Species of Greatest Conservation Need

The Idaho Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy provides a framework for conserving "species of greatest conservation need" and the habitats upon which they depend. It is the state’s guiding document for managing and conserving at-risk species, most of which are not hunted, trapped, or fished. An integrated approach to implementing this strategy across all Fish and Game programs will reduce potential listings under the Endangered Species Act.

Update (8/8/2016): The Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) has been submitted to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for review. This page is in the process of being updated and is not considered complete at this time.

TaxonId Scientific Name Common Namesort ascending SGCN 2015 State Rank Global Rank
16074 Myotis yumanensis Yuma Myotis S3 G5
16356 Setophaga coronata Yellow-rumped Warbler S5 G5
19476 Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed Cuckoo Tier 1 S1B G5
19972 Setophaga petechia Yellow Warbler S5B G5
17695 Ameiurus natalis Yellow Bullhead SNA G5
17557 Gulo gulo Wolverine Tier 1 S1 G4
15736 Tringa semipalmata Willet S3B G5
15373 Melanitta fusca White-winged Scoter SNA G5
20101 Aeronautes saxatalis White-throated Swift S4B G5
18807 Odocoileus virginianus White-tailed Deer S5 G5
17612 Ammospermophilus leucurus White-tailed Antelope Squirrel S4 G5
15794 Acipenser transmontanus White Sturgeon S2 G4
18543 Spilogale gracilis Western Spotted Skunk S4 G5
19360 Aphelocoma californica Western Scrub-Jay S3 G5
17834 Megascops kennicottii Western Screech-Owl S1 G5
16378 Siphateles bicolor Tui Chub SNA G4
19626 Setophaga townsendi Townsend's Warbler S5B G5
16838 Aspidoscelis tigris Tiger Whiptail S4 G5
16731 Oreothlypis peregrina Tennessee Warbler SNA G5
19617 Coluber taeniatus Striped Whipsnake S4 G5
19078 Myodes gapperi Southern Red-backed Vole S4 G5
18222 Bubo scandiacus Snowy Owl SNA G5
15616 Icterus parisorum Scott's Oriole S1B G5
16598 Calidris pugnax Ruff SNA G5
18709 Ascaphus montanus Rocky Mountain Tailed Frog S3 G4
19153 Bassariscus astutus Ringtail SNA G5
19600 Tamias ruficaudus Red-tailed Chipmunk S4 G5
18272 Haemorhous purpureus Purple Martin SNA G5
16673 Setophaga pinus Pine Warbler SNA G5
16463 Spinus pinus Pine Siskin S4 G5
16863 Dryocopus pileatus Pileated Woodpecker S4 G5
18379 Setophaga palmarum Palm Warbler SNA G5
668806 Troglodytes pacificus Pacific Wren S5 G5
16270 Oreothlypis celata Orange-crowned Warbler S4B G5
17251 Parkesia noveboracensis Northern Waterthrush S4B G5
19992 Aegolius acadicus Northern Saw-whet Owl S4 G5
15686 Stelgidopteryx serripennis Northern Rough-winged Swallow S4B G5
17438 Esox lucius Northern Pike SNA G5
16848 Setophaga americana Northern Parula SNA G5
19793 Colaptes auratus Northern Flicker S5 G5
19054 Oreothlypis ruficapilla Nashville Warbler S4B G5
16300 Odocoileus hemionus Mule Deer S4 G5
19374 Falco columbarius Merlin S4 G5
16433 Rhynchophanes mccownii McCown's Longspur SNA G4
18528 Setophaga magnolia Magnolia Warbler SNA G5
16469 Geothlypis tolmiei MacGillivray's Warbler S5B G5
19985 Ambystoma macrodactylum Long-toed Salamander S5 G5
15911 Mustela frenata Long-tailed Weasel S5 G5
16122 Asio otus Long-eared Owl S5 G5
18677 Hydrocoloeus minutus Little Gull SNA G5
16464 Spinus psaltria Lesser Goldfinch S5 G5
18102 Tamias minimus Least Chipmunk S5 G5
19346 Baeolophus ridgwayi Juniper Titmouse S1 G5
19271 Larus glaucoides Iceland Gull SNA G5
15830 Haemorhous mexicanus House Finch S4 G5
19256 Setophaga citrina Hooded Warbler SNA G5
617262 Icterus cucullatus Hooded Oriole SNA G5
17166 Acanthis hornemanni Hoary Redpoll SNA G5
15331 Setophaga occidentalis Hermit Warbler SNA G4G5
74430 Bubo virginianus Great Horned Owl S5 G5
20043 Carassius auratus Goldfish SNA G5
16522 Leucophaeus pipixcan Franklin's Gull Tier 3 S3B G4G5
74374 Cervus canadensis Elk S4 G5
15944 Toxostoma curvirostre Curve-billed Thrasher SNA G5
17263 Canis latrans Coyote S5 G5
18064 Amatitlania nigrofasciata Convict Cichlid SNA G5
616720 Oporornis agilis Connecticut Warbler SNA G4
19034 Rana luteiventris Columbia Spotted Frog S4 G4
16527 Petrochelidon pyrrhonota Cliff Swallow S5B G5
18337 Aechmophorus clarkii Clark's Grebe Tier 2 S2B G5
18873 Acrocheilus alutaceus Chiselmouth S4 G5
18840 Setophaga pensylvanica Chestnut-sided Warbler SNA G5
18702 Hydroprogne caspia Caspian Tern Tier 2 Breeding population only S1B G5
74431 Branta canadensis Canada Goose S5B,S5N G5
18005 Calidris subruficollis Buff-breasted Sandpiper SNA G4
17549 Ameiurus nebulosus Brown Bullhead SNA G5
18058 Branta bernicla Brant SNA G5
17588 Oreochromis aureus Blue Tilapia SNA G5
18138 Passerina caerulea Blue Grosbeak S1B G5
17741 Setophaga striata Blackpoll Warbler SNA G5
18518 Setophaga fusca Blackburnian Warbler SNA G5
19942 Setophaga nigrescens Black-throated Gray Warbler S4B G5
17879 Setophaga caerulescens Black-throated Blue Warbler SNA G5
18520 Archilochus alexandri Black-chinned Hummingbird S5B G5
18721 Ameiurus melas Black Bullhead SNA G5
19300 Megaceryle alcyon Belted Kingfisher S4 G5
19166 Setophaga castanea Bay-breasted Warbler SNA G5
18112 Patagioenas fasciata Band-tailed Pigeon SNA G4
18530 Salmo salar Atlantic Salmon SNA G5
16505 Calypte anna Anna's Hummingbird SNA G5
17345 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White Pelican Tier 2 S3B G4
16895 Turdus migratorius American Robin S5 G5
77103 Vison vison American Mink S3 G5
19583 Spinus tristis American Goldfinch S5 G5
17467 Anas rubripes American Black Duck SNA G5
15973 Castor canadensis American Beaver S4 G5
16549 Taxidea taxus American Badger S4 G5