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Q: can skinned beaver be used for bear bait

seems like some idfg people in diff towns say its ok cause its a furbearer not a game animal but when i asked in idaho falls they said no, so some people use them and others dont wouldent it be easier if idfg all came together and said yes or no and put it in the rule books. seems like a waste to take all the skinned beaver to the dump.


We checked with our legal department; it is legal to used skinned beaver for bear bait.

answered 5/12/2012


Yes, for hunting upland game birds expandable broadheads are consider a lawful means of take.  For your convenience on page 48 of the Upland Game, Furbearer & Turkey Seasons and Rules brochure there is a section outlining unlawful methods of take for upland game birds.  I have copied and pasted this section here:
Unlawful Methods of Take
No person shall take upland game birds:
• From one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before
sunrise. Upland game shall not be taken before 10 a.m.
on Fort Boise, C.J. Strike, Montour and Payette River
WMAs, during the pheasant season. Turkeys shall not be
taken from sunset to one-half hour before sunrise.
• With a trap, snare, net, crossbow, slingshot, hand-held or
thrown missiles, firearms except a shotgun using shells
not exceeding 3 ½ inches maximum length, except forest
grouse. Forest grouse shall not be taken with a trap, snare,
net or crossbow.
• From boats or other craft having a motor attached unless
the motor is completely shut off and forward progress has
ceased, or the boat is drifting naturally, or it is propelled
only by paddle, oars, or pole, or it is beached, moored or
resting at anchor. (2010-2011 Season)
• From any watercraft. (Effective 2011-2012 Season)
• By the use or aid of any electronic call.
• By the aid of baiting. Bait is defined as any substance
placed to attract game.

answered 3/22/2012


The Furbearer harvest summaries are included in the annual Pittman Robertson (PR) Reports published on the Idaho Fish and Game website.  The most current document is for 2009-10 Furbearer PR Report.
For 2011-10, the report will be delayed due to the late arrival of a significant number of harvest reports cards which warrants recalculating the furbearer harvest.  Unfortunately, the timing is now coincidental with establishing Big Game havest estimates, and the report will be delayed until after the March season setting for Big Game is completed.  You can expect the Furbear Report online in April.

answered 2/16/2012


Yes. The mourning dove season opens September 1, and in addition to a 2010 hunting license, hunters must have a federal "Migratory Game Bird Harvest Information Program Validation," migratory bird permit for short - not a duck stamp. It costs $1.75 for resident hunters and $4.75 for nonresidents. For more details see the 2010-2011 & 2011-2013 Upland Game, Furbearer and Turkey rules brochure.

answered 8/8/2010


Generally, that is not true. Mountain lions have long been classed as a big game animal in Idaho and electronic calls are not legal in hunting big game animals except (you knew this was not going to be perfectly simple) in three units. It is permitted to use electronic calls to hunt mountain lions in Units 12, 41 and 42 where we have been experimenting with increasing the take on lions to see if other big game animal populations will expand. Electronic calls are fairly popular with coyote and bobcat hunters in Idaho and are perfectly legal to use for hunting them. Coyotes may be taken year round but bobcat hunting is regulated, so see the current furbearer rules in the upland game and furbearer booklet.

answered 1/17/2005