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Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Bromus catharticus Rescue Grass Species 47739
Bromus ciliatus Fringed Brome Species 39835
Bromus commutatus Hairy Brome Species 56232
Bromus diandrus Great Brome Species 61525
Bromus hordeaceus Soft Brome Species 59837
Bromus inermis Awnless Brome Species 60660
Bromus japonicus Japanese Brome Species 53291
Bromus marginatus Large Mountain Brome Species 42286
Bromus polyanthus Basin Brome Species 53327
Bromus racemosus Spiked Brome Species 42772
Bromus rigidus Ripgut Brome Species 53140
Bromus rubens Foxtail Brome Species 47740
Bromus secalinus Rye Brome Species 59838
Bromus sitchensis Alaska Brome Species 60659
Bromus sterilis Poverty Brome Species 42040
Bromus tectorum Cheatgrass Species 44380
Bromus vulgaris Narrow-flowered Brome Species 58131
Bryonia alba White Bryony Species 41662
Bryum calobryoides Beautiful Bryum Species 36269
Bryum meesioides Species 35192
Bryum violaceum Species 37178
Bucklandiella pacifica Pacific Racomitrium Moss Species 35071
Buglossoides arvensis Corn-gromwell Species 59729
Bupleurum americanum American Thorowax Species 42068
Butomus umbellatus Flowering-rush Species 50540
Buxbaumia aphylla Leafless Bug-on-a-stick Species 37996
Buxbaumia piperi Piper's Bug-on-a-stick Species 35373
Buxbaumia viridis Green Bug-on-a-stick Species 33965
Calamagrostis canadensis Blue-joint Reedgrass Species 49695
Calamagrostis koelerioides Dense Pine Reedgrass Species 44525
Calamagrostis montanensis Plains Reedgrass Species 54105
Calamagrostis purpurascens Purple Reedgrass Species 45785
Calamagrostis rubescens Pine Reedgrass Species 54177
Calamagrostis scribneri Scribner's Small-reedgrass Species 48941
Calamagrostis stricta Slim-stem Small-reedgrass Species 54644
Calamagrostis tweedyi Tweedy's Reedgrass Species 59466
Calamovilfa longifolia Sand Reedgrass Species 43421
Calandrinia ciliata Red Maids Species 42156
Callirhoe alcaeoides Clustered Poppy-mallow Species 61283
Callirhoe involucrata Purple Poppy-mallow Species 49537
Callitriche hermaphroditica Autumnal Water-starwort Species 42676
Callitriche heterophylla Large Water-starwort Species 42734
Callitriche marginata Winged Water-starwort Species 61833
Callitriche palustris Vernal Water-starwort Species 55216
Callitriche trochlearis Waste-water Winged Starwort Species 54547
Calochortus apiculatus Baker's Mariposa Lily Species 58924
Calochortus bruneaunis Bruneau Mariposa Lily Species 61035
Calochortus elegans Elegant Mariposa-lily Species 58376
Calochortus eurycarpus Big-pod Mariposa Lily Species 56923
Calochortus macrocarpus Green-band Mariposa Lily Species 49784