Youth hunting [Can a 10 year old hunt without taking hunter education?]

Can a 10 year of hunt varmint s with out a hunters education. As long as they are with a adult with a license?
I have heard rumors of the mentors program? Is this in to affect?
Reason I'm asking is I can't seem to find a open education class.


Idaho has a Hunter's Passport that allows a person who has never hunted before (anywhere) to hunt with a mentor.  The cost of the permit is $1.75.  The mentor must have an Idaho hunting license.  The details about what is allowed with the hunting passport is on our Website at  The passport is only valid from the date of purchase through December 31 of the year purchased. To hunt the next year after they have the hunter passport, everyone born January 1, 1975 or later is still required to take a hunter education class.  But this way, they can hunt the year of the passport while they are getting the hunter education requirement out of the way.
Please continue to check our website every day to get the child signed up for a class (  We will have more classes as spring and summer warms up.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 12:45 PM MDT