Cyprinidae Family

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Notropis harperi Redeye Chub Species 17441
Cyprinella lutrensis Red Shiner Species 19326
Notropis bairdi Red River Shiner Species 19162
Notropis chrosomus Rainbow Shiner Species 19268
Notropis anogenus Pugnose Shiner Species 19473
Opsopoeodus emiliae Pugnose Minnow Species 20108
Cyprinella proserpina Proserpine Shiner Species 16084
Lythrurus bellus Pretty Shiner Species 15672
Macrhybopsis australis Prairie Chub Species 16865
Notropis ariommus Popeye Shiner Species 20109
Cyprinella lepida Plateau Shiner Species 18538
Hybognathus placitus Plains Minnow Species 19780
Lythrurus matutinus Pinewoods Shiner Species 17495
Notropis orca Phantom Shiner Species 16564
Notropis perpallidus Peppered Shiner Species 16573
Margariscus margarita Pearl Dace Species 17174
Hybopsis amnis Pallid Shiner Species 15702
Notropis albizonatus Palezone Shiner Species 19620
Lepidomeda altivelis Pahranagat Spinedace Species 16430
Notropis ozarcanus Ozark Shiner Species 16701
Notropis nubilus Ozark Minnow Species 19095
Erimystax harryi Ozark Chub Species 18962
Lythrurus snelsoni Ouachita Shiner Species 18234
Oregonichthys crameri Oregon Chub Species 18028
Pteronotropis merlini Orangetail Shiner Species 76992
Notropis ammophilus Orangefin Shiner Species 19803
Cyprinella callisema Ocmulgee Shiner Species 18961
Cyprinella sp. 2 Nueces Shiner Species 19239
Dionda serena Nueces Roundnose Minnow Species 19055
Phoxinus eos Northern Redbelly Dace Species 18800
Rhinichthys sp. 4 Nooksack Dace Species 20066
Notropis scabriceps New River Shiner Species 18407
Lythrurus lirus Mountain Shiner Species 16890
Phoxinus oreas Mountain Redbelly Dace Species 16099
Moapa coriacea Moapa Dace Species 19420
Hybognathus nuchalis Mississippi Silvery Minnow Species 19500
Notropis spectrunculus Mirror Shiner Species 17124
Notropis volucellus Mimic Shiner Species 16830
Campostoma ornatum Mexican Stoneroller Species 16218
Pteronotropis metallicus Metallic Shiner Species 77072
Dionda argentosa Manantial Roundnose Minnow Species 18485
Danio malabaricus Malibar Danio Species 18783
Pteronotropis stonei Lowland Shiner Species 77071
Notropis longirostris Longnose Shiner Species 19281
Notropis amplamala Longjaw Minnow Species 77631
Agosia chrysogaster Longfin Dace Species 18715
Rhinichthys cobitis Loach Minnow Species 15472
Lepidomeda vittata Little Colorado Spinedace Species 18574
Hybopsis lineapunctata Lined Chub Species 19241
Phoxinus saylori Laurel Dace Species 19802