Wildlife inventory, Craig Mountain, Idaho

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program, Boise, p.[196] (1995)

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Bald Eagle, Columbia Spotted Frog, long-tailed vole, Long-toed Salamander, Merriam's shrew, montane vole, Northern Pygmy Owl, Pileated Woodpecker, pygmy nuthatch, Southern Red-backed Vole, Townsend's Big-Eared Bat, vagrant shrew, Western Toad, yellow warbler, Yuma Myotis


This report presents results of studies of wildlife distribution and abundance at Craig Mountain, Idaho, during 1993 and 1994 to establish baseline information as part of the wildlife mitigation agreement for construction of Dworshak Reservoir. Inventory efforts were designed to 1) document distribution and abundance of 4 target species used in the Dworshak impact assessment: pileated woodpecker, yellow warbler, black-capped chickadee, and river otter; 2) determine distribution and abundance of rare animals; and 3) determine presence and relative abundance of all other species except deer and elk. Two hundred and one wildlife species were observed during the survey period. Most were residents or used the area seasonally for breeding or wintering. New distribution or breeding records were established for at least 6 species. Pileated woodpeckers were observed at 35% of 134 survey points in upland forest. Estimated densities were between 0–0.08 birds/ha and averaged 0.02 birds/ha. Yellow warblers were found in riparian areas and shrubby draws below 3500 ft elevation and were most abundant in white alder plant communities. Average estimated densities ranged from 0.2–2.1 birds/ha. Black-capped chickadees were found in riparian and mixed tall shrub vegetation at all elevations. Average estimated densities ranged from 0–0.7 birds/ha. River otters and suitable otter denning and foraging habitat were observed along the Snake and Salmon rivers. Fifteen special status animals (threatened, endangered, candidate, sensitive, and/or state species of special concern) were observed at Craig Mountain. This included 3 amphibians, 1 reptile, 8 birds, and 3 mammals. Another 5 special status species potentially occur, although they were not documented in this study. Most special status species were rare on Craig Mountain, with the exception of spotted frogs and western toads, which occurred commonly in wetlands, ponds, and streams. Townsend's big-eared bats and fringed myotis, both C2 candidates for listing as threatened or endangered, also appeared to be relatively abundant at Craig Mountain. Ecosystem-based wildlife management issues are identified. A monitoring plan is presented for assessing effects of mitigation activities on target species, special status animals, and selected other wildlife species.


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Citation (generic): Cassirer, E. F. 1995. Wildlife inventory, Craig Mountain, Idaho. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program, Lewiston. [196] p. including appendices.
If needed for CSE style: Prepared for: US Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration. Funded by: US Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration. Available from: Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR.

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