Status update of Cicindela columbica (Hatch) in Idaho (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae)

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Sauder, Joel


Idaho Department of Fish and Game (2017)

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Cicindela columbica, Columbia River Tiger Beetle


The Columbia River Tiger Beetle (Cicindela columbica (Hatch)) is a regional endemic species that historically occurred on sandbars along the Columbia, Snake, and Salmon Rivers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The current distribution of the species is thought to be limited to the Lower Salmon River in Idaho. Strip transect surveys along sandbar edges were conducted at 113 sites along the Lower Salmon and Snake Rivers between 2012 and 2015 to document the distribution of C. columbica. Cicindela columbica was detected at 36 sites along 46 miles of the Salmon River from Skookumchuck Creek to China Creek. Cicindela columbica was not found on the Snake River; nor on the last 11 miles of the Salmon River. The distribution of occurrences is generally consistent with previous surveys in 1979, suggesting the distribution of C. columbica has remained stable. Repeat surveys at known occupied sites by C. columbica suggests a moderate single visit detection probability (0.58) and that C. columbica as shows a bi-modal activity pattern common to many tiger beetle species. The first three weeks of August was identified as the best survey window for future work to maximize detection probabilities.


Shelf Note: Electronic File - Zoology: Invertebrates (folder includes report and GIS shapefile)

The 2012 data was initially missing from the report. In August 2021, the observer provided an update. The original missing data has been placed in the online bibliography folder.