Insecta Class

Life / Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Collops punctulatus A Beetle Species 1472938
Agonum piceolum A Beetle Species 71577
Phyllophaga sociata A Beetle Species 1473378
Mordellistena aspersa A Beetle Species 69120
Agonum placidum A Beetle Species 71578
Boreocanthon simplex A Beetle Species 1473122
Dichelonyx valida A Beetle Species 1476714
Callistethus maculatus A Beetle Species 1475561
Paracotalpa granicollis A Beetle Species 1473283
Neodasytes testaceous A Beetle Species 1473349
Phellopsis porcata A Beetle Species 366346
Cyphon concinnus A Beetle Species 1475527
Palpomyia aldrichi A Biting Midge Species 1476544
Forcipomyia brevipennis A Biting Midge Species 1476871
Simulium meridionale A Black Fly Species 1473899
Simulium bivittatum A Black Fly Species 1473749
Simulium venator A Black Fly Species 1473750
Cnephia minus A Black Fly Species 1472928
Simulium argus A Black Fly Species 1473876
Sepsis biflexuosa A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473738
Sepsis neocynipsea A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473745
Sepsis punctum A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473746
Saltella scutellaris A Black Scavenger Fly Species 1473722
Gnathium eremicola A Blister Beetle Species 1473384
Linsleya sphaericollis A Blister Beetle Species 23651
Epicauta immerita A Blister Beetle Species 1473216
Epicauta normalis A Blister Beetle Species 1473217
Epicauta piceiventris A Blister Beetle Species 1473218
Nemognatha lutea A Blister Beetle Species 1473346
Nemognatha scutellaris A Blister Beetle Species 1473347
Calliphora lilae A Blow Fly Species 1473133
Papaipema insulidens A Borer Moth Species 23224
Micromus variolosus A Brown Lacewing Species 1473324
Wesmaelius coloradensis A Brown Lacewing Species 1473227
Brachycentrus americanus A Caddisfly Species 67815
Neophylax rickeri A Caddisfly Species 74276
Psychoglypha bella A Caddisfly Species 22094
Parapsyche almota A Caddisfly Species 74029
Glossosoma intermedium A Caddisfly Species 25755
Dolophilodes novusamericanus A Caddisfly Species 74202
Neophylax splendens A Caddisfly Species 74277
Parapsyche elsis A Caddisfly Species 74030
Dolophilodes pallidipes A Caddisfly Species 74203
Rhyacophila robusta A Caddisfly Species 23155
Ceraclea tarsipunctata A Caddisfly Species 21667
Neothremma alicia A Caddisfly Species 74278
Wormaldia gabriella A Caddisfly Species 74204
Oligophlebodes sierra A Caddisfly Species 74279
Arctopora salmon A Caddisfly Species 28189
Manophylax annulatus A Caddisfly Species 20360