Hydrophyllaceae Family

Life / Plantae / Anthophyta / Dicotyledoneae / Solanales / Hydrophyllaceae

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Phacelia bakeri Baker's Phacelia Species 54295
Phacelia ramosissima Branching Scorpionweed Species 57446
Hesperochiron californicus California Hesperochiron Species 58366
Hydrophyllum occidentale California Waterleaf Species 50789
Hesperochiron pumilus Dwarf Hesperochiron Species 46112
Hydrophyllum capitatum Dwarf Waterleaf Species 41260
Hydrophyllum fendleri Fendler's Waterleaf Species 40431
Phacelia franklinii Franklin's Phacelia Species 54563
Phacelia glandulosa Glandular Scorpionweed Species 58732
Nemophila breviflora Great Basin Nemophila Species 53479
Phacelia thermalis Hot Spring Phacelia Species 45821
Phacelia idahoensis Idaho Phacelia Species 51418
Phacelia ivesiana Ives' Scorpionweed Species 51445
Phacelia lutea Large-flowered Phacelia Species 53096
Phacelia minutissima Least Phacelia Species 46154
Phacelia linearis Linearleaf Phacelia Species 46740
Phacelia lyallii Lyall's Phacelia Species 52527
Nama densum Matted Fiddleleaf Species 43472
Nemophila pedunculata Meadow Baby-blue-eyes Species 61003
Phacelia leptosepala Narrow-sepal Scorpionweed Species 44308
Ellisia nyctelea Nyctelea Species 53763
Phacelia inconspicua Obscure Phacelia Species 44757
Phacelia scopulina Prostrate Scorpionweed Species 45320
Nama aretioides Purple Fiddleleaf Species 49420
Phacelia rattanii Rattan's Scorpionweed Species 46204
Phacelia sericea Silky Scorpionweed Species 53095
Phacelia hastata Silverleaf Scorpionweed Species 46742
Romanzoffia sitchensis Sitka Mistmaiden Species 45039
Nemophila parviflora Small-flower Nemophila Species 60861
Nemophila kirtleyi Snake Canyon Nemophila Species 49920
Phacelia procera Tall Phacelia Species 45820
Phacelia heterophylla Virgate Scorpionweed Species 54293
Phacelia incana Western Phacelia Species 47718