Species Information

Observation Method(s): 
Individual(s) Observed (seen)
Certainty of Identification: 


Date Time: 
Tuesday, May 24, 1994 (All day)
Date/Time Precision: 
±86 400 seconds


Survey Site: 
China Garden Creek 2
Survey Intensity: 
fairly thorough


More potential habitat to survey: 
Additional population comments: 
Other knowledgeable individuals: Mark Lowry, Craig Johnson (Bureau of Land Management).
EO Number: 8 of 29 Subpopulations are within EOs 04, 14, 17, 18
EO ID: 1496, 1190, 2974, 4448
Additional population comments: 29 subpopulations of Crepis bakeri spp. idahoensis have been documented at the Garden Creek Ranch between 1991 and 1999. Three of these were documented in 1991 by M. Mancuso [EO 14] (Mancuso and Moseley 1994). The remaining 26 subpopulations were documented by TNC personnel in annual surveys between 1994 and 1999 (Hill and Gray 1999). The Hill and Gray (1999) study divided the 14,000-acre Ranch into 4 Study Areas (Upper Corral Creek, Lower Corral Creek, China Garden Creek, Cave Gulch). During this study, compasses, altimeters and topographic maps were used to map the locations; individual locational points were referred to as ‘GIS #s’. Subpopulations incorporated either an individual GIS# or a group of GIS#s in close proximity, usually on the same general aspect. In early 2019, using a program called ‘Earth Point Topo Map’, the hard-copy topographic locations were converted to digital files on Google Earth (GE) Pro. This rare plant observation form summarizes information about the 26 subpopulations documented during the Hill and Gray (1999) surveys; it also includes both the original topographic map locations and the digital GE locations of all 29 subpopulations that were documented at the Garden Creek Ranch between 1991 and 1999.

Total number of individuals in population: 5-10 estimated genets


Is this part of a larger study or report?: 
Hill, J.L., and K.L. Gray. 1999. Alien and Rare Plant Inventory and Vegetation Mapping, Garden Creek Ranch, Craig Mountain, Idaho. Summary Report.


Location Precision: 
±10 meters
Mapped full extent: 
Game Management Unit: 
Decimal Degrees: 46.0,-116.8



Source Agency: 
The Nature Conservancy of Idaho
SA code (IDFG Reference Code): 
Verification Status: 
Count Type: 
An Estimate