Cyprinidae Family

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Notropis percobromus Carmine Shiner Species 68117
Notropis rubellus Rosyface Shiner Species 68139
Notropis micropteryx Highland Shiner Species 68140
Notropis sp. 1 Rosyface Shiner group - Upper New River Species 68141
Lepidomeda aliciae Southern Leatherside Chub Species 74378
Pteronotropis grandipinnis Apalachee Shiner Species 76991
Pteronotropis merlini Orangetail Shiner Species 76992
Rhinichthys obtusus Western Blacknose Dace Species 76993
Lythrurus alegnotus Warrior Shiner Species 77055
Gila robusta Roundtail Chub Species 77067
Pteronotropis hypselopterus Sailfin Shiner Species 77070
Pteronotropis stonei Lowland Shiner Species 77071
Pteronotropis metallicus Metallic Shiner Species 77072
Notropis amplamala Longjaw Minnow Species 77631
Notropis buccatus Silverjaw Minnow Species 77632
Hybopsis sp. 9 Etowah Chub Species 78267