Scrophulariaceae Family

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Castilleja occidentalis Western Indian paintbrush Species 43686
Penstemon compactus Cache Penstemon Species 44988
Mimulus primuloides Primrose Monkeyflower Species 48126
Penstemon fruticosus Shrubby Beardtongue Species 50276
Mimulus washingtonensis Washington Monkeyflower Species 52988
Mimulus evanescens Short-flowered Monkeyflower Species 54746
Castilleja cervina Deer Indian-paintbrush Species 57005
Chaenorhinum minus Dwarf Snapdragon Species 60739
Orthocarpus luteus Yellow Owl's-clover Species 41315
Penstemon whippleanus Whipple's Beardtongue Species 43759
Mimetanthe pilosa False Monkeyflower Species 45047
Mimulus lewisii Lewi's Monkeyflower Species 48198
Castilleja pulchella Beautiful Indian Paintbrush Species 50466
Veronica chamaedrys Germander Speedwell Species 53124
Sairocarpus kingii King's Snapdragon Species 54877
Veronica scutellata Marsh-speedwell Species 57386
Penstemon perpulcher Minidoka Beardtongue Species 61128
Veronica serpyllifolia Thyme-leaf Speedwell Species 41603
Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle-box Species 43760
Collinsia parviflora Small-flower Blue-eyed Mary Species 45236
Penstemon elegantulus Lovely Penstemon Species 48280
Penstemon cyaneus Dark-blue Beardtongue Species 50470
Veronica arvensis Corn Speedwell Species 53286
Penstemon pumilus Northern Beardtongue Species 54988
Verbascum thapsus Common Mullein Species 57813
Scrophularia lanceolata Hare Figwort Species 61556
Penstemon leonardii Leonard's Beardtongue Species 41828
Castilleja gracillima Slender Indian-paintbrush Species 43821
Besseya wyomingensis Wyoming Coral-drops Species 45270
Collinsia grandiflora Giant Blue-eye Mary Species 48438
Penstemon gairdneri Gairdner's Beardtongue Species 50471
Penstemon palmeri Scented Beardtongue Species 53340
Mimulus moschatus Muskflower Species 55009
Penstemon miser Golden-tongue Beardtongue Species 58775
Castilleja exserta Red Owl's-clover Species 61598
Mimulus suksdorfii Suksdorf's Monkeyflower Species 41862
Veronica persica Bird-eye Speedwell Species 43839
Limosella acaulis Southern Mudwort Species 45553
Veronica wormskjoldii Alpine Speedwell Species 48780
Penstemon idahoensis Idaho Penstemon Species 50500
Castilleja oresbia Pale Wallowa Indian-paintbrush Species 53388
Pedicularis contorta Curve-beak Lousewort Species 55227
Penstemon rydbergii Rydberg's Beardtongue Species 58776
Castilleja linariifolia Wyoming Indian-paintbrush Species 61601