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The Data Import Queue contains datasets queued up for import into the Species Diversity Database. Priorities for import are datasets that contain:
  1. Federally listed and/or species that are considered for listing
  2. Datasets that expand our knowledge of SGCN species
  3. IDFG Wildlife Diversity Biologist datasets
  4. Partner datasets
Data import categories
  • Open = Dataset has been added to the import queue and awaits import.
  • Staged = Dataset is currently being prepped for import.
  • Processing = Dataset is currently being imported.
  • Needs Review = Dataset has been imported and needs QC to determine records were brought in accurately.
  • Closed = Dataset has been imported, reviewed, and is considered fully imported.
  • Extensive Formatting Required = These data are not in a structure that is easily transformed.
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Dataset Status Notes Posted Name Status Updated
#1335408 Idaho Power Company This has been converted from XML workspace to a GIS feature class and placed within M:\IdNHP\Temp\IPCOdata. There are 323 records that will need... 12/29/2014 clayz1221 Open 1 year 5 months ago
#1523905 LBC - Stephanie C. at BSU. From Jay C. Will required some extensive formatting. Suggest pulling in the core fields and noting the remainder. **New file being prepped for easier import... 10/25/2017 idfg-aschmidt Open 1 year 5 months ago
#636512 Part 2 of 2 of BLM Survey Data Monitoring data. Need to add new survey sites, but sites need digitized first. Formatting for survey visits is inconsistent and must be reformatted... 11/8/2013 trmncr Processing 1 year 5 months ago
#1344689 Waterbird Surveys - Colleen Surveys have been updated through 2015 season in MS access stand-alone database. Needs imported online if/when waterbird survey-specific fields and... 4/10/2015 idfg-bthomas Open 1 year 5 months ago
#1347542 YBC - Sonya 2/27/17: The Wood River area detection is in the database - entered by Tim Reynolds. 2/27/17: This dataset is being reviewed - some records may be... 11/30/2015 idfg-aschmidt Needs Review 1 year 5 months ago