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Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Mordellistena aspersa A Beetle Species 69120
Agonum muelleri A Beetle Species 71572
Agonum piceolum A Beetle Species 71577
Agonum placidum A Beetle Species 71578
Dichelonyx truncata A Beetle Species 1473197
Ochodaeus simplex A Beetle Species 29381
Agabus austinii A Beetle Species 1475035
Diplotaxis brevicollis A Beetle Species 1473200
Agabus morosus A Beetle Species 1475037
Diplotaxis tenebrosa A Beetle Species 1473201
Attalus glabrellus A Beetle Species 1473041
Forcipomyia brevipennis A Biting Midge Species 1476871
Palpomyia aldrichi A Biting Midge Species 1476544
Simulium meridionale A Black Fly Species 1473899
Simulium bivittatum A Black Fly Species 1473749
Simulium venator A Black Fly Species 1473750
Cnephia minus A Black Fly Species 1472928
Simulium argus A Black Fly Species 1473876
Sepsis neocynipsea A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473745
Sepsis punctum A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473746
Saltella sphondylii A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473722
Sepsis biflexuosa A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473738
Epicauta immerita A Blister Beetle Species 1473216
Epicauta normalis A Blister Beetle Species 1473217
Epicauta piceiventris A Blister Beetle Species 1473218
Nemognatha lutea A Blister Beetle Species 1473346
Nemognatha scutellaris A Blister Beetle Species 1473347
Gnathium eremicola A Blister Beetle Species 1473384
Linsleya sphaericollis A Blister Beetle Species 23651
Calliphora latifrons A Blow Fly Species 1473133
Papaipema insulidens A Borer Moth Species 23224
Wesmaelius coloradensis A Brown Lacewing Species 1473227
Micromus variolosus A Brown Lacewing Species 1473324
Arctopsyche grandis A Caddisfly Species 74007
Plectrocnemia cinerea A Caddisfly Species 24053
Limnephilus spinatus A Caddisfly Species 74176
Oligophlebodes sierra A Caddisfly Species 74279
Hydropsyche cockerelli A Caddisfly Species 74013
Rhyacophila potteri A Caddisfly Species 29855
Leptothrips mali A Caddisfly Species 1473236
Psychoglypha ormiae A Caddisfly Species 74186
Ceraclea tarsipunctata A Caddisfly Species 21667
Brachycentrus occidentalis A Caddisfly Species 68205
Micrasema bactro A Caddisfly Species 74284
Rhyacophila trissemani A Caddisfly Species 1473896
Hydropsyche californica A Caddisfly Species 74022
Dolophilodes dorcus A Caddisfly Species 74201
Cheumatopsyche enonis A Caddisfly Species 68210
Homophylax acutus A Caddisfly Species 30564
Dolophilodes aequalis A Caddisfly Species 74288