Cyprinidae Family

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Gila coerulea Blue Chub Species 15755
Gila crassicauda Thicktail Chub Species 18894
Gila cypha Humpback Chub Species 17302
Gila ditaenia Sonora Chub Species 19393
Gila elegans Bonytail Species 19394
Gila intermedia Gila Chub Species 18902
Gila nigra Headwater Chub Species 17224
Gila nigrescens Chihuahua Chub Species 16021
Gila orcuttii Arroyo Chub Species 19383
Gila pandora Rio Grande Chub Species 17100
Gila purpurea Yaqui Chub Species 16629
Gila robusta Roundtail Chub Species 77067
Gila seminuda Virgin River Chub Species 17383
Hemitremia flammea Flame Chub Species 16432
Hybognathus amarus Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Species 16723
Hybognathus argyritis Western Silvery Minnow Species 18582
Hybognathus hankinsoni Brassy Minnow Species 17504
Hybognathus hayi Cypress Minnow Species 17239
Hybognathus nuchalis Mississippi Silvery Minnow Species 19500
Hybognathus placitus Plains Minnow Species 19780
Hybognathus regius Eastern Silvery Minnow Species 16822
Hybopsis amblops Bigeye Chub Species 18369
Hybopsis amnis Pallid Shiner Species 15702
Hybopsis hypsinotus Highback Chub Species 18892
Hybopsis lineapunctata Lined Chub Species 19241
Hybopsis rubrifrons Rosyface Chub Species 15332
Hybopsis sp. 1 Coastal Chub Species 16000
Hybopsis sp. 9 Etowah Chub Species 78267
Hybopsis winchelli Clear Chub Species 17234
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Silver Carp Species 19215
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis Bighead Carp Species 16974
Lavinia exilicauda Hitch Species 16756
Lavinia symmetricus California Roach Species 16431
Lepidomeda albivallis White River Spinedace Species 16755
Lepidomeda aliciae Southern Leatherside Chub Species 74378
Lepidomeda altivelis Pahranagat Spinedace Species 16430
Lepidomeda mollispinis Virgin Spinedace Species 19016
Lepidomeda vittata Little Colorado Spinedace Species 18574
Leuciscus idus Ide Species 18128
Luxilus albeolus White Shiner Species 18564
Luxilus cardinalis Cardinal Shiner Species 18176
Luxilus cerasinus Crescent Shiner Species 19399
Luxilus chrysocephalus Striped Shiner Species 19276
Luxilus coccogenis Warpaint Shiner Species 19319
Luxilus cornutus Common Shiner Species 15773
Luxilus pilsbryi Duskystripe Shiner Species 16885
Luxilus zonatus Bleeding Shiner Species 16322
Luxilus zonistius Bandfin Shiner Species 19937
Lythrurus alegnotus Warrior Shiner Species 77055
Lythrurus ardens Blueside Shiner Species 19336