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Q: hunter education number

I had an hunter ed number that was my social security number. I requested and have received a new hunter education card from my issuing state that has a number instead of so. sec #.
I would like to change my non-resident ID profile so my social security does not show up on every license I get form Idaho. How do I change the hunter education number from my social sec # (previous) to the new number I have now?


Idaho Fish and Game issues hunter education numbers at the time of certification, and are generated from the database and are not linked to the social security number and cannot be changed. 
The Idaho Fish and Game license system generates a sportsman's identification number from the database, not the social security number. However, for purchase you need to give your social security number - it is required by the State of Idaho. Your social security number will not print on the license.  

answered 4/17/2016

Q: Bowhunter education

So I took my bow hunters ed. Do I need to go and shoot for some one like the do for hunters ed for rifles at the end or the course?


The bowhunter online course is online only. At the end of the course print your certification card and you take this to purchase your archery tag. If you participated in the instructor-led course, you received your card at the end of the course. Lost your card? Use our self-serve certification look up at - hunter education.

answered 4/2/2016

Q: Do I still need to go through hunters ed to purchase a non game license?

I dont have a hunting license yet, and don't want to get one until I return from army basic, do I still need to go through hunters ed to purchase a non game license to hunt coyotes and jackrabbit?


If you were born after January 1, 1975, yes you will need to complete hunters education prior to purchasing a nongame hunting license. Here is the Idaho Law regarding hunters education.
Idaho Code 36-411.  Certificate of completion. (a) Hunter education.  No hunting license shall be issued to a person born after January 1, 1975, unless the person has previously held a valid hunting license in this or another state or unless such person presents to the department of fish and game or one of its authorized license vendors, a certificate of completion in hunter education issued by the department under the hunter education program or proof that he holds the equivalent of such a certificate obtained either in Idaho or from an authorized agency or association of another state or country.

answered 12/27/2015

Q: Do i need an archery permit for a short range hunt

I have been wanting to hunt with my bow and the only chance I had we were in harvest. I have my certificate for archery ed and there is a short range hunt for white-tail and im wondering if I need it on my license in order to hunt in short range or if a archery permit is just for archery only seasons.
Thank You,
Hunter Bartausky


You can use a bow in a "short-range weapon" hunt without an archery permit validation.
The archery permit validation is required for archery-only hunts.
However, you are required to follow the archery equipment restrictions listed on page 98 of the 2015 - 2016 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure.

answered 11/12/2015

Q: Field Day

I finished the online hunter education course and it said to sign up for a field day but there are no field days available in my area. What do I do?


Field days are offered throughout the calendar year at various times, depending on where you live. More than 14,000 students continually take and pass hunter education in Idaho each year.
Classes and field days change often and new opportunities are added constantly, so keep checking the website. You can also sign up for a waiting list if a class is available.
However, in late September and October, class availability is very limited. This is largely due to the fact that our hunter ed instructors are volunteers who themselves are out hunting.
You have a few options:
Take hunter education as early in the year as you can
Consider the Hunter Passport program. It lets you hunt in the field with an adult mentor without needing hunter education for a period of one license year.

answered 8/18/2015

Q: Bighorn sheep poacher

At my son's Hunter Ed class they taught them to never assume they missed. Always check for blood. Look for a wounded animal. I guess this doesn't apply for adults. What a fine example. At least we know everyone feels bad about it.


You are absolutely right that everyone feels bad about this incident, including the hunter who made this terrible mistake.  The officers that investigated felt that this was indeed a mistake with no intentional wrong-doing on the part of the hunter.  This incident will undoubtedly become an example for hunter education students to emphasize the importance of identifying their target, not assuming they missed and looking for a wounded animal.  While we all hope that everyone who walks out of a hunter education class will always do the right thing, we know that mistakes are made, especially in the excitment of the moment.  The fact that both the hunter and the outfitter voluntarily reported his mistake says a lot about their hunting ethics and sense of responsibility.  Had he truly been a poacher, he never would have said a word, making his act a crime in every sense of the word.  It was a sad end to what should have been the hunt of a lifetime. 

answered 1/16/2015

Q: Can I sign up for an instructor led field day if I took hunter's ed online?

I recently completed an online hunter's ed course but there is only one class for the internet field day and it is full. Do I have to wait for an internet field day to open up or can I use the certificate I printed to sign up for an instructor led field day?


After you take the online hunter education course and pass, you will receive a certificate with a voucher number. Use the voucher number to sign up for an online field day. This field day is specific for online students only. The instructor-led course has a field exercise, but it is for instructor-led students only. It only includes a portion of what you will need for your hunter education certification.

answered 11/7/2014

Q: Non-Resident Hunter Education Certification?

Are Hunter Education Certification Cards accepted from the State of Texas. I plan to buy a non-resident Small Game Hunting License for a duck hunt in Idaho in December. I am 23 years old and completed the Texas Hunter Ed. Certification Class 6 years ago and have my Certification card as well as a current Texas Hunting license that indicates I am HIP certified. Thank you


Idaho accepts Hunter Education certification from any State.

answered 11/5/2014

Q: First time hunt [passport] program

My son is 10 yrs old and I was informed that he could hunt big game this year. But on the info provided for the first time hunt it says 12 yrs is minimum age requirement for big game. Does he then need to take hunters ed before hunting big game with first time hunt permit?


The law changed in 2014 to allow 10-year olds to hunt for Big Game. Because of this, some of the older regulations may have that information incorrectly stating 12-year olds.
Any big game hunter born after 1975 is required to take Hunter's Education. However, as a way to introduce the sport to people who have never hunted, the Hunting Passport has been introduced.
The hunting passport allows a hunter to hunt for one calendar year without the requirement of hunter's education. However, because the intention of the passport is to introduce the hunter to a safe, ethical and responsible aspects of hunting, it requires the close supervision of a qualified adult mentor.
Learn more about the hunter passport and hunter's education. 

answered 9/20/2014

Q: Hunter's Ed Class for Veterans

I was wondering if I still have to take the Hunter's Ed class if I am a military veteran? I ask because I am originally from Illinois and was a hunter and was exempt from any hunters' safety or education classes.


Military veterans are required to have Hunter Education to buy a hunting license if they were born on or after January 1, 1975 and they have not held a hunting license from Idaho or another state. The Hunter Education course includes the following subject areas.
Firearm handling and safety
Hunting laws and ethics
Responsibilities toward landowners
Hunting skills such as game care, survival skills and first aid
Responsibilities toward landowners
Wildlife Identification, management and conservation
Students are evaluated on their class participation, examination score, field exercise participation and demonstration of safety during the entire course especially on the field exercise.

answered 7/12/2014

Q: Hunter Ed. field day sign up

Hello, Is there a way to look up to verify if a person has signed up for their hunters ed. field day? I believe I did sign my son up for a May 10th field day, but am not able to find a verification email or link saying so.


Contact the Hunter Education department at Fish and Game Headquarters (208-334-3746).  They can look up students to determine if they are signed up.

answered 4/25/2014

Q: Field Day [When is the next field day?]

When is the next hunters ed field day?


HOW ARE CLASSES PLANNED?Our volunteer instructors put together classes/field days and then they contact us with the specifics.  Those specifics are then put on our Website; instructor-led hunter education courses and internet field days are listed on our Website at HOW DO I SIGN UP ONLINE?Link to , scroll down to the 3 little boxes at the bottom of the page and choose:• Type of class or field day (bowhunter education or hunter education)• Type of instruction (instructor-led or internet field day) and• Location• Register online when you find a class or field day that you want• YOU MUST ATTEND ALL CLASS DAYS LISTED
WHAT  DO I DO IF THERE ISN’T A CLASS  LISTED?If there isn’t a class listed in your area right now please check daily for new classes to be added to the schedule.

answered 4/13/2014

Q: hunter's ed replacement card

how do I get a replacement card?



You can now look up your Idaho Hunter Education (or Bowhunter Education) number and print out the information from our Website at:

answered 1/19/2014

Q: Can an active duty military member that is not a resident of Idaho complete Idaho Hunters Ed? If so, what documents are required?

Can an active duty military member that is not a resident of Idaho complete Idaho Hunters Ed? If so, what documents are required?


Yes, you can sign up for an Idaho Hunter's Ed class.  No documents are necessary.

answered 12/13/2013


You do not need to take Bowhunter education to hunt in a general any weapon season, only for archery only seasons.  You also do not need to get an archery permit for general hunt, only archery only hunts.  However, you need to show proof that you have completed a hunter ed course if you were born on or after Jan 1, 1975, unless you have held a hunting license from Idaho or another state.

answered 11/28/2013


Sorry for the delay in responding. 
Yes, all you need to do is show your hunter education card when you purchase your license and tag.

answered 10/13/2013


Yes, a 17 year old (anyone born after 1975) that has passed Idaho’s or another state’s approved Bow Hunter Ed class, or can prove he has legally archery hunted in another state and has a valid license, tag, and  archery permit can legally hunt alone in Idaho.

answered 9/7/2013


He can get a hunting license as soon as he finishes hunter education (in this case, while he is still 11).  Be sure to get a junior hunting license, not the youth small game license. 
You  can use this license number to enter him into a controlled hunt.  By the way--the application period is May 1-June 5.

answered 3/16/2013


You can contact any of our Fish and Game offices or Fish and Game headquarters to obtain your hunter education number or a new card.  Contact information is printed in every rules book that we publish.  Due to privacy laws we can only give hunter education numbers to the hunter or a minor's parents.

answered 10/21/2012


If the hunter was born January 1, 1975 or later they must take hunter education or show proof they have held a valid hunting license in another state. 
Everyone  who wants to hunt in an archery-only season in Idaho must take an archery education class or provide proof that they have taken one in another state or have had archery experience in another state.
The only time that both the hunter education card and the archery permit are required is when the hunter was born January 1, 1975 or later AND they will be hunting in an archery-only hunt.
Idaho doesn't have any archery-only upland game seasons.

answered 7/11/2012


Simply take your number to a vendor; they can enter it into the database.  If you took hunter education in Idaho and no longer have your number, call 1-208-334-3700 (Fish and Game Headquarters).  They can look it up for you and send a new card to you.

answered 6/19/2012


Idaho hunter education and bowhunter education are offered in all parts of the state, but availability varies by region. To find out when classes are offered, check the Idaho Fish and Game Website, click on "Hunter/Bowhunter Education Program" link from the home page. Then click on the orange bar labeled "View or Sign Up for Courses and Internet Field Days Here." Scroll down and pick the course and then select the nearest town from the list provided to find out what's available: But don't put it off to the last minute. Later in the year, closer to hunting seasons, classes fill up fast.

answered 7/24/2011


Idaho hunter education and bowhunter education are offered in all parts of the state, but availability varies by region. To find out when classes are offered, check the Idaho Fish and Game Website, click on the bar labeled "Hunter and Bowhunter Education" below the picture in the center of the page. Then click on the bar labeled "Register/View Courses Here" below the map. Scroll down and pick the course and then select the nearest town from the list provided to find out what's available.

answered 7/20/2008