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This year you can buy three. The first is the general spring tag which is valid in any general season hunt from April 15 to May 15. The second spring tag is good in general hunts from May 10 to May 25. The third tag is good in fall general turkey seasons. If you have a tag, and then are drawn for a controlled hunt, you need to send your tag to Fish and Game to exchange it for the proper controlled hunt permit and tag. Spring general tags may be exchanged for spring controlled hunts, fall tags for fall controlled hunts. You can apply for controlled hunts in both spring and fall. You can exchange a spring for a fall tag or vice-versa up until April 15. A fee of $3.50 is charged.

answered 2/3/2000


If you're plinking tin cans or targets, you don't even need a license. But if you are walking around hunting ANY animal, you need a valid Idaho hunting license. This includes frequently-hunted unprotected species such as jackrabbits, ground squirrels and coyotes.

answered 1/20/2000


The antlers must air dry for at least 60 days. Then, call Fish and Game at (208) 334-3746 for an entry form which has the rules and minimum measurements on it. Idaho recognizes trophy animals under the Boone and Crockett rules for hunting with firearms, and Pope and Young rules for archery. Your trophy must be measured by an official measurer for one group or the other. When you call for the form, you can learn the name and number of the measurer nearest you. The rules and lists of Idaho records are on the Fish and Game website at

answered 1/13/2000


Yes, the use of archery equipment is legal in the taking of wild turkey, however, archers should note that crossbows are not allowed. No additional permits or validations are required to use archery equipment while wild turkey hunting. Hunters should have a valid current year Idaho hunting license and a spring wild turkey tag.For more information on Idaho's spring turkey seasons and rules, pick up the 2000 Wild Turkey Hunting Seasons booklet, contact the nearest Fish and Game office or visit the Department's Internet website at

answered 1/6/2000