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The Data Import Queue contains datasets queued up for import into the Species Diversity Database. Priorities for import are datasets that contain:
  1. Federally listed and/or species that are considered for listing
  2. Datasets that expand our knowledge of SGCN species
  3. IDFG Wildlife Diversity Biologist datasets
  4. Partner datasets
Data import categories
  • Open = Dataset has been added to the import queue and awaits import.
  • Staged = Dataset is currently being prepped for import.
  • Processing = Dataset is currently being imported.
  • Needs Review = Dataset has been imported and needs QC to determine records were brought in accurately.
  • Closed = Dataset has been imported, reviewed, and is considered fully imported.
  • Extensive Formatting Required = These data are not in a structure that is easily transformed.
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Dataset Status Notes Posted Name Status Updated
#1878612 1878612 10/8/2019 idfg-aschmidt Open 10 months 2 days ago
#1886829 1886829 The invertebrate data is not complete, I have not yet begun to start most of the ID process and still have many insects to pin...I can update this... 12/13/2019 idfg-tregan Processing 7 months 3 weeks ago
#1889162 1889162 SA Code: N19REG01IDUS. Bibliography Record: Import Record: 2/3/2020 idfg-nwade Processing 6 months 1 day ago
#1910954 1910954 3/23/2020 idfg-lsvancara Open 4 months 2 weeks ago
#1910955 1910955 3/23/2020 idfg-lsvancara Open 4 months 2 weeks ago