Fabaceae Family

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Lathyrus ochroleucus Pale Vetchling Peavine Species 40202
Astragalus whitneyi Whitney's Milkvetch Species 41072
Lathyrus latifolius Perennial Pea Species 42451
Trifolium microcephalum Small-head Clover Species 45066
Hedysarum occidentale Western Sweet-vetch Species 47691
Astragalus vexilliflexus Bent-flower Milkvetch Species 49828
Trifolium dubium Suckling Clover Species 51881
Astragalus vallaris Snake Canyon Milkvetch Species 53234
Hedysarum boreale Boreal Sweet-vetch Species 55813
Astragalus atropubescens Kelsey's Milkvetch Species 57642
Trifolium kingii King's Clover Species 59835
Astragalus asotinensis Asotin Milkvetch Species 93763
Astragalus tetrapterus Four-wing Milkvetch Species 40207
Lathyrus nevadensis Sierra Nevada Peavine Species 41074
Glycyrrhiza lepidota Wild Licorice Species 42643
Trifolium longipes Long-stalk Clover Species 45199
Lupinus evermannii Evermann's Lupine Species 47805
Astragalus cusickii Cusick's Milkvetch Species 49851
Lupinus uncialis Inch-high Lupine Species 51883
Trifolium macrocephalum Large-head Clover Species 54005
Oxytropis campestris Northern Yellow Point-vetch Species 55822
Astragalus agrestis Don Meadow Milkvetch Species 57644
Astragalus sheldonii Sheldon's Milkvetch Species 59884
Sphaerophysa salsula Bladder-vetch Species 40262
Astragalus paysonii Payson's Milkvetch Species 41087
Astragalus purshii Pursh's Milkvetch Species 42828
Lupinus parviflorus Lodgepole Lupine Species 45200
Lupinus sellulus Donner Lake Lupine Species 47874
Astragalus diversifolius Meadow Milkvetch Species 50095
Lupinus leucophyllus Woolly-leaf Lupine Species 51884
Thermopsis rhombifolia Roundleaf Thermopsis Species 54629
Trifolium incarnatum Crimson Clover Species 55910
Astragalus geyeri Geyer's Milkvetch Species 58173
Astragalus camptopus Murphy Milkvetch Species 60046
Astragalus conjunctus Stiff Milkvetch Species 40444
Astragalus newberryi Newberry's Milkvetch Species 41091
Lupinus monticola Mountain Lupine Species 42950
Trifolium andersonii Anderson's Clover Species 45492
Lupinus holosericeus Nuttall's Silky Lupine Species 47875
Medicago lupulina Black Medic Species 50279
Lupinus burkei Burke's Lupine Species 51886
Onobrychis viciifolia Common Sainfoin Species 54695
Lupinus sericeus Pursh's Silky Lupine Species 56009
Melilotus indicus Indian Sweetclover Species 58258
Astragalus beckwithii Beckwith's Milkvetch Species 60139
Astragalus alpinus Alpine Milkvetch Species 40606
Lathyrus pauciflorus Few-flower Peavine Species 41128
Astragalus sinuatus Whited's Milkvetch Species 43091
Oxytropis sericea White Point-vetch Species 45509
Trifolium pratense Red Clover Species 47879