Official Law, Rule, and Season Changes

Laws, rules, and seasons change

Keeping track of wildlife regulations in Idaho has been made easier. Here you will find significant changes to laws, rules, and seasons in Idaho. 

It should not be used as a substitute or the official authority for any laws, rules, and/or seasons. It's simply a guide to understand differences since brochures are printed and to highlight new changes as they go into effect.


We are putting the final touches on this notification service. We expect to be running by July 1st, 2018.

Expected Features:

  • Lists of changes by brochure, other type
  • Lists of new changes to seasons, rules, and laws
  • Subscribe to these changes by email
Note: This service will only track changes to state of Idaho Department of Fish and Game rules. Federal, other state agency,  county, or municipal rule changes will not be included.
Notice: Seasons and rules may change. It is your legal responsibility to be aware of any changes made since these rules books were printed.

The Rules Brochures

Online rules brochures are created in PDF file format. They are produced to keep the online display as close as possible to the printed version. This page is intended to show significant changes or corrections to the printed rules brochures.

To view Idaho Fish and Game administrative rules and code, visit the Office of Administrative Rules on the Idaho Department of Administration website.