bathyscioides Blind Cave Leiodid Beetle Tier 1 S1 G1G3
15698 Gavia immer Common Loon Tier 2 S1B,S2N G5
22375 Fluminicola minutissimus Pixie Pebblesnail Tier 1 SH GH
605793 Fluminicola gustafsoni Nez Perce Pebblesnail Tier 3 SNR G2G3
32397 Flabellorhagidia pecki A Cave Obligate Mite Tier 2 S1 G1G2
30578 Euproserpinus wiesti Wiest's Primrose Sphinx Tier 3 S1 G3G4
21341 Euphydryas gillettii Gillette's Checkerspot Tier 3 S2 G3
26814 Ephemerella alleni A Mayfly Tier 2 S2 G4
23443 Eocosmoecus schmidi A Caddisfly Tier 3 S2 G4
17473 Entosphenus tridentatus Pacific Lamprey Tier 1 S1 G4
23240 Driloleirus americanus Giant Palouse Earthworm Tier 2 SNR
17303 Dolichonyx oryzivorus Bobolink Tier 2 S2B G5
20244 Discus marmorensis Marbled Disc Tier 1 S2 G1G2
21608 Danaus plexippus Monarch Tier 3 S2 G4
16351 Cypseloides niger Black Swift Tier 2 S1B G4
19287 Cygnus buccinator Trumpeter Swan Tier 2 S1B,S4N G4
29908 Cryptomastix sanburni Kingston Oregonian Tier 1 S3 G1
32629 Cryptomastix populi Cottonwood Oregonian Tier 1 S1 G2
25622 Cryptomastix mullani Coeur d'Alene Oregonian Tier 3 S4Q G4
22608 Cryptomastix magnidentata Mission Creek Oregonian Tier 1 S1 G1
32032 Cryptomastix harfordiana Salmon Oregonian Tier 1 S1 G3G4
18788 Crotaphytus bicinctores Great Basin Collared Lizard Tier 3 S2 G5
20071 Cottus extensus Bear Lake Sculpin Tier 2 S3 G3
17659 Corynorhinus townsendii Townsend's Big-eared Bat Tier 3 S3 G4
16929 Contopus cooperi Olive-sided Flycatcher Tier 3 S3B G4
31157 Colligyrus greggi Rocky Mountain Duskysnail Tier 2 S3Q G4
19476 Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed Cuckoo Tier 1 S1B G5
23888 Cinygma dimicki A Mayfly Tier 3 S1 G3
22295 Cicindela waynei Bruneau Dune Tiger Beetle Tier 1 S1 G1
24848 Cicindela plutonica Alpine Tiger Beetle Tier 2 S2 G3
23076 Cicindela decemnotata montevolans A Tiger Beetle Tier 2 S2 G4
30014 Cicindela columbica Columbia River Tiger Beetle Tier 3 S1 G2
25224 Cicindela arenicola Idaho Dune Tiger Beetle Tier 2 S2 G1G2
1473170 Chrysobothris idahoensis A Metallic Wood–boring Beetle Tier 2 S3 GNR
1473169 Chrysobothris horningi A Metallic Wood–boring Beetle Tier 2 S3 GNR
17236 Chordeiles minor Common Nighthawk Tier 3 S4B G5
19458 Chlidonias niger Black Tern Tier 2 S2B G4
31152 Cheumatopsyche logani A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR G3G5
19187 Centrocercus urophasianus Greater Sage-Grouse Tier 1 S3 G3G4
21948 Caurinella idahoensis Lolo Mayfly Tier 2 S2 G3
28124 Capnura anas Duckhead Snowfly Tier 3 SNR G1
30657 Capnia zukeli Idaho Snowfly Tier 3 S1 G2
22709 Capnia lineata Straight Snowfly Tier 3 S1 G2
28023 Callophrys johnsoni Johnson's Hairstreak Tier 3 S1 G3G4
1475434 Calliopsis barri A Miner Bee Tier 2 S1 GNR
17654 Buteo regalis Ferruginous Hawk Tier 2 S3B G4
1476808 Bryelmis idahoensis A Riffle Beetle Tier 2 S3 GNR
78116 Branchinecta raptor Raptor Fairy Shrimp Tier 3 S1 G1
17243 Brachylagus idahoensis Pygmy Rabbit Tier 2 S3 G4
17802 Botaurus lentiginosus American Bittern Tier 2 S1B G4
1475541 Bombus suckleyi Suckley's Cuckoo Bumble Bee Tier 1 S2 GU
78169 Bombus occidentalis Western Bumble Bee Tier 1 S3 G4
1475540 Bombus morrisoni Morrison's Bumble Bee Tier 1 S4 G4G5
27413 Bombus huntii Hunt's Bumble Bee Tier 3 S5 G5
20233 Bombus fervidus Yellow Bumble Bee Tier 3 S5 G4?
28808 Boloria kriemhild Kriemhild Fritillary Tier 3 S2 G3G4
1473938 Beckerus barri A Click Beetle Tier 1 S1 GNR
23367 Barracris petraea A Grasshopper Tier 3 S2 G3?
80477 Athene cunicularia Burrowing Owl Tier 2 S2B G4T4
15544 Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl Tier 3 S3 G5
1475278 Ashmeadiella sculleni A Leafcutting Bee Tier 3 S2 GNR
18549 Artemisiospiza nevadensis Sagebrush Sparrow Tier 2 S3B G5
32721 Argiacris militaris A Grasshopper Tier 3 S2 G3G4
26696 Argiacris keithi A Grasshopper Tier 3 S1 G1G3
29789 Argiacris amissuli A Grasshopper Tier 3 S1 G1G3
28189 Arctopora salmon A Caddisfly Tier 3 S3Q G1G3
15974 Aquila chrysaetos Golden Eagle Tier 2 S3 G5
21061 Apatania barri A Caddisfly Tier 3 SNR GU
22136 Anodonta californiensis California Floater Tier 3 S3Q G3Q
26056 Anguispira nimapuna Nimapuna Disc Tier 3 S3 G1
1475432 Andrena aculeata A Miner Bee Tier 3 S3 GNR
18129 Anaxyrus woodhousii Woodhouse's Toad Tier 2 S2 G5
17288 Anaxyrus boreas Western Toad Tier 2 S2 G4
15540 Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper Sparrow Tier 3 S3B G5
32607 Ameletus tolae A Mayfly Tier 3 S2 G1G2
1473988 Amblyderus owyhee An Ant–like Flower Beetle Tier 2 S2 GNR
30695 Allogona lombardii Selway Forestsnail Tier 1 S3 G1
1473075 Agrilus pubifrons A Metallic Wood–boring Beetle Tier 3 S3 GNR
19787 Aechmophorus occidentalis Western Grebe Tier 2 S2B G5
18337 Aechmophorus clarkii Clark's Grebe Tier 2 S2B G5
1374058 Acuclavella Species Group Harvestman Species Group Tier 3 SNR GNR
28349 Acrolophitus pulchellus Idaho Point–headed Grasshopper Tier 2 S2 G1G3
80738 Acipenser transmontanus pop. 1 White Sturgeon (Kootenai River DPS) Tier 1 S1 G4T1Q