Insecta Class

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Timpanoga hecuba A Mayfly Species 24622
Thyris maculata Spotted Thyris Species 71286
Thyrillus pacificus A Plant Bug Species 1473801
Thyridantrax andrewsi A Bee Fly Species 1473800
Thymelicus lineola European Skipper Species 31893
Thrips tabaci A Common Thrip Species 1473799
Thrassis pandorae A Flea Species 1473798
Thrassis howelli A Flea Species 1473797
Thrassis francisi A Flea Species 1476634
Thrassis bacchi A Flea Species 1473796
Thorybes pylades Northern Cloudy Wing Skipper Species 27398
Thorybes mexicana Nevada Cloudy Wing Skipper Species 24556
Tholera americana A Moth Species 1474974
Thereva utahensis A Stiletto Fly Species 1476633
Thereva semitaria A Stiletto Fly Species 1473795
Thereva pseudoculata A Stiletto Fly Species 1473794
Thereva leucosoma A Stiletto Fly Species 1476631
Thereva kristinae A Stiletto Fly Species 1476630
Thereva krafti A Stiletto Fly Species 1476629
Thereva fucatoides A Stiletto Fly Species 1476628
Thereva fucata A Stiletto Fly Species 1476627
Thereva foxi A Stiletto Fly Species 1476626
Thereva flavicauda A Stiletto Fly Species 1476625
Thereva egressa A Stiletto Fly Species 1476624
Thereva clamonae A Stiletto Fly Species 1476623
Thereva cingulata A Stiletto Fly Species 1476622
Thereva brunnea A Stiletto Fly Species 1476621
Thereva aurofasciata A Stiletto Fly Species 1476620
Thereva albopilosa A Stiletto Fly Species 1476619
Thecophora propinqua A Thick-headed Fly Species 1473793
Thaumatomyia glabra A Grass Fly Species 1473792
Thaumatomyia appropinqua A Grass Fly Species 1473791
Thaumatomyia annulata A Grass Fly Species 1473790
Thanatophilus coloradensis Alpine-Tundra Carrion Beetle Species 1476755
Thamnotettix chrysothamnus A Leafhopper Species 1472968
Tetrastichus coerulescens A Eulophid Wasp Species 1473789
Tetramesa elymophaga A Wasp Species 1473057
Tetracis pallulata A Tetracis Moth Species 1474028
Tetracis pallidata A Tetracis Moth Species 1474027
Tetracis jubararia A Tetracis Moth Species 1473982
Tetracis formosa A Geometer Moth Species 1473783
Tetracis cervinaria A Geometer Moth Species 1476573
Tetanocera plumosa A Marsh Fly Species 1476618
Tesagrotis piscipellis A Moth Species 1474973
Tesagrotis corrodera A Moth Species 1474642
Tesagrotis atrifrons A Moth Species 1474639
Tesagrotis amia A Moth Species 1474637
Terellia occidentalis A Fruit Fly Species 1476617
Tephritis webbii A Fruit Fly Species 1476616
Tephritis araneosa A Fruit Fly Species 1473788