Curculionidae Family

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Coleoptera / Curculionidae

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Lixus concavus Rhubarb Curculio Species 69157
Sphenophorus gentilis A Snout Beetle Species 1473055
Sitona hispidula A Weevil Species 1473756
Ceutorhynchus neglectus A Weevil Species 69467
Acmaegenius granicollis A Weevil Species 1473066
Sitona lineata A Weevil Species 1473757
Hypera punctata Clover Leaf Weevil Species 69705
Anthonomus squamosus A Weevil Species 1473087
Smicronyx abnormis A Weevil Species 1473760
Anthonomus quadrigibbus A Weevil Species 71718
Anthonomus tenuis A Weevil Species 1473088
Tostates cinerascens A Snout Beetle Species 1473804
Cryptorhynchus lapathi Poplar-and-willow Borer Species 72105
Apion sordidum A Weevil Species 1473100
Tychius mixtus A Snout Beetle Species 1473813
Gymnetron antirrhini A Sount Beetles Species 72484
Cercopedius artemisiae A Weevil Species 1473152
Ceutorhynchus obstrictus A Weevil Species 1475584
Pachyrhinus elegans A Snout Beetle Species 1472891
Ceutorhynchus addunctus A Weevil Species 1473153
Platypus aterrimus A Weevil Species 1476524
Panscopus torpidus A Snout Beetle Species 1472893
Ceutorhynchus bakeri A Weevil Species 1473154
Listronotus punctiger A Snout Beetle Species 1476776
Peritelinus erinaceus A Snout Beetle Species 1472900
Ceutorhynchus disturbans A Weevil Species 1473155
Lepesoma verrucifera A Snout Beetle Species 1476840
Pissodes murrayanae A Snout Beetle Species 1472918
Dinocleus denticollis A Weevil Species 1473199
Sphenophorus cicatristriatus A Snout Beetle Species 1476944
Cleonidius poricollis A Weevil Species 1472920
Dyslobus alternatus A Weevil Species 1473204
Cleonus kirbyi A Weevil Species 1472922
Epimechus mimicus A Weevil Species 1473221
Dendroctonus ponderosae Mountain Pine Beetle Species 29758
Cleonus quadrilineatus A Weevil Species 1472924
Ophryastes latirostris A Weevil Species 1473264
Sphenophorus aequalis A Snout Beetle Species 68861
Cosmobarius americana A Weevil Species 1472949
Miloderoides maculatus A Weevil Species 1473326
Sphenophorus parvulus A Snout Beetle Species 68868
Tychius tectus A Snout Beetle Species 1472980
Myrmex vittatus A Weevil Species 1473338
Otiorhynchus sulcatus Black Vine Weevil Species 69035
Brachyrhinus ovatus Strawberry Root Weevil Species 1473043
Gyrotus sinuatus A Weevil Species 1473387